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  1. I can tell you this, some of the counterfeits are so good, even the OEM will have issue identifying it 100% if not using the hidden id marks on some of the high end models. Most of the components are manufactured overseas, in multiple locations, out of contractors and their sub. There is no way of stopping a few trying to profit from their encounter with their OEM contract. In fashion industry, the OEM limit the fabric to the contractor to minimize the "leftover". In golf industry, it's easy to source out the material of manufacturing and run their production line overtime. Who would not be tempted selling something for thousands times of profits ? Without all the costs in R&D and Marketing ?
  2. the lonest club in the photo and several others with the end cap not straight, could be (1) the camera angle. (2) could also be pushed too hard on one side. If the end feels solid , then it's just cosmetic issue, no worry now. I fell into the air installation at the beginning to save grips because I didn't want to change grips on the sets of clubs I have and not playing them year round. Then discovered the endless adjustment I could do on the grips. Sort of never returning back to the old ways unless someone requested to install the grips with the tape and solvent for their peace of mind. If the
  3. Use the painter's tape which will give some help slipping the grip on. Use short busts of air set at higher PSI . steady stream of air never worked well for me. especially removing old grip installed with double sided tapes. BTW, the air install does not work smoothly with grips constructed of, multi material , or a grip with a sleeve ( WINN ). The multi material construction will not expend the grip uniformly. So is the grip constructed with sleeve and wrap. Takes a little practice and there is no issue of installing with air on any type of grip. Make sure you have a compressor which could power the air tools. Much easier if you have more pressure available when needed. Plus the right compressor could be used to power cut-off wheels to trim the shafts.
  4. As I mentioned, the lines on the steps of the bumpers did not look right. Seemed a refinished job of some sort. This is not caused by age nor usage. Are you trying to authenticate the putter for value or , just curious ? If a putter works for you, it'll be priceless regardless Who made it and the value of it. If you're flipping it, then , no one could tell you 100% from a photo. A lot of times is the close up inspection and the feel of it in the hands. Most the counterfeits are lighter in weight for some reason.
  5. I don't use the vice for installing grips with air. It's really easy if you get the hang of it. Of course one could use a low pressure compressor to install a rubber grip ( tougher with the multi material or multi layered grip ). I like to use one with capacity of powering air tools. Just dial down to the level suitable for the task. Use more power when removing an old grip installed with tape and dial down to install a new grip. There is a few tricks to learn along the way , including simple tools to prevent the ballooning of the grip while removing it. A piece of cake to install the "align grips " with the reminders. Adjust as many times as you please. Which is a blessing with these grips. One thing I had noticed from your posted photos. Did you tap the end of the grip on the floor mat after you finished installing ? The tapping is to make sure the end of the shaft is seated completely into the end of the grip. Several of the grips in the photos looked like they were not 100% seated in .
  6. Had never seen one with such a sloppy job on the paint fill. Unless this was a DIY refinishing job for some reason. All the lines between the steps are not smooth, unlike the ones I had owned. If this is not a refinished head, I'd say it's highly questionable for authenticity . With all the sign of wear except for the milled face, it's likely a refinished head if it's not a counterfeit. Although unlikely, could be a reject from the shop.
  7. Found Miura putter head + head cover online for under $100, looks like quality milled head . one is heavier and one more traditional.
  8. Oh my ! They took money from your account but never notified you ?????? Are they counting on there is no better choice for the consumer to turn to ? This smells funny. Maybe the corporation had adapted the program to amass numbers under their account at the right time of the month to skim off the interest rate payment from the financial institutions. Probably some programmer trying to suck out every dime from the system, using digital analyzing program. Maybe that's why there are more than one shipping carrier, practice this method. We need to put more people back in production instead of playing with the software. Sign of the time. We really have to watch out for our own interest now, I guess time is tough for everyone.
