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  1. Nope. Took out 5W and 3i and added P770 2 and 3 irons. Updated the MG2 TW wedges with MG3 TW.
  2. We average 7 inches of rain a YEAR!! One of the reasons I moved here from Corvallis where it rains 40 inches a year... the other reason was I was offered a job that I was looking for when I got out of college.
  3. Played bad... no, that's not it... played really bad; well close enough! My wife and I were called to the tee with another twosome, but when she came out of the clubhouse she said the other twosome "didn't want to play with us". I didn't know that we pissed someone off that bad!! Well, they had no choice because there was a group behind us that was playing in a "qualifier" for something, so they did join us. They were from the wet side of the state and had never played here before. I think they didn't want to play with a "girl". The first hole is a short par 4; took each of them 5 shots to reach the green, then 3 and 4-putted. We each parred. When we got to the #2 tee, they said "You are much better than we are; you better play on ahead of us." We couldn't tee up and get out of there fast enough... saying thank you, and have a great time. I birdied #2, then the wheels came off. Two doubles and a quad later, I was ready to head to the bar. I did barely miss a HIO on #8... My is playing the Yellow Ball... she made that putt for birdie, so the pressure was on!! "Just taaap it in." Which I did. My second birdie allowed me to only shoot +7 on the front nine. Not much better on the back nine with another +7 so a round of 86. For some reason the course sped up the greens and chips and putts rolled out much further than they have all year.
  4. Bacon is the crack of meat.
  5. Headlines on the PGA Tour website... "Tiger has new irons, wedges in bag." "Woods slumps to worse ever PGA Championship round."
  6. We don't get our greens vacuumed and the leaves blown out of the fairways. Why do these guys get such special treatment!! Play the course as you find it.
  7. Happy birthday @Mtbryant01 @cjeffs12 @tehuti and @SmoothG Play well today!
  8. I totally agree, so it's not just you since we don't have similar games!!
  9. Sad to hear. A few years ago I had foot surgery. A week before before surgery, I had to go to the hospital for an EKG; checked out OK. Early in the morning of the surgery when I was getting prepped at a surgery center, the anesthesiologist came in and talked... checked my heart. He had the staff hook up an EKG machine (after they dusted it off and untangled the wires); couldn't get a good reading, so he said the surgery was off and that I needed to go to the hospital immediately! I felt fine. Since I hadn't eaten since mid-day the day before, I stopped for breakfast. When I got to the hospital, they ran an EKG and a heart doc said that anesthesiologist shouldn't be reading heartbeats. Personally, I think he wanted the morning off; maybe he had a tee time. It took a month to reschedule the surgery, and I didn't have him that time.
  10. And don't forget Bear Mountain Ranch!!! But don't play on a windy day!!
  11. Very sad to hear that. Life throws us all kinds of curves, and how we handle it defines our character. It sound like you are doing what you can and putting the important things first. Best of luck to you and you are in our prayers.
  12. It's Wayne's World tonight at the bowling alley... So, a favorite movie quote...
  13. For everyone working on home remodels... "Two weeks" The Money Pit
  14. All Mel Brooks movies are classics. We have the entire library!
  15. Lots of good suggestions so I won't repeat. I will say that if I had taken lessons when I first took up golf, it would have saved me about 10 years of frustration. I thought I could learn on my own... I was wrong! That was back in the days with no internet, so I didn't have the luxury of watching a ton of YT videos. There are some good instructors on the internet, but as a newbie I highly recommend in-person lessons at least to get started with. Lessons can save you lots of time trying to undo the flaws that you learned trying to do it yourself. Interview various instructors in your area; they are working for you so you need to find one that you enjoy working with. When I started out I played in a company 9-hole league. My best round was also a 63. At the end of the season it was still 63 when we had a 3-club tournament; I chose 5i, 9i and putter. Why? I couldn't hit any woods straight; I needed a short iron that gave me reasonable distance and to pitch and chip with because I knew I was going to miss greens; and I had to have my putter because using anything else was not an option for me. I shot 47. The moral of this story is that if you want to just play and have the most fun, use clubs that can keep you in play and minimize your usual mistakes. If you really want to improve, lessons are the best use of your limited funds. Chances are that your instructor will make recommendations for better equipment as you progress. Your instructor will have a better idea of what you need than we can offer without knowing anything about your swing and skill level.
  16. Congratulations!!! FYI, it is expected that a tsunami will travel more than 1.9 miles inland.
  17. Agree!! My wife calls him "needle nose". One day when Tiger was recovering from one of his many surgeries, he kept mentioning Tiger during the broadcast. She said: "I bet they throw him a biscuit every time he mentions Tiger." Throughout the broadcast she kept saying "Biscuit" when she heard Tiger's name. It was very annoying, and I think she's right!!!
  18. I loved Zinger's in GC Playing Lessons from the Pros... he should have stuck with playing tips.
  19. Congratulations Alf!! Extra nice that it was in front of the clubhouse!!
  20. They are not. I've never liked light putters; it seemed that I could never put a smooth, straight stroke going back. On one of my trips to Phoenix, I got fitted at Ping HQ; ended up with the Ping Sigma G Doon... face-balanced and counterbalanced. The shortest length in that model was 35" so I had Ping build one to 34", which puts a lot of the counterbalance weight above my hands. I also had to have the lie angle adjusted to 71º. I love that putter and don't even look at putters anymore when I go to a golf shop.
  21. Hard to miss a fairway at Wine Valley; never done it. But if you do... good luck!!
  22. Monte's Rebellion Golf in California was named this month as a Golf Digest Editor's Choice: Best Golf Schools & Academies.
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