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  1. I agree. It's a moot point because while a player may feel like they are swinging 80%, they are likely swinging at the maximum speed that they know they can comfortably control the ball. The point of the stat data is to show that there is really very little variation between their fastest and slowest swing off the tee; that is, about 8% difference between fastest and slowest. I'm sure all of them have more gas, but they swing what they can control. We all do that, I'm sure, but the pros are better at it.
  2. Kenny B

    Happy thread

    Let's put this in perspective... My wife caved in her Taylormade R7.
  3. My, you are covering a lot of Phoenix!! Ranch Mañana is short, about 6000y but it is a par 70 so holes are decent distances. If that's not an issue, I would drop Lookout Mountain. It has a few, what I would call quirky, holes that are played better after playing them a few times. Enjoy the TPC; I've played it several times, but always in the summer when rates are cheaper.
  4. Very nice! Glad you found a putter that you like and works well. I did the same thing a couple of years ago, and I ended up with the Ping Sigma G Doon that I was fitted for at Ping HQ. It's by far the best putter I have ever had.
  5. Stats from the PGA Tour website through the PGA Championship. https://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.02401.html This is Off the Tee radar swing speeds for the year... Average, fastest and slowest. The 92% is the slowest in relation to the fastest. If you compare the slowest to the average, it's more like 97%.
  6. DJ may think he's only swinging a 85%, but the stats for the year don't agree. He and the rest of the pros swing above 92%.
  7. Today is National Craft Distillery Day... so to honor the spirits, I am giving this offering from Portland, Oregon's Eastside Distilling a try. Very nice!!
  8. My wife and I drove the Acura RDX and the Volvo XC60; she didn't need/want a bigger ride. She liked and bought the XC60, but it was used, a 2017 model. I like everything about it but the seats, but I don't drive it much. She really wanted the Audi Q5, but the dealer was a jerk.
  9. So... do you like to play golf when it's 70º?? Where is the Normal High Temperature 70º?
  10. The members of the staff at my course are not inexperienced; they have been doing it for years. They know exactly what they are doing. The design of most teeing grounds aim you at features of the course, ponds, bunkers, big grassy mounds. When the tee boxes are aligned with the teeing ground, they point to trouble. Munis on the weekend should never have the boxes aligned anywhere but the middle of the fairway to speed up play. Most inexperienced players do not even look to see where the tee boxes are aimed; even some experienced players don't!!
  11. On my Monday 9-hole walking round with the old guys, I was hitting ball pretty well and putting decent; a good combination for me. I doubled #1 and bogeyed #2... not a good start but then settled down. Birdied #3, the #1 hcp hole, lipped out a birdie on #4, parred #5, another birdie on #6, par #7, bogey #8, and par #9 for a +2 round of 39. Headed back to the car and got a call inviting me to play on Tuesday at another club in town... a "high stakes" game of Wolf. Other than driving the ball well, it was a miserable round. I don't play the course enough to know its subtleties. I was the Wolf 5 times. First time was on the par 5 #3 and I managed a par to push with the other 3 players. The second time was on the par 4 #7 where we were all just short of the green and I bladed my chip (grass is so much different than at my course)... bogey, my fault for loss. The third time was on the par 4 #11. Good drive, second shot just short of the green, chip to 4 feet and par. One guy had a 10 foot pin-high right-to-left putt from the fringe for birdie. DANG him!!! At least I didn't give the hole away. The fourth time was on the par 4 #15. Another good drive with 110y to the hole on a severe slope back-to-front green. Put my shot 12 feet below the hole, slight right-to-left break. Made birdie. One guy hit his second shot to the back fringe, putting downhill left -to-right... made a 15 foot birdie. Dang him!!! But at least I didn't lose the hole. The last two holes are reserved for the player who is down in the game. I was tied with another guy, so we flipped to see who would Wolf #17 and #18. I got #17. Pin in the middle with bunkers left and right and narrow opening in front. My ball landed on the front (slight mishit), and a severe slope took the ball 20 feet off the green to a collection area. I chipped to about 8 feet, made par. One guy had a chance at birdie from pin high left in the fringe... missed, so I pushed. After all that I lost 3 quarters. So, I got to play a course that I don't normally play with a cart and with some friends for 75 cents. The highlight for me was watching the guy that called me to play... he shot 75; one under his age. One of the other guys owns a local construction business and has a corporate membership at this course. He has a normal group of guys who he plays Wolf with all the time... I'm a fill-in when someone is unavailable.