  9. Who are running the business these days ? For that matter, who are running everything these days ? Bunch of idiots who have no hands on experiences of the role they're taking responsibility. Very typical in today's society. Or, worse, this might be a scheme to keep your money there until the process circled back for refund. The mere action of keeping your money in their account for those weeks could mean something significant if we're talking about 7 figures or more from all the mishandled transactions.. It is dead wrong of their action, whether intentionally or not.
  10. You're lucky, I found one ! Golf Smith Tour Cavity TC4, has all the weights, fits front the back. Send me your email via PM if you want to see more photos.
  11. I think I have a couple of Golf Smith putter heads somewhere, both had been shafted for demo and not played, can't remember what they are, one has the weight ports on the toe and the heel. If you're interested I will go find them and give you the details.
  12. Don't complain too much when waiting for 30 minutes as a walked on single. My local muni has a typical waiting list of 1 1/2-3 hours waiting. Because their tee sheet is full and everyone showed up for their reservation. On top of this , since many are new to the golf game ( honestly, they should stay on the driving range or a par 3 golf course for a bit longer ). Therefore, a 5 1/2 to 6 hour round is expected. All this on a golf course which is 6,200 yards from the tip. Yes there is a little elevation change and narrow fairways. I had played it before in a little over 3 hours in a four-some ( all using push carts ). My State is "advanced" in giving room to the public, in their political action and governing policy. But they sure was behind in opening up the golf courses for the bored , stayed at home ( supposed to be working or not ) people. Now the schools are open, and many work places are back to normal..... maybe some of these "new" golfers will return to their routine, soon ? Or the golf industry will have a new wave of new golfers like the Tiger Craze created !
  13. Our State had the golf courses and driving range shut down for months at the beginning of the pandemics. I know many of my friends drove to our neighboring State for golf for weeks. One has his In-Laws 3 hours drive away in the neighboring State, he'd pack his family every weekend to go "visit" his In-Laws. He played golf all day with the boys and the wife went shopping with her sisters. They would play bridge or Ma-Jon after dinner. He'd load up at Costco and have beef steaks, Halibut steaks, Tiger prawns........... don't really mind no dinning out. His in-laws will reverse the visit come traditional Holidays toward the end of the year.
  14. First of all, let us be frank. Do we really have anything worthwhile to be ruined ? There are true examples of major tournament winners revamped their golf swing for the reason of more distance or to look "pretty" and never won another professional tournament again after the changes. Most of these golfers were a "feel" golfer changing to a more mechanical golf swing, which put a stop to their instinct to score low, to win. When they lost that edge and could not replace it with the mechanics of the golf swing.... they were done in the higher level of the competition tournament golf. If we don't have any meaningful golf swing to be lost, then we're probably in process of making our game better in the end ? Right ? No lessons nor new magic golf equipment will give us a better golf game over night. I had seen this over and over again. Blaming the new lesson of ruining our golf game. I get it, we need some kind of excuse for our golf game ( or lack of it ). It's human nature to find excuse for our inability to excel. But, take a moment and think back to the beginning of the time when we first took up the game . How long did it take us to hit that 8 ( 7) iron decent ? So, why would we expect to fit into our new golf swing immediately after the lessons ? I know that it took me almost two full seasons to feel comfortable of changing my golf grip from an interlocked to an overlapping Vardon grip. Took me a full season to learn how to hit a longer driver (47" and 48" ). The attitude these days for almost everything in life, demands instant gratification. People don't want to work for their retirement, they want to invent some app in the garage and sell it for billions instantly. Same with the golf game. We all wish we could purchase a magic solution to our golf games from Amazon and when the box delivered to our front door, open it; Walla ! like putting on a new shirt, changed our game over night. After more than a few decades around this game. I realized that part of the charm of it , is that we have to work at the game to be better at it. It would not have attracted the kings and the Queens, the rich and the poor , people from all walks of life if it's as easy as bowling. Not to knock down bowling because I also bowl. If the changes, from lessons or self-taught, will eventually put us on the right track for a better golf game. The temporary set back will be so much sweeter, when the changes paid dividends. Byron Nelson gave the young Ken Venturi lessons to better his golf game, who gave Ken a warning of hard work will be expected before seeing the result. Ken was mostly a self taught golfer before this, and his golf grip was one of the first thing that Mr. Nelson corrected for him to be more reliable under the tournament pressure. It took Ken almost a full season to feel that he could own the new golf grip; and started to win again Expectations ( reasonable expectations ), is at question here.
