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  1. I have always liked the looks of the Krank, but they haven't performed well in MGS Most Wanted testing in the past.
  2. I would question why/if your AP-3 are not to the D-2 spec. It would be very unusual for Titleist to issue clubs that far off spec, and your grips are not that unusual weight wise. Personally, I would have them checked for swingweight, rather than trust a calculation. Weighing a club and getting an accurate number is a tricky task. Only with a measured swing weight would I consider options. Most lighter grips will only get you one SW point, except Winn Lite like @cnosil mentioned. That option would allow more wraps underneath if you want. However, having only one or maybe two grip options would not be ideal for me. If necessary, adding weight to the club head is the easiest unless you go with tip weights.
  3. I always hit driver on all non-par 3 holes (except for one par 3 if the tees are back and the wind is blowing). I don't hit the ball as far as I used to, and I hit my driver is just as straight as any other long club. Have to get as close to the green as I can!
  4. Well, I'm not like 15, so I guess I only like liking.
  5. I would be surprised if you actually have less wrist hinge with a shorter swing.
  6. Thank you for your recent Like of one of my recent posts. You just pushed me over the 20,000 Likes barrier.
  7. I pretty much fit the USGA definition of a "bogey golfer" for distance. With no wind and a decent swing, I can reach all greens in regulation from our Blue tees. While I think the rating system is reasonable in most cases, playing from the White tees does not necessarily mean an easier next shot than from the Blue tees. In some cases the difference is a layup short of a penalty area with a different club. In other cases it is a partial wedge shot to the green instead of a full wedge shot. I would like to think that moving up 600 yards would be more fun and something I should do as I got older. However, it appears that the rating system for my course is more advantageous for my game from the Blue tees than moving up to the White tees, even though I'm hitting a lot of long clubs. So, I keep trying to increase distance and improve my game to keep playing from the Blues. The alternative is to change courses to one that better suits my game.
  8. Kenny B

    Re-shafting driver

    Sometimes it's fun to experiment. Your golf shop should be able to give you swing speed and if they have a launch monitor, they can give you other information about your swing that will be useful in selecting equipment. They may not have used equipment like the M2, but you could ask. They will be pushing the new equipment. You can demo several drivers and find one that gives the best numbers and feels the best. Don't judge specifically based on looks. When you find the best one, you can also search online for a used model with the same specifications as the one you liked. Best of luck!!
  9. The way my course is laid out for the Blue tees (6068y and slope 127) vs the White tees (5418y and slope 113), I generally shoot the same scores. I can't reach the par 5's in two shots from either tee. One par 4 is easier to get to the green in two shots from the White tee, and one par 3 from the White tee is a mid-iron shot vs a hybrid or FW from the Blue tee. As a result, posting my usual scores from the White tees increases my index by a couple of shots over posting my usual scores from the Blue tees. Although there is over a 600 yard difference, playing from the White tees doesn't feel any easier, and my scores show it.
  10. Kenny B

    Re-shafting driver

    Generally, lighter shafts allow you to swing faster than heavier shafts, but that depends on how you swing the club. That's where a fitter can help; better than guessing. If you still want to try a different shaft, Golfworks has the shaft adapter for RBZ for $4.99 that will take a .335 shaft. https://www.golfworks.com/taylormade-rbz-shaft-adaptor-sleeve/p/tm0017/ You can also order a shaft at the same time. For a separate fee they will assemble it for you. You can ask them questions about which shaft would be a good fit but they will want your swing speed. The UST Recoil shafts are quite good.
  11. I followed Graves for 10 years and the SPS is very helpful to hit the ball straight. I attended several of his clinics. However, I found that for me, the SPS limited my ability to improve distance, and that's what I need now that I'm in my 70's. I have a number of Grave's training aids that I can sell at reduced prices if you are interested.
  12. Kenny B

