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  1. 2 hours ago, chisag said:


    ... Wow, you just joined MGS and this is one of your first posts? Since you are talking about your own very subjective problems with 1 & 2 you might as well add NO flat brimmed hats, white belts, matching shoes and even worse WHITE SHORTS!?!? What a LOSER. I sure hope that sounds silly to you. Why anyone would care if someone twirls their club is beyond me, especially if it adds to their enjoyment of playing. 3 is something that obviously effects others so I get that one. 

    ... I tend to sell my forged and easily dinged/bag chattered irons after a season, or 2 at most so keeping them as pristine as possible is always a bonus for resale value. I tried head covers but it was just too cumbersome for me and I kept losing them, so one round was enough for me to find another option. I am honestly dumbfounded why anyone would care if another player uses iron head covers. 

    @chisag, what does when I joined have to do with anything? The post was meant to stir the pot and get some funny conversations going. Some of my best friends do the things I outlined, and it's hilarious to poke fun at each other on the course. Clearly I hit nerve with you, no need to get so worked up about...


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  2. Looking to do some putting practice inside. Has anyone ever made their own version of The Putting Board? I love the idea, but not the price tag ($130). The keys to creating this is understanding if there's any arc in the board, and what the angles are for the takeaway and follow-through positions. I'll let you know what I come up with, but thought I'd check if anyone has already created one.



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