  15. This. It's what some of the guys do. Someone will have to put the flag back into the cup. Even if you had forgotten, that someone will notice the wedge laying across the flag stick before picking the flag up. I often will call out loud for reminder before everyone exit the green.
  16. What happened in your region as the pandemic marched on ? We had expected the game would slow down just like everything else, but, nooooooo. The golf courses had been packed with golfers. The usual golf enthusiasts, the casual golfers, the new golfers............ Actually, this is the only industry in my region that experiencing a growth through the pandemic. Green fees are up, the tee sheets are full , and because the demand is up, many golf courses are not offering their usual discount to the junior golfers. Why would they give discounted green fee or free play to the junior golfers when they could sell the spots at a premium price with golfers waiting to beat the cabin fever ? Personally, I hate the raised cup lining. You know, the white cup lining which sticking up over the surface of the putting green and all one needs to do is to touch any part of the lining with their putt to call it "good". I refused to pay premium green fee ( for the standard around here ) and then to putt to this cup lining. Absolutely discussing. I don't mind not taking the flag stick out, since I had done that when I played by myself. Plus the ne rules allows the flag to stay in the cup while putting. I hate to putt toward the white elephant sticking up over the putting surface. What about the drama of a lip-out ? A around the cup rejection ? Anyhow, I'll pick up the game later as I refused to join the crowd as this might be a good time to catch up with some reading and refining the equipment. Actually, my biggest fear is, no one wears a face mask on the golf course in the open air. Obviously, they have no clue how this virus attacks and how a virus could spread around. The numbers shows the infection rate had gone back up, since the partial opening of the activities. I hope nothing worst will come our way.
  17. If you're looking for a software which can tell a golfer how to adjust their driver for maximum distance ..... then, it's probably never going to be invented. Because, you're not playing the golf game on screen. When dealing with human factor, the actual real time input is needed. Meaning, participation of human factor, e.g. as others had mentioned, the use of L/M, or the old school of hitting off a driving range or a golf course you're familiar with. Trial & Error is my favorite method. The L/M will cut through some initial analyzing work to save time, but still would need to be validated with on course execution. If anyone lean heavily on data, then, that'll be exactly what one receives, heavily tilted on the data and not validated with real on the golf course execution. Your best bet is to find a friendly local golf store which has the L/M set up. Bring your driver and adjustment tool, bring your own golf balls ( the kind you use on the golf course ), spend 20-30 minutes going through all the adjustment the driver allows. We never had this problem in the past. We had to learn to hit the fixed hosel driver with change of the swing path, ball position and the tee height. Either we'll find the optimal tee height /ball position for that driver or we'll have to get a different driver (or different loft ). Changing shaft was not as easy as the shafts were glued in the hosel.
  18. Brian, Your description of yourself is a mirror image of when I was 53. I also favor a fade than a draw from the tee. Small or no divot with iron shots ( yes, even fairway woods and hybrids ). I was also fairly strong for my size and age, comparing to my peer. I was still using X flex in my driver ( Graphite design Pershing X flex ), one of my all time favorite. Rifle 6.0 in the irons. Although after I pass the age of 51, I drifted away from the blade style in the irons and spent most of the rounds with Callaway X14 P.S. with the 6.0. I split the bag with blades in the Summer and X14 Pro Series in the winter. Got other game improvement irons later on but never really could change over from the more traditional look of the irons. I was watching the video on changing the shaft of the Titleist P 970 within this forum. The topline, sole , bounce.... all reminisce what I used to and still like to see. You might want to consider this or similar style of iron heads. Or pick up a used set of X-14 P.S. the bore through shaft is more demanding with the re-shafting.
