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  1. Well, for me it would most likely be 10 bogeys or 8 bogeys and a double... either is much easier to get than the 5 birdies. 5 birdies is nice. Keep it up and give Sungjae Im a run for total birdies.
  2. Is this like the golf version of Duke vs Stephen F. Austin?
  3. Now that's funny!! Same post @tony@CIC posted just above!!!!!
  4. With 5 groups on the course, how are they going to show every group and still show every one of Tiger's shots?
  5. Depends on what length they were before the fitting, but my first thought was to see a different fitter.
  6. If you don't manipulate the club with your arms/hands (either lifting the club or pulling it inside) and keep the club in front of you as you rotate during the backswing, then fold your trail elbow, it should be on plane.
  7. Believe me... from 63-72 it's much worse!!!
  8. I don't use gloves either. When I ride I use Titleist cart mittens with hand warmers, and I have Ultimittens that attach to my push cart when I walk. Hand warmers are a must!
  9. Very common in Florida are waste areas or waste bunkers which are not prepared and maintained as bunkers that are considered a hazard. The area Reed is in is a waste area. It is treated the same as any other general area of the course and practice swings are allowed, just like on grass. Just like anywhere else, you can't improve your lie.
  10. Kenny B


    Closed on our new house last Tuesday; moved in on Wednesday. We sure have a lot of "stuff", even after getting rid of a lot. Guess I need to think about cleaning out again! I haven't played golf in a week, and I'm too sore from moving to even think about swinging a club. I might try to sneak away tomorrow to walk 9 holes with the guys, just to see if the muscles cooperate.
  11. Try the Mizuno MP-20 HMB irons. Loved them. I would switch right now if I had the extra cash, but it's the wrong time of the year and I just bought a new house!!!
  12. Love those curds!! We have a local cheese factory in Sunnyside WA and they sell cheese curds and ice cream... good, but not like Tillamook!!
  13. I was a really lousy golfer back in the early '90s, probably a 30 'cap. I don't remember the course at all. That would be my ex-wife! But probably. Her family had a farm in the shadow of Davis-Besse, and her sister was a grade school teacher in Port Clinton. She would be long retired by now. What I do remember about that visit was that she drug me kicking and screaming to Cedar Point... I hate roller coasters!!!!
  14. Back in the 1991, about the time I took up golf, I had a 2 week trip to the Portsmouth uranium enrichment plant south of Chillicothe. My wife wanted to come home to visit family who lived by Lake Erie, so we flew to Toledo... I dropped her off near Fremont then drove south. When I was finished working I drove back to Fremont. She has a relative in Port Clinton, and I played CIC a couple of times while I was there.
  15. Hey @tony@CIC!! I am in the middle of moving to a new house. Ugh!! Lots of stuff accumulated from a lot of years to pack. I was going through my golf memorabilia and found this golf towel... Then I made the connection.
  16. Kenny B

    Happy thread

    There are a lot of teams that think a 10-2 record at this stage of the season is pretty good. I'm not crying for them.
  17. Happy Birthday @bardle and @No3PuttLaLa. I hope you enjoy your special day with family and friends, and hopefully that will be on the golf course.
  18. I agree. If the issue is ball striking, then practice without knowing what to practice will groove bad habits... I know; been there, done that. Yes, making trial and error adjustments might make the results better, but it's likely adding compensations for flaws that don't need to or shouldn't be there. Wintertime is a great time to get a swing review and fix basic setup and swing tendencies that cause problems. Then you can approach a range session by focusing on a specific issue. I purposely said "a swing issue". I recommend when at the range to not make a bunch of changes or work on multiple issues. Focus on a target. One thought, and do it well. When you have developed a repeatable action that gives the desired result, I recommend seeing the instructor again before moving on to the next issue.
  19. Same is true for this medium-handicapper. I've not tried ShotScope. There won't be any surprises if I did. I know my game and my limitations, and ShotScope would just confirm it. I am a 9 handicap, but only because I have been practicing my short game. If I spent less time practicing it, my handicap would be about a 14. I can reasonably play to a 14, but it's extremely difficult for me to play to a 9. Here's why... I am not a great ball striker. More likely than not, I will mess up one of two or three shots on a hole. I can mess up a drive, or if I hit a good drive, I'll thin/chunk my second shot. I know my distances for each club, but I mishit enough that it doesn't really matter that I know them. Couple that with not reaching some par 5's in 3 shots or par 4's in two shots, and I'm scrambling... it's what I do. What really surprises me is when I play a hole exactly like I think I should play it.
  20. Happy Birthday @cnosil!! Now go out there and putt lights out!
  21. Happy Birthday OG... you young whippersnapper!!
  22. Many of you don't remember WKRP in Cincinnati, but on Thanksgiving every year I have to watch this episode...
  23. The Rec Tec is 4 years now. The double wall is nice, but it’s not as cold here as Ohio. Can’t go wrong with either one really. Better than the Traeger for sure! The Silverbac is not that much difference in price than the Rec Tec if you go with the Alpha. I will see what deals are available tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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