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  1. Last year I put up a net in a room behind my garage. Hitting lots of wedges will soon tear up a basic net. I ordered the Spornia sheet to place in front of the net, and it's great. Starting to show some wear, so I think I'll order a replacement ($39) just in case I need a replacement this winter.
  2. Do you have the Sim2 Max AW? If not, then you probably have increased the gap from the 43.5º PW to your 52. That's a large gap, especially with graphite in irons and steel in wedges. Replacing the shafts in the wedges may not be enough to cover that gap. Different wedges; 50, 54, 58 may be a better fit. As @cnosil said, it may not be an issue unless you use full shots with the wedges. Many people like using heavier wedges for control around the greens.
  3. Happy Birthday!! Sorry I'm late to the party!
  4. I looked back at this thread and noticed that the top end of my bag has changed this year. 6 Brands!!! Driver: Callaway Epic Max 4W: Titleist TS2 Hybrids: TaylorMade RBZ Irons: Bridgstone Gap Wedge: Edison SW & LW: Callaway Putter: Ping
  5. Got called to play Wolf today at the other course in town. I have not been hitting the ball well all week, and my right shoulder is still sore, but what the heck!! Stunk up the first hole, but being Player 4, it didn't cost me. I won the 2nd hole with a birdie, so started feeling a little better. My turn to Wolf on #4; lost the hole to a guy that hit his 3rd shot to 3 feet and made birdie. My next turn came on hole #8, a very downhill par 3; hit middle of green, but left the 25 foot uphill R2L birdie putt 2 feet short... push. My next Wolf hole was #12, a dogleg left uphill par 5. I reached the green in 3 shots and was the only one to make a par. On #16 a blind tee shot I split the middle and on the green but missed a downhill birdie putt that should have broke a foot... but didn't! Another push. #17 and #18 are reserved for the two players down the most quarters... I was up 5. I totally screwed up both holes; finishing bogey, double but the other guys saved me. I was happy shooting 40/42 for an 82, but shoulda, woulda, coulda broke 80. Next time.
  6. 1000 bucks you miss that putt - Al Czervik
  7. I have a pair of mittens that I occasionally wear when riding, but actually they are a PITA... get in cart, put mittens on, drive 100 feet to the next tee, take them off, hit tee shot, get in cart, put them on, drive to ball... repeat. I end up just leaving them off. When I walk I have Ultimittens attached to my push cart. Stick hands inside, push cart, stop, take hands out. Sometimes I put a pair of Hot Hands inside. Not a photo of me.
  8. Well shucks! I was going to say all those things that you said! Maybe start the arms a little sooner run the downswing as Monte says to get unstuck?
  9. Whiskey it is!! But just like my picks for tournaments, you probably have already picked platinum.
  10. I did read the OP account to her. She has told her cart story to many people over the years, so I'm assuming... yes, I know... that it's OK to tell it here. She'll probably hear that I posted it from @fixyurdivot next time we play anyway.
  11. Pros started playing at an early age, taught by instructors using traditional methods, and playing junior golf at highly competitive levels. They practice constantly to maintain the skills that they have honed over the years. They are all very good putters or they wouldn't be on tour. I don't believe that any pro would permanently change to Heads Up putting. Maybe they have messed with it, and it could help improve their visualization of putts, but change... no. Heads Up putting will work for some people, and not for others. Why that is, I don't know. In my case I believe that anyone who "gives it a try" and doesn't commit to it for more than month, probably won't be using it. I practice Heads Up putting and I have been doing it for years, but at least at my course, I am the exception when it comes to putting practice. I rarely see anyone spending more than 5 minutes putting before playing, and I'm at the course nearly every day.
  12. LOL. OK, I wasn't going to do this, but my wife doesn't read MGS posts. (I read to her those that I think she would find interesting, funny or weird.) Many years ago, my wife played in a tournament with co-workers at a dog track course about 30 miles from here. They had really old carts and she got one of those 3-wheel carts with a steering handle instead of a wheel. She had never driven one before. So, strange course... strange cart. Well, before the tournament started she was driving the cart (being Irish, yes she was driving too fast) and got the single front wheel off the cart part and it hit a hole. The wheel turned, which turned the cart and the steering handle; tossed her out of the cart into some bushes. One of the guys she knew watched this happen, and said: "Ride 'em cowgirl!"
  13. Happy Birthday!! Party hardy!!
  14. Sky Mountain is not a long course, but challenging, fun, scenic, and reasonably priced. I played it quite a few years ago, and I would play it again. Hope you have a great time; great courses there!
  15. Happy Birthday! Hope it was the best!!
  16. I feel bad about moving up a Tee box. My wife is already at the Forward Tee box; nowhere for her to move up!
  17. Well, that didn't work! Maybe it only works for @sirchunksalot. I was chatting with my 81-year old golf buddy on the range today. That was the best part of my practice session!!
  18. Happy Birthday!! May you get your birthday wish... more birdies or less "others".
  19. Sounds like a lot of fun! Remember though, you are almost getting too old to have that much fun!! Just wait another 10 years!
  20. I used that shot a lot at my old course that had much tighter fairways and very little rough... just crap (dirt, rocks and weeds). I called it a "punch driver". Don't need it at my current course; driver on all 4 and 5 holes... and one par 3 if the wind is blowing.
  21. I like the HMBs, but the set I have are so much lighter than my gamers, and I'm having a difficult time adjusting. I even reshafted my Macgregors with the same Nippon shaft that's in my Bridgestones to see if I could hit them better than the Mizunos, which are a similar design and lofts. Well, I can! I like the heavier shaft. So, now I trying to decide if I should keep the HMBs and keep working on using the lighter shaft, reshaft them with the Nippons, or dump them.
  22. I guess when you get a sponsor invite to play, you better quit playing trash golf.
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