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  1. Just donated . Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. I usually play in 10/12 team league’s and find that to be just about the right number. 8 is not enough, no skill required and pretty much everyone should get a good team. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. I tend to over research things and that is my one concern with the hmb’s they are sort of a game improvement iron but not a full on gi. The t300 were amazing.. but I don’t want to jump on anything until the madness of the new club releases happen in the spring. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. I tired the t300 yesterday and almost left the store with them.. I really need a handler when I go to the golf store. I’m holding off to try the new Mizuno mp20 HMB’s. I tried last years model and they were great but really want to try the new ones. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. It’s hard to complain about rain in November but looks like winter is hitting us this week, 25+ cms of snow.. and cold. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Any consideration to smaller leagues next year? 14 leaves the talent pool pretty thin. Anyone looking for an RB or WR. Cook and Cooper can be had.. for the right price. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. Inconsistent I’d also go with frustrating, hopeful and improving. Some days I feel like I’ve turned that corner and then literally the next day it’s like I’ve never played before. I’m continuing to work on my game and taking lessons, winter has set in here in the great white north so it’s inside for me now. I’ve had some changes body wise this year with some weight loss so I’ll be getting refit over the winter and see if that makes a difference. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Jbmullin


  9. It’s easy to use, I certainly use the old measure twice cut once motto. I take at least 2 measurements each flag. I had my 10 year old “caddie” for me yesterday and she was a pro using it after a couple holes. I would let her shoot it and then I’d verify and she was nailing it. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Stage 1 is up I’m doing a lot of testing next week , please message or tag any questions you have or tests you would like see.
  11. Precision Pro NX9 HD Range Finder Stage 2 – September 11/2019 Once again, a big thank you to Precision Pro and MGS for the great opportunity to be a product tester, it was a great experience and one I hope to be considered for again. I have not used a range finder before, so I have no previous history to compare this one to. I have a very understanding wife who doesn’t care how much I golf because the season is about 5 decent months, so I was able to get 20 rounds of golf in over this testing period. I stated that I had a couple goals in stage 1 that I felt like with the help of the NX9 would move me a little closer to where I want to be. I wanted to improve my stat of leaving 54% of my approach shots short and eliminate that 9-iron bump and run shot that unfortunately I have become well versed at. I also wanted to try and confirm or dial in my yardages on all my clubs, I have a rough idea but really needed to put them together to try and not be short and improve on the 32.4% GIR that comes along with the 54% short approach. Some lofty goals for a range finder, but the NX9 is a great aid in the quest. Small gains but gains non the less and I also have become more aware of club distances. LOOKS & FEEL Score 9 out of 10 The NX9 is very compact, comfortably fits in the palm of my hand and is not heavy of awkward to hold and use. The biggest issue was the operator holding it steady and hitting the target. The case is also small and fits well in the golf bag. I like the small hints of bright green but it’s not loud or attention seeking. Its feels durable like it could survive a drop or two, of a falling off a cart. Very operator friendly, two buttons power on and mode. Case has proved to be as durable as the finder, been tossed around my golf bag lots and it looks show room new. SETUP Score 15 out of 15 As stated, very easy to use, I had my 10-year-old daughter taking yardages for me and I would verify, and it was bang on. Out of the box straight forward, point and shoot, very quick feedback once the operator was able to hit the intended target. That takes some practice. Accuracy Score 14 out of 15 The only issue I had with accuracy was not the device itself but the ability of the operator to hit the flag and hold it steady. I could see folks that don’t have steady hands or shakes having an issue with this. I found myself always taking at least 2-3 measurements, just to be sure I was hitting the flag or pin, I did start to become more confident in it over the last few rounds. I had a couple goals and I was able to make at least a couple small improvements and I do feel the nx9 has helped me at least start on the path of being a better golfer. Did have some issues using it with sunglasses on, would compare it to trying to take a picture through the finder with a cell phone. Shots of the yardage markers on the driving range. Couple yards off what they are advertising. On-Course Score 37 out of 40 This is basically plug and play, open the box and point and shoot. Its very small, lightweight and tucks easily into the scorecard pocket of my golf bag, as a walker its important to me to not make the bag heavier. Taking the few seconds to point and shoot for distance has helped me think more about what I want to do or accomplish with the pending golf shot. It has made me think more about club selection based on pin location or shot type based on what kind of obstruction I have near me or that might impact my shot path. I did not play much using the slope feature, I would go back and forth between the two and there was never really much difference between the two numbers, I was trying to just not leave I short. Without experience with a range finder I really don’t have a base to compare to, but this device checks the boxes for me. I did have it “lock up” on me during one round where it would read 17 yards for every distance. I basically put it away and tired it the next day and all as well and have never been able to replicate it. Play it or Trade It Score 18 out of 20 As stated before, I have no history with range finders other than when I was in the market for one, I did some