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  1. I think the more they play it, the lower the scores.
  2. Not wanting to buy a set which is what Edison wants you to do, I bought an Edison 49 to try out and replace my SCOR 50; both TK wedges. Personally, I don't see much difference in launch or spin, other than the grooves are new. Overpriced IMO; I could find several wedges that play the same for my game. I like the 49, but would have been happier if I had spent less money.
  3. Congratulations!! Hope you have better experience than I had. First shot, was a sore arm for 3 days. Not bad. I'm in my 2nd day of my 2nd shot; arm sore (about the same), achy all over, slight fever. I'm not complaining because I've talked to people that had it worse. Hope I feel better tomorrow... 9:46 tee time!!
  4. Thanks, my flu shot was painless but it was given by a doc, not some National Guardswomen (that probably hates old guys).
  5. His head was not into the round for whatever reason. But a lot of big dogs struggled. If there is no injury, I feel they should play. It's part of the game to rebound, and he could have had 3 great days and catch up.
  6. I am certainly not one to tell PGA pros how to play pitch/chip shots from off the green, but... I've been sitting here watch the broadcast feeling miserable after my 2nd C-19 shot yesterday. I cannot believe how many players seem to be playing a shot that they think will hop a couple of times and check up. Problem is, the ball isn't checking up for the most part and they have a long par putt. I'm not very good at that shot, but after a few times I would think they would fly the ball a little higher and shorter and allow for rollout. That's my stock shot; not saying I could do better,
  7. At my current course in over 5 years, I have never had an eagle putt. Other than an ace, I've had two eagles from the fairway.
  8. Where's the windmill and clown's mouth? Too easy!
  9. Nelly is right there. I also like Kupcho. One of the new young players I liked in a tournament last year is Yealimi Noh; maybe with a little more experience.
  10. The weather models have changed significantly for our area over the last 10 years. For 40 years the weather forecast assumed that the weather coming from Seattle dictated what weather we got. However, we are in the shadow of the Cascade Mountain range, so most rain is dumped on the western slopes, and we only get ~7 inches a year. Actually, most of our weather comes up the Columbia River Gorge from Portland and from the high desert in the middle of Oregon. The forecasters are actually very accurate now.
  11. I hung a net in a room behind my garage. Spent most of late 2020 hitting into in with high lofted irons 7i-GW. The net more than frayed; sent a ball right through it with my powerful 70 mph wedge swing! LOL. I suspect most netting will have the same problem with high spin shots. Have to learn how to patch it; got the kit, just need to do it.
  12. I switched to midsize a few years ago, mostly because of arthritis. Hands are not large, but my fingers are long for the rest of my hand. It takes a little getting used to, but worth it for me. Depending on your clubs, shafts and new/old grips, you may have changed the swingweight enough to notice the feel difference. If it's not much, you probably will adjust; otherwise you could adjust the SW with weights, or find a different larger grip with a different weight.
  13. Right now we can't even have garbage cans on the course, let alone recycle containers. We carry a plastic grocery bag tied to the cart for trash, but we won't have those available much longer. We have more trash blowing in from the supermarket across the street than is generated on course. I don't see plastic tees being a problem, even though I think they are more common now than in years' past. Most players put their broken tees in a collection tray. Maintenance crews do a good job maintaining a clean tee box every day, and this is a muni.
  14. Ditto on the Speed Queen. A little over a year ago we bought our new(er) house, and we asked the previous owners to leave all the appliances. They were building a new house, so likely wanted new anyway. Our old appliances stayed at our old house. Our old washer and dryer was actually quite new Samsungs without the agitator. I'm not sure how energy saving it was because the normal cycles were over an hour long. Our new house has older Speed Queens W/D and while the capacity is less, they do a great job. When we saw the previous owners after they moved into their new house, the one
  15. Monte. A few setup changes and make a normal swing. Can't be any easier than that. I went from a horrible bunker player to get a bunch of sand saves this past year.
  16. I'll let you know tomorrow. Had my second shot today. Tents set up at the fairgrounds; shot given by an Air Force women in fatigues. It hurt... jab and plunge in one motion. I got out of there before the 35-45 mph winds hit. I haven't heard that they closed it up, but I'm not sure how those tents would hold up.
  17. I know I shouldn't do this but...... There are several golfers in the "Still Aceless Thread" that probably don't have to wear two pairs of pants.
  18. I used to do the same at my old course; haven't needed that shot in 5 years at my new course. On one hole I was too far out from the green for a 9i to get there, and I had to get over a tree. No going around, and short was no good either. Opened an 8i, played it a little forward, and made a normal swing. Got pretty good at it, as I was behind that tree a lot!!
  19. I was born and raised in Oregon. My dad graduated from OSU in 1962 and got a job in Fargo. So, we packed up and moved. I was a day late starting the 10th grade, and the teacher introduced me to the class. One of the kids asked if I was from the South because I had a funny accent!!! We headed back to Oregon when school was out the next spring.
  20. @fixyurdivot Got the weather alert this afternoon... Active Weather Alerts WIND ADVISORY ISSUED: 2:34 PM FEB. 24, 2021 – NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE ...WIND ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM 10 AM THURSDAY TO 9 PM PST FRIDAY... * WHAT...West winds 25 to 35 mph with gusts around 45 mph expected Thursday and then increasing to 30 to 40 mph with gusts 50 to 55 mph on Friday. * WHERE...Portions of central, south central and southeast Washington and central, north central and northeast Oregon. * WHEN...From 10 AM Thursday to 9 PM PST Friday. * IMPACTS...Gusty winds co
  21. My BIL who lives in Seattle says "If you don'y play in the rain, you don't play much." Here in the Tri-Cities, if you don't play in the wind, you don't play much. I just think of it as being in a dry Scotland.
  22. Congratulations!! Go with excited.
  23. 10 day forecast shows Sunny and 50-60º, winds 20-30mph on Thu-Fri but looking good for the weekend!!! Best of all... no overnight temps below freezing!!! Spring is here... where's DST??
  24. Yay! Hope it works and you have more than a 30 day playability guarantee!!
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