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  1. I agree. Your city and county courses are very good and reasonably priced. For a community that is about the same size as ours, you have more courses that are in generally better shape. Our advantage is that in most years we have a much longer playing season. In the winter I have played with many people from Spokane that travel the 140 miles to play here when they still have snow.
  2. I'm not sure that I can play to your handicap. Haven't made a full swing in over 6 weeks.
  3. I had a whim a month ago and order a 2019 Callaway PM grind 54/14 wedge. It's the first 54º from Callaway in the PM Grind. It also has a C-Grind sole. I was a little worried about the 14º bounce; that's a lot for my turf conditions. It was a special order; took a month to get. It came on Monday, but my course has been closed since Feb 3 so the long wait wasn't to terrible. The practice area at my course opened yesterday and the course opens for play tomorrow. I spent 2 hours yesterday chipping and one hour today pitching from 30 yards, and I like it so far. I haven't tried any full shots, but I will tomorrow when the course opens. Callaway on the bottom and my SCOR on top.
  4. I saw you were getting high highs. Amazing!! Now we will see all-time record high temps this summer. For us that means greater than 112º Today is the first day of Spring, and it is the first day in a long time that overnight temps won't get below freezing. 60's all week, 40's at night. Spring has certainly arrived. My course opens tomorrow!! It's been closed since Feb 3. Most years, the course never closes in winter, just frost delays.
  5. Tour balls... you probably won't find much difference until your game improves. It really becomes a matter of what feels the best for you. Besides a difference off your wedge, there is a difference off the putter. Some feel harder; some feel softer. The TP5x and ProV1 will be different from the NXT Tour; the NXT will run out a little more, the amount depends on the club used, quality of the strike and length of the shot. Zstars are good; there is a difference in feel between Zstar and ZstarXV. As far as range balls, there will be a big difference in rollout on the green between a tour ball and range ball; range balls just don't spin as much. I'm talking feet, not inches. If you are using range balls to practice getting close to a pin, you will experience very different results on the course with tour balls. Certainly, practice with range balls will help improve your stroke, and at this point that might be what you should focus on. I sometimes use range balls on our pitching green, but only when practicing ball contact and ball flight control from different lies. Otherwise I use my game balls. I always use my game ball when practicing chipping, but we can do that on the putting green (no high chips allowed). When your ball striking gets much better, I would focus on drills to get your game ball closer to the target. I do that when no one else is on the practice green, or when the course is relatively empty, I will go on the course to a variety of holes to practice shots that I know I will see when playing a round. That's the best practice you can do, IMO.
  6. One more thing... The Ball. You haven't said what ball you are using for your short game practice. I assume that you are using the same ball that you play with on the course. I also assume that you only play one brand/type of ball on the course. For short game practice, it's critical that you use the same ball. Every ball reacts differently around the green; it's why they say that when choosing a ball to play golf, you always start around the green to see if the ball reacts the way you want. Then move back to the fairway for iron shots, then to the tee for driver shots. There is not a lot of difference between balls off the tee, but big difference around the green. Don't practice short game with different balls, and certainly don't practice with range balls. If you do, that will lead to inconsistent distances. You will need to determine if you want to play a tour-type ball that spins a lot, or a two-piece distance ball that spins less. Either one works, but since they react differently, it takes time to get used to one or the other. It's why you don't want to mix them when practicing.
  7. When you start to see some improvement in getting the balls closer to your target, change it up a bit. Vary your target for each shot. Pick two of three targets; putt or chip a ball to one target, then hit the next ball to a different target. Keep changing your distances for each shot. You will be training your brain to adjust your swing each time. It helps give you feel on the course.
  8. Really?? I thought that was just tall stalks of crabgrass growing in peat moss; you know, turf with no bottom so every shot is a mishit.
  9. I still love my Eye 2's; maybe that's why I went with the Callaway PM Grind over the Hi-Toe. Yes, the PM has a lot of bounce and that might be an issue for me. However, I got the 2019 version and they put a C-Grind on it, and that seems to work pretty well. I got out today, first time in 6 weeks because of snow. I was impressed with chip shots; haven't be able to hit anything longer because the rest of the course is still closed.