  19. Glad it worked out. It does show more of an angle than the OEM . There is an outside chance when the tip was not inserted fully into the adaptor, it may show more offset. But regardless, whether the cause was the adapter or the fault of poor assembly work. It's kind of hard to have that in your mind when you tee it up each time. I would want to have it returned.
  20. I'm with most of the reply here. I had been a miser of non-essentials for the last decade. As my kids are going through the higher education ( many of them with a 4 year graduate program ). Golf had been one of the non-essentials which gotten no attention for the latest and the best. I searched for the discount rate in green fees and other components in the game as most of you do. Scrambled to make what I have to work for my current game. Re-shaft all my golf clubs at one time or the other except for the putters. However, golf shoes is not one of the item which I'd ignored. As I learned and understand the footing, or the foot work, is of great importance in the game of golf. Especially with the modern golf swing, which demands the golfers to maximize his/her potential on all the full swings. Golfers place more demand from their golf shoes than any other sports that I know. A good pair of golf shoes is not just the fit and comfort. It involves all the movements in a golf swing which the golfer would tilt and pivot and turn and placing the whole body weigh on just one part of one foot at some point of time. Lateral support ? Ground gripping ? We've heard many well known instructors say similar phase as power from the ground up, or keep your balance............The foot work in a golf swing influence the direction of the golf shots ( balance), the distance of the golf shot ( power from the ground up), about just everything a golfer does during a full golf swing has something to do with the foot work. Yes, I still shop for the best deal with golf shoes. With an educated shopping list. Beware of purchasing a model year which is more than a couple of calendar years. The OEM warranty might might not be applied to those older than a few years, even it's NOS in the original box. Like cowboys dressed from the head down ( their hats ), the golfers should dress from the foot up ( their golf shoes ). Have a wonderful season, as much as what we could salvage out of the current condition, and, stay safe.
  21. The adaptors are never straight in as the angles are there for the different setting. How does it adjust if the hosel is a straight in piece ? Did you compare it to the OEM ? Did you actually install it in the head ? In your photo there seemed to have a bit more offset than normal OEM, but that could be from the camera angle also. Compare it with you OEM side by side and send that comparative photo to the seller and go from there.
  22. Good to see you here to share your experience. Always enjoyed watching your videos to learn and to refresh. Yes, it's unfortunate when we aged and on the way to the reverse route of our growing spur. Only, the reverse route is much shorter and the travel is faster. If one thinks the toddler change their shoe sizes often, try fitting a senior on their golf equipment. Hanging on to what one still have left and learn to enjoy the game without your A game will bring more happiness on the links. One biggest set back to me personally, was my vision. When the eye sight goes, the game suffers. The rest of the aches and pain are minor comparing to the degenerated vision.
  23. You mean to look into the player's bag and copy what is on the shaft band ?
  24. I know someone will dispute this, but, it's okay to believe what the media is given you. Used to be is not always set in stone forever.
  25. Not over crowding on the golf courses is about the only thing I enjoy what comes with the issue we have at hands. Same as no traffic jam on the highway and no mob scene in stores. However, economic wheels would not turn with just a few of us, so eventually the crowd will return. I had already seen more golfers on the golf courses. I guess it's fine if the 4-some are all from the same household......... the social distancing is not working because simply slowing down the spread of the virus will not stop the spreading if they understand how the virus spread. A small hole in the water bag instead of a larger hole is still leaking water and the smaller hole will expand quickly. will eventually drain the whole bag. Like rolling a truck down the hill, no matter how slow it goes, the speed of rolling will accelerate with gravity pull. My buddy took his two sons to golf every week, which is fine because they all came from the same household. No golf club members gathering or weekly tournaments.
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