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  1. Looking for a 9* with Alta CB Stiff shaft. Would like to see what’s out there
  2. What he said They show actual pictures, (you can zoom in a get a real good look) I only buy "condition 9" or above, always get what I expect. They also have a 30 day guarantee. I bought Ping Glide 2.0 wedges 50*, 54*, 58* all 9.0 rating for $68.00 each shipped They are awesome
  3. Call it a practice round and don't record your score.
  4. I’m with you on the twilight golf. Absolutely good for the soul. Played 72 last year on Mother’s Day.
  5. We bought the set from Phil Thanks for helping Bill
  6. Looking for a good set of lefty Cavity back Irons for my son-in-law. Just getting him started nothing extravagant, just a good starter set
  7. Do you still have the ping
  8. Sweet Nothing better than new Irons that are made for you - even better when they come in a cool blue box.
  9. Sandhills Nebraska The Oasis G.C. Nevada Desert Pines Nevada Red Rock G.C. South Dakota Wild Horse G.C. Nebraska The Pinery C.C. Colorado Southern Hills G.C. South Dakota Hart Ranch South Dakota
  10. The "Golf Ball Test" was very eye opening for me to say the least. The 2 things that I took out of it that apply to me are, 1. You do not have to spend $45.00 to get a quality golf ball 2. Pick a quality ball and stay with it. That said, I chose the Snell MTB-X and so far I have no regrets.
  11. Thankfully Western NE is also open at this time. City course is walking only, both golf shop and restaurant are closed except for the pick up window.
  12. Its definitely a sexy thing to watch when poured!
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