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  1. A 9 hole course will have ratings for each set of tees, so combining two rounds to 18 holes can be calculated. An 18 hole course doesn't have separate ratings for each 9 holes, so 9 holes can only be combined if you play front 9 and back 9. I never get a chance to play our back 9, so I don't ever keep an official score when I just play the front 9.
  2. GM everyone! Today is a special day for my wife and I. On this day in 2006 before we teed off on the 1st tee, I proposed to her. It was a date that I was sure that I could remember!! She said YES!! The next day... she asked if I really meant it. The rest of the story is we got married a year later on the 1st tee; said our vows, turned around and teed off... we rented the course for the day; drinks and food for everyone!!
  3. From our local police department today on Facebook...
  4. Yeah, that I understand. I used to play at a 9-hole exec course and posted each nine hole scores and GHIN combined them I did the same at my current course but I had to play each nine to combine them; GHIN asked if I played the front or back. As crowded as my course is now after covid, I have to make a tee time or join someone on the 1st tee. There are really no options to go off the back nine. I’ve played our front nine maybe 10 times already this year, but have yet to play a 9 hole round on the back nine.
  5. I always thought that two 9 hole scores could be combined only IF you played both the front nine and the back nine. I don’t know how you would combine two front nine or two back nine scores. What rating/slope would you use? In my case the front nine is par 37 and back nine is par 35.
  6. How far do you hit your SW? If it’s close to your AW, you might consider a slightly lighter or weaker flex shaft in your AW.
  7. Thank you @Golfspy_CG2 for your generous contribution to these pools! Your efforts are truly appreciated. Cut line : -1 Tiger's Score after Round 2 : -3
  8. YES! It appears that they want feedback, but the way its worded sounds like pro-walking IMO. Maybe they are looking for info on how many carts they need to have/maintain.
  9. Before a round I should start with my driver... maybe I will on Saturday. I take my biggest, longest swing with it and seems to loosen me up. I have been starting with a 7-8i. If my swing is on, I'm fine with all clubs; if it's not, I go directly to the driver. After 8-10 drivers the 7-8i are working good, I finish in the pitching area with feel 20-30y pitches using different ball flights, the head to the putting green. All this usually takes 30 minutes, then off to the first tee.
  10. The PlaneMate is a great training aid, but using it a lot will tend to restrict your backswing and slow you down. Only use it for a few swings at a time and then swing without it. Speed will come back. Good luck Saturday!!
  11. Any bright light bulbs about to graduate?
  12. We've played the Home Course the day before we played Druid. I liked it, but my wife didn't play well that day. She was invited back there this April for a Tournament of Champions since she is our club's 2022 Match Play champion. She would like to give it another go, but we have a Rotary fund raising scramble here and she is on the tournament committee. It looks like we will head to Seattle in early August for the Monte Scheinblum clinic in Snohomish. Monte is our instructor/coach. Depending on how I feel at the time, this might be the time to play Chambers Bay.
  13. GM everyone! Decent day today; cloudy but high of 63º; it's 44º now. Got some yard work this morning after my lawn was plugged yesterday. Then sit in on the community call followed by our annual meeting with our tax accountant... he's 6'6" and a 7hcp. His "little" brother is 6'8"... one of the reasons we chose their firm as our tax guys! #intimidation
  14. It's not the original