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Golf Ball Dimple Pattern?

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The question. Could golf ball dimple pattern be the real difference between premium golf balls and the only way to really stand out in the golf ball industry today? They all seem to be made with the same basic components but I think the dimple pattern is something that has infinite adjustability in pattern and number. Your thoughts?

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Titleist 915D3 8.5 Graffaloy Pro Launch Red 65X

Titleist 915F Aldila NV 95 S Flex 3 Wood

Titleist 915H Aldila NV 105 S Flex 21 degree hybrid

Mizuno MP69 Dynamic Gold S300 Standard Length 2 up 3-PW

Cleveland RTX 54, Titleist SM4 48, Mizuno MP-T4 58

Odyssey 2 ball cs Superstroke 3.0 slim

Callaway Chrome Soft (2016)



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Lots of great reading about the golf ball. There are a coupe of good discussions about the golf ball from Dean Snell on the blog.





Also, Dean answered many questions about the golf ball in the forum from the members.  Here is the link to that discussion.




Here is the quote from Dean Snell in the Quo Vadis Golf Ball? thread

"The USGA does not have any control or restrictions on dimples.  They control speed, distance, size, weight and symmetry... The number of dimples is not really as important as the size, shape, depths, edge angles of the dimples.  Once the ball design is complete, the dimple design is chosen.  You can have the best ball in the world, but if you do not get the dimples correct, it can be the worst.  Once we know the spin, speed and launch angles of the ball based on the design, then we try to develop dimple patterns that control the distance for both carry and roll.  We also have to pick patterns that are good in all wind conditions, since golf is played with down, cross and head winds.  So it is a balance.. we work to balance the lift and drag of the ball, to optimize the flight.  Today, a lot of balls run in the 322 to 392 dimple count range.  But the numbers are not really as important as the factors above.  A lot of times, the numbers and layout can be a visual look that players like... we found that a lot of better players do not like the 450 and 500 dimple look because they just look to small... and under 300 seems to look too big... hope this helps.


... the balls spin rate is typically determined by the cover and construction, and not the dimples.. the dimples control the flight when the ball is spinning."

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