research, but nothing compares to the real thing. Its well-built, small, light and exceptionally easy to use, but can also be a challenge to hit the target on the first or second try. I had not heard of this brand before so knowing how I shop; I likely would have paid extra for the name on the box like Bushnell. It’s a keeper for me for now, but I have not stopped looking at other devices and can see myself eventually upgrading to something else. Conclusion Once again thank you to Precision Pro and My Golf spy for this amazing opportunity, what a deal, play more golf, keep a very good range finder for your troubles. There is very little I could find that I did not like, I let my friends use it on there cart with the magnet and the thing never moved. Insert broken record here, but as someone with no experience, no loyalty to any brand, or preconceived notions or feelings towards a device I can honestly say the NX9 is a great product. Its point and shoot right out of the box, very quick response time and just feels like it is built to last. Based on the prices of other devices, if you don’t own one now but have wanted to, I would strongly recommend the NX9. FINAL SCORE 93 out of 100
  12. First off, a big thank you to the folks at MGS and Precision Pro Golf for granting us the opportunity to test the NX9 HD slope range finder. I was in the market for a range finder and having one fall into my lap for free was a great surprise. Who am I and why golf? : I am a Dry side Superintendent (lumber mill) and married to an amazing wife who does not care how much I golf as long as I don’t ask her to, I am a father to 6 kids (blended Family) 3 boys and 3 girls, ages 17 to 10 and half of the year 3 of the kids are the same age, right now I have 3 13 year old’s. 4 of the 6 are all keen to golf and 2 of my 13-year-old boys make up my Saturday morning golf group. (all of us are lefties) I grew up playing every sport but golf, excelled in Rugby as a “big boned” kid and played for 25 years until my body finally told me enough. I had dabbled in golf in my early 20’s , it was never something I seen myself wanting to do more of or as something I was aiming to get better at but just another reason to be outside drinking beer on nice warm days. My home course where I’m a member is The Dunes Golf and Winter Club in Grande Prairie, AB Canada. I have become a serious golfer, I still have fun with it and really encourage my kids to play, but my mission is to keep improving, the more I improve the more I enjoy the game, the more I want to golf, it’s a vicious cycle. My clubs are always a work in progress I am always trying new clubs and tinkering , I currently am using the g410 plus driver and g410 3 wood, only constant has been the g700 irons , really can’t say enough good things about them, wedges I am 50/50 on and likely my next purchase and settled on the spider x putter. I switched to and committed to the snell mtb-x this year because soft is slow and I have been very happy with the results of switch from my old ball. I score low to mid 90’s right now, 2 yrs. ago I was a worm killing, ball topping machine and would card somewhere in the 120’s so I am happy with where I am at but also know I can get better. As you can see from the picture below the unboxing section my weakness as per the Arccos sensors is my approach shots and mis judging distance to the pins and leaving myself a monster first putt. I am currently mostly happy with how I am hitting all my clubs other than chipping/putting. Those are a continuous work in progress. The big test for me with the NX9 is to see if I can improve the short approach issue. will refer to again below but on to the unboxing. I am a bit of a tech geek so I was stoked to get the notice the package had arrived. THE UNBOXING Very well secured , bubble wrap to protect and provide me a few minute of fun popping the bubbles. Very nice presentation First look with the box cover removed Under the range finder itself , again very well protected and padded for shipping. Case is somewhat padded for protection. Inside the Case , hard to see. I am somewhat concerned about the long term durability of the carabiner, it seems a little light to be holding this to a bag over a long period of time, but easy upgrade. Using the Tragically Hip Fully Completely record as my back ground. Just over 5" long and 3.5" wide. On to the star of the Show. Some pics of the why we here: next to my mouse Next to my Pulp Fiction wallet .. reach in the bag and grab my … wanted to keep this out of the R rating so hid the stitching 3 inches tall 4 1/4 inches long Top view , green button is pretty much self explanatory , mode switches slope option on and off. What’s all in the box: First Impressions: well.. Impressed, (had a look at the precision pro website and the nx9 is sold out already so its a hot commodity) looks and feels durable. It’s very small, as you can see from the pic next to the mouse. I have bigger hands, so it took some getting used to. Tried shooting a few things around my office and the picture is super clear, took a bit of work to be steady and hit what I was aiming for.. that’s still a work in progress while I have been testing on course. I tried to take a picture through the scope and its not easy but will be part of my mission for stage 2. The Goal: I want to improve my scores, who doesn’t. I want to improve my approach game and not leave over 50% of my shots short as per my stats shared above. I want to compare what Arccos is telling me my club distances are vs the distance I get from the NX9 and also compare the Arccos distances from the flag to the nx9's measurements and the hopeful end result is that I am more informed and making a better club selection based on the data provided from both. I am curious to see how accurate my current information is. First GO: I have used the NX9 in multiple range sessions and discovered that the markers are not accurate, some are 7 yards shorter than posted. On course has been good, it does take work and patience to hold steady enough to hit the flag and not a tree 25 yards past it, I have done some initial comparisons between the two , but that will have to wait for stage 2. I have used for 3 rounds now and intend on testing more next week, no wife + no kids = lots of golf and putting the nx9 through its paces. Any questions or tests you want to see let me know and I will give it a go.
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