    Re-shafting driver

    Welcome to MGS forums!! First, the RBZ driver shaft is .350, not .335. Not many options for .350 driver shafts anymore. I believe you can still get adapters that will take a .335 shaft. Don't quote me though. Second, the Matrix shafts in the RBZ were pretty good for graphite shafts in 2012. I am still using the RBZ 3HL and hybrids. The problem as I see it is that the RBZ, while a good driver, is giving up yards to today's drivers because they are better on mishits. Given your distance numbers, I believe that you would gain more distance with a driver from the last couple of years rather than reshafting of your driver, but you must get a driver that fits your swing speed and characteristics. A regular flex shaft, and certainly one from 2012, should be used when your swing speed is around 85-95 mph and a driver distance around 200-230 yards. An A-flex or senior shaft would be a better fit than a regular flex, possibly even an L-flex if your swing speed is below 70 mph, but that should be determined by a qualified fitter. It's difficult to give specifics without swing data but you may be able to pick up more yards by making better contact with the ball. Talk to your local PGA pro or invest in a series of lessons. Improving ball contact will give you the most bang for your buck.
  13. Our course hasn't mowed the tee boxes in a week. It's like hitting out of rough; put a short tee in the ground on a par 3 and the club will hit grass before it hits the ball. The rough is thick. Oh yeah... and it's wet from irrigation last night. Workers were mowing the rough at 7:30am leaving big piles of cut grass everywhere, and it's possible to still lose your ball in the rough. Greens are still slow, but getting quicker every day. I have to pretend that the hole is 3 feet further than it actually is in order to get the ball to the hole. Sometimes I forget to do that. They look quick, but aren't. Shot a miserable 46 on the front nine that included a birdie on #2. Made a double on the par 5 #5 hole; great drive in the middle of the fairway and was never out of the fairway all the way to the green!! How does that happen?? I managed a good par on the par 5 #9 that seemed to turn my game around. Shot 37 on the back nine with a birdie on #14. Both of my birdies came on close approaches with a wedge, not from good putts.
  14. Bought some Kirkland Signature golf gloves. I normally don't wear a glove, but the price is right so decided to try them. Very soft!! I don't know how long they will last, but I can't imagine a softer glove.
  15. Since you are just starting out... Lessons! Don't make the mistake I did and think that I can learn as I play. The longer you play with bad habits, the harder it is to "unlearn" and replace them with good habits. Get fit for clubs. The fit needs to be in the ballpark in order to learn proper movements.
  16. Welcome to the forums!! Glad you joined us. I'm straight south of you about 4 hours. That's quite a drop in HC from 28 to 10. Nice!!
  17. I think everyone mellows with age. I'm mellow... sometimes!! LOL However, there are some asshats on the Champions Tour!!
  18. I think we will be seeing a lot of Bryson winning tournaments over the next several years. I like the way he analyzes the courses and his game and uses his talent to his advantage. I guess it's the science we have in common. Please don't dislike me too!! I don't know Bryson, and I won't pass judgement. I know many pros, and I have to say that there are many more pros that have attitudes I don't care for than ones I do. Most times what they do on the course is not what they do off the course, and it goes both ways. But... I'd have a beer with Bryson, then maybe I'll know him.
  19. Nice looking clubs, but there's just something about a mole as a logo.
  20. The wall was there because the ANA has had stands there for years. It's not a new thing. No fans; no need to erect the corporate seating area, just a wall. It just looked odd this year. It's the same issue at other venues where stands for fans encroach on the golf course. OB markers are there, just further away than we see on a telecast. Why should the pros be penalized for hitting the ball to the same places we hit it that's not OB when the stands are gone?
  21. Bryson is a smart guy. I'm sure he realized that he had to improve his distance off the tee to compete with the big dogs. Then when he got to Wing Foot, he realized that all players were going to be missing fairways, so he planned to play the course the way he always does, and let the cards fall as they may. I'm impressed that he stuck with his plan all four days. He knew that he could hit balls out of the rough with wedges better than others further back with longer clubs. I also think his clubs with those JumboMax grips helped him dig the ball out of that rough better than anyone could with regular grips. Oh yeah... he also putted really well.
  22. I am one that for years used what I call a "punch driver" on short holes where accuracy is important. After playing my 4W for a season only on the fairway, I have confidence that I can make a reasonably decent shot off the tee. I don't use it off the tee except on the one long par 3 at my course. I always used my punch driver shot but that shot comes with a risk for me. Since it's not a full swing, my body doesn't rotate like a full swing and my arms will take over resulting in a pull hook. If your 3W is pretty useful on par 5 and you gain strokes with it, I would think that the 3W would be useful off the tee where you have the best conditions for hitting a 3W, and you can take your usual regular swing. It will take some practice, but the result might be more repeatable than bunting your driver.
  23. Since the greens are slow after aeration, and I can't seem to make myself putt the ball all the way to the hole, I decided that putting practice was something I didn't want to do. Make sense? I know that the greens will speed up one of these days. However, chipping is also an issue since the ball doesn't run out close to the hole, and I'm not getting up and down as often. So, today I tried to re-calibrate my chipping distance. I spent an hour this morning on the putting green (no holes so not many people using it). My bump 'n runs last weekend weren't running, leaving me with longer putts (that I didn't get to the hole!!) So, I tried different wedges focusing on flying the ball closer to the "hole" (two tees) than I otherwise would have. I chipped from the fringe and the rough. 20 footers and less were best with my 60º; longer than 20 footers were best with my gap wedge. One of my walking buddies was there and stopped to chat. He said he was struggling with chip shots; hitting fat. I told him to set up to a chip shot, then told him to close the distance from his toes to the ball by half with his feet together. Now his chip shot does not arc as much on his backswing, and he is making repeatable contact. So, both of us had a good practice day.
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