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  1. Interesting trial method. Sounds like you are a 15+ hcp. A little deeper selection and you might have looked at the TSi-2 instead of the -3. The clue would be how well you hit the 425 Max. The Stealth is a good choice (hard for a Titleist guy to say..) but at that price looking at a PXG gen 5 would be comparable. The 0211 is a good value option. The downside to your method is not optimizing the shaft. I’m sure Miz would agree. Remember when PXG was an outrageous price??
  2. It is not an absolute that the compression difference in tour quality balls translate to shorter distances with not as high compression. You’d need to go through a ball fitting to find the best ball for you. Besides the comparable Z-Star balls, there is now a lower spin ZX ball analogous to the left dash Pro-V1x. There are enough tour pros with swing speeds over 110 using either the V or the X to not say the compression difference is a key factor in distance. May the best ball win.
  3. Great, new drivers are expensive. Based on the sound, there is no reason to think the counterfeit will almost be the same. Plenty of y-tube videos that compare an original and a counterfeit. The accuracy and other characteristics are far off. Buying an actual used club is a better option.
  4. USGA, no. But the OEMs have teams to find If the buyer on a resell files a complaint, the seller may get a visit.
  5. The downside is if the results are not as expected, the actual OEM gets the black eye. In the off chance he goes to trade for a newer model, to be told then it is trash will also be a disappointment to him.
  6. Remember when we thought PXG pricing was outrageous? Even XXIO is now becoming reasonable.
  7. There’s always the option to pay $75 to get fit, starting with your current setup so you know if a better combo or even a small swing tweak will help. Then, you can find a new combo that works and walk away. In 2 years the price will come down and buy it used. I’m. Titleist guy, and yes, not cheap. Other choices are Tour Edge, Cleveland, and the PXG 0211 series. All closer to $400 than $600. Just don’t go near “the rack”. Seniors are not the average player. Even lofts can vary, let alone shafts, so - get fit with a launch monitor.
  8. You can order a Scotty to those specifications. I haven’t seen the price for the 2022 but $400 is “better” than $750. Odyssey and others can also be custom specified for well under $500. LA Gear (Bryson’s choice) is more like a full grand - but the variable loft face is unique. Putters are uniquely individual. But the correctly fitted putter can be used (ask Tiger) for years. With rare exception a putter is used on every hole. Any reason to invest less in the right putter than in a driver??
  9. There are online videos. I tried to dye Pro-Vs, wasn’t happy with the results. I wouldn’t try them in competition as a “foreign agent” has been applied to the ball. But for a Saturday sawbuck, have fun. There is a Maxflight Tour that had a price of $25 a dozen. Has a better rating than the Kirkland. Might try those for charity scrambles where I would take the risky shot I wouldn’t take in competition.
  10. G15 driver. My first new driver. Probably should have spent all the money on subsequent drivers on lessons.
  11. Best analysis. If someone wants the sexy new driver, go for it. But get fit with an expert, not at a demo day. For fun, Mark Crossfield compared an original Big Bertha to a Stealth. At one level, comparing a $60 dollar driver to a $600 didn’t gain enough for the value. But for forgiveness and feel, that’s hard to quantify. TM and Callie update annually. After Jail Break became Jail Broke in the first year, I’d wait for the second year for the Stealthier model. The collapsed heads were replaced but I don’t want to pay to be r&d
  12. For this year, might be best to stock up. I’ve always stocked up on Pro V’s with the 4-4-3 deal. That’s $150 for 4 dozen. Yellow became hard to find late last year. There are far more reports that that deal won’t happen this year due to demand and inventory. With Foremost now partnered with TM, all DTC balls but Snell have to find a new vendor. I wouldn’t bet that Snell won’t have inventory issues. I’d consider the other major brands, but there is no worthwhile savings to bother. It was tempting to look at the Maxfli Tour box of 4 dozen for $100 at Christmas. The 2021 version was well rated in the MSG reviews.
  13. There is now a yellow Maxfli Tour. Xmas pricing @2 for $60, in store and direct.
  14. Do golfers with 14/15 slots tend to use iron covers more than 4/6 slot golfers? The bags are heavier and for the size do not offer storage comparable with a Tour or Mini Tour bag. I try to walk so a 14 bag size/weight is a detriment. When on a trip expecting to use a cart, I use a mini-tour for rain gear, etc.
  15. As noted, no club can cure a slice. If you can move that to a fade, then the PING MAX 400/410 or a SIM Max Draw can help. If money is no object, then 425 or SIM 2 versions with a fitted shaft will get the most benefit. But you may need to get help to cure whatever swing fault is resulting in the slice before getting fit. We can only share opinions, a professional can directly work on flaws specific to you.
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