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Known for their bright colors and matte-finish golf balls, Volvik has released their new “tour-level” golf balls, the Volvik Condor series. The Condor and Condor X aim to compete with other top-end balls at a more competitive price.


About Volvik

Volvik is a Korean company founded in 1980. “Volvik” stands for "Fly to Victory," with "Vol" in "volare" meaning "to fly" in Italian, taking "Vi" from "victory" and then combining that with the "K" from Korea to create the mashup name Volvik. They own their own R&D center and two golf ball manufacturing facilities, where they make ionomer-covered golf balls and, soon, urethane balls. It wasn’t until 2012 that Volvik expanded into the U.S. market through a joint venture. 

Now they have a wholly owned U.S. division which could be considered a relaunch of the brand in the U.S. Volvik has the second-largest golf ball market share in Korea and exports to more than 50 countries. They hope to gain further traction in the U.S. market with their new balls and matte finish technology.


The Testing Opportunity

We are looking for nine golfers to test, review and keep two dozen golf balls from Volvik's lineup. We will select three golfers each to test the Condor X, Condor and XT Soft golf balls.

The Volvik Condor is a three-piece, urethane-covered ball that Volvik classifies as high speed and low spin with softer feel and longer distance.

The Volvik Condor X is a four-piece ball with a Dual White Carbon urethane cover which they say offers enhanced feel, high speed, high rebound and maximum distance.

Both Condor balls are available only in white.

The Volvik XT Soft is a three-piece urethane ball. The XT Soft claims softer feel and longer distance along with maximum short game spin, control, and durability. It features the V-Focus alignment and is available in white or yellow.

We want our selected testers to see how these stack up against their current golf balls and provide feedback on their performance on the course.


Think you are up for testing?


*Registration closes May 30.

*Testers will be announced on the Forum on June 4.

*This opportunity is open to all MyGolfSpy Forum members.



FYI... Full disclosure, I can only play 18 holes p.wk. So I didn't notice how long the test period was but pls take that availability into consideration. Thx for the opportunity. 😊

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Just now, Bubba1985 said:

Haven't heard anything good or bad about a volvik ball in a long time.. Kind of a clean slate for testers.. Prolly won't be going into this test with anything but neutral feelings (which I believe is a good way to be for a tester)

Good luck to all that apply and definitely will be paying attention bc it's a ball I know absolutely nothing about!

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Currently using Inesis 900 balls made for distance and working on my driving. Would be nice to compare distances and accuracy with the volvik condor x. 

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I’ve honestly only played the ones I’ve found, the odd colors, so it would be fun to try these against the pro V to see how the stack up

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I love the soft two tone volviks! I use them for putting sometime. I’m afraid to use them off the tee since I don’t want to lose them haha 

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1 hour ago, TJ Hall said:

I’ve known Volvik for the bright colored balls, don’t think I’ve ever seen a white one!

Another great opportunity, good luck all!

Only ones I think I've ever seen are matte or that crystal white with the dimples u couldn't really feel bc it had a smooth clear texture over them

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Always looking for vale options and would love to compare to the Tour Response Stripe I'm using currently.

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Thanks to MGS for keeping us old duffers abreast of new products in the golf industry and giving  us who love the game a chance to try new products .

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Cool to see a new ball from volvik. I just remember Bubba Watson switched to them for more distance. Went horribly wrong, but what the heck. 

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Have not heard much about Volvik. Interested in the opportunity to try them out.

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