  10. It’s a start, or as Tiger always liked to say: “It’s a process.” Keep it up. You inspired me today. Our course isn’t open yet, but the chipping/putting green is. So, I went there for 2 hours. I found out that after not picking up a club for 6 weeks, I suck!! By the end of the 2 hours though, it’s starting to come back. I think we can play on Friday, but I will be back out here on the green tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. Not today, but at least I can chip and putt. Might be able to play on Friday. Need to dry out a little more. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. I enjoyed it. I like Bryson, but maybe that's because of my scientific background. I certainly don't analyze everything like he does, but I can understand his rationale. He has made some mistakes in past tournaments; he acknowledged them and seems sincere on becoming a better player because of them. I think this "mad scientist " is the result of the media giving them something to talk about. He's just trying to do whatever he can to win (and he's doing a pretty good job), just like every other pro out there. He just goes about it in a different way.
  13. McIlroy uses a 54 and a 60. DJ uses 64 Rahm use 56 and 60
  14. Same concept as my Nike Lunar Bandon Dunes that I got 8 years ago.
  15. The Seve video is good; can't go wrong there. The tees in the putting green by @cnosil is a critical drill to ensure that the face is square at impact. On longer putts it will be more difficult to not hit the tees, but don't get discouraged; that's why you practice. You are grooving a square stroke. The 56º for every shot around the green may be a problem. I understand why you would think that you would be more consistent using one club. To be honest, I typically only use my 58º but I do it because of my course conditions. Your course conditions are likely different. I do have some shots where I will use a 50º or a 9i when I have a longer shot, such as 10 feet off the green but 30 yards to the flagstick. If you practice using multiple clubs like I posted earlier in this thread, then you will get a feel of how far each club rolls out for the same shot. I think you will find that when you are, say 10 feet off the green, you will be more consistent to different pin locations using the same length of stroke with multiple clubs, rather than changing the length of stroke with the 56. Land the ball on the same spot about a yard onto the green. When you get to the point where your distance control is much better, then you should be able to vary distance much better with one club. That's when the fun begins!!
  16. It usually takes me about a week to get used to the "grain", but by then I'm headed home.
  17. I bought a pair last year. It took awhile too get used to them coming from Trues, but I like them now. I still wear Trues occasionally and like them. I haven't tried the latest models yet either; probably get a pair before summer.
  18. Not in my neck of the woods!! It hasn't rained here since last fall. We had 24" of snow, a touch of sleet, and temps that didn't get above freezing for month. But spring has arrived... finally!! Sunny and mid-50's the last couple of days, and 60º today and for the rest off the week. We still have snow in the shadows, and the ground is still frozen in spots. The golf course has some standing water because the melting snow doesn't drain. Should be good by this weekend, and I have a Tee Time!!
  19. Probably not that great. I haven't picked up a club since Feb 3.
  20. Well......The snow is melting; 60 degree days all this week. The course isn't open yet because snow is still in shady areas, and the ground is frozen so there is puddling as the snow melts. But I made a Tee Time for Sunday, and I got a text from my Monday walking buddies, 10:34am next Monday!! I got out today for my first SuperSpeed protocol since January. I decided to start with the Level 2 protocol, even though I started the Level 3 protocol after we posted the Stage 2 review. I haven't done anything for almost 2 months, literally nothing, and I could feel it. Speed was down with all clubs, but not by much... 2-3 mph. My speed when kneeling was the same, go figure!! My plan is to do the Level 2 protocol two more times this week, then start Level 3 over again. Onward!!
  21. Have another one on me. I'd buy... if I were there.
  22. I agree with @revkev that the price is regional and seasonal. It also depends on the day and time of day. I have traveled for work to most of the US regions and took my clubs on many trips. I got to play some very nice courses, some for not a lot of money. For example, TPC Scottsdale for $75, not $300. You just have to play in July!! The prices in SE Washington are pretty reasonable. Nice public courses range from $25-70 using your criteria; less expensive during the week, more expensive on Fri-Sun. Obviously, there are more expensive courses in the region, but they tend to be more destination courses, but even they can be played relatively cheaply on the "shoulder seasons" of early spring and late fall. Private courses are rare, usually one or two in the metro areas.
  23. WOW! Great round... if you could just putt. 5 three-putts??
  24. Since you have to wait for a lesson... just a few more 2 cents. I'll be broke soon. When you chip, not pitch, does the clubhead pass the hands? If it does, it's likely a flip; hard to make good contact and control distance. People will have different views on this and some use these terms interchangeably, but mine is that a pitch shot has a release of the club like a mini-full swing and a chip shot doesn't. When close to the green, a chip shot is easier to control than a pitch shot. As with a chip, the hands should lead the putter head through impact. When off the green... "Putt when you can, chip when you can't putt, pitch when you have to."
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