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  1. On 6/6/2022 at 12:58 PM, russtopherb said:

    Y'know, I thought it was just me but I would have thought we would have started hearing stuff about the Cobra Connect Challenge by now if it was still being held (which after last year, I can see being up in the air). But yeah, usually by now there would have been some stuff from folks like Cleveland, Wilson/Staff, etc. 

    I know Wilson Staff is planning to have a “Staff Model” launch from putter through driver in 2023. 

  2. I finally purchased a “new” driver mid 2021 a brand new still in the plastic SLDR TP. My previous driver was a Ping Rapture V2. Honestly, on the monitor and course there is almost zero difference. Always felt though that having another option to switch to helps keep my driver in good spirits knowing it can replaced at any given moment. Lol

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