  12. The governor of Washington has declared a drought emergency for half the state. A hot spring and a snowpack 50% of normal means that farmers may be in trouble this year irrigating crops. Oh yeah... this same governor just approved studying the removal of 4 federal dams on the Snake River which provides water for irrigation and allows barge traffic from Idaho to the ocean.
  13. I can understand it if a tournament is being played, but for a muni on a weekend EVERY tee box should be aimed straight down the middle of the fairway!!
  14. So, just like Aimpoint... standing on the green, a golfer can taste the slope to see if their ball will find the hole.
  15. I have been using my SureOut for bunkers. I was horrible out of the sand because I played for 22 years on a course with no bunkers. Now I get out all the time. All of those big bounce wedges are great, but I liked the grooves across the entire face of the SureOut for those shots off the toe.
  16. Are you referring to a course that you play all the time, or when you play different courses? For me it's a struggle to read greens on courses that I play infrequently or for the first time. It seems that each course has something that influences the direction of a putt, and if you don't know what that is it can be a struggle to adapt mid-round... like in Palm Springs, everything breaks towards Indio and the Salton Sea. If it's a course that I play all the time, it's just a matter of getting the speed right. I know the speed pretty well in the mornings because that's when I play most often and I practice speed on the putting green before I play. However, when I play in the evenings, the greens are much slower because the poa annua grows pretty fast during the day. I play a little more break than I would in the morning. On putts longer than 10 feet I am focused on the speed and getting the ball around the hole; don't care if I miss low, and depending on how much slope there is around the hole, being on the low side is better than on the high side. I almost never leave a putt short on putts less than 10 feet. Confidence plays a big part on these putts; if you don't routinely get the ball past the hole, then most putts will be short and on the low side. Confidence comes into play when you know that you will make any comeback putt.
  17. Soon, it will all come together and the game will seem so easy!! Happens all the time!
  18. See... when that happens to me, I reach into my bag for an old ball.
  19. My wife and I went to Corvallis OR this weekend to see my dad. It's a 300 mile trip one way. Left home on Friday; came back today. I always play miserably after a road trip; sitting in the car for 5 hours. So, we went to the course around 4 pm to play 9 holes just to get the bad shots out of my system before tomorrow's walking round with the other old guys. Doubled the first, bogeyed the second and third. Poor driving and really poor short game, but that's what suffers the most after a trip. Things started coming around on the par 3 #4 with a par from the frog-hair pin high right. Then on the par 5 #5 hole playing 550y with a right to left wind, I reached the green in 3 shots (usually difficult for me) but lipped out the birdie putt. Three more good shots on the par 5 #6 got me on the green but missed the birdie again. Duffed my 2nd shot on the par 4 #7 and made bogey. Made a 25 foot putt to save par on the par 3 #8 playing 180y today. Really good drive for me, 240y on the par 5 #9; very nice 2H layup into the wind short of the water to 126y. Nice 9i to 8 feet and a birdie for a round of 41.
  20. "The ball that changed the ball." 'nuff said.
  21. The A-frame golf stretch shown is one of the warmup exercises for the SuperSpeed Golf training program.
  22. JB Holmes doesn't take a big back swing. Looks powerful to me. Maybe he's trying to speed up his play. Actually, looks a lot like mine... not that that is something to be proud of.
  23. Nice read! If you used your PE2 PW a lot, you will need the UW for similar shots. I'm assuming that you are getting the G410's in graphite. However, if you add specialty SW and/or LW, I recommend getting steel shafts. You want some weight in those clubs, and the standard Ping graphite shafts are fairly light. My preference is both SW and LW, but that's just me. If you really only want a SW to replace your Dad's old SW, then I would opt for a 56º/58º, and spend some time considering which bounce to get that would allow the best shots out of your typical sand, as well as other around the green shots. I use a 58º for most shots around the green, even in bunkers when they have minimal sand. My SW is almost exclusively for bunker play when sand is aplenty.
  24. Looks like the Air Force has a lot of time on their hands with nothing to do but play golf!!
  25. hahaha I knew I should have asked people for money to NOT pick Tiger!!! Who should I NOT pick for the US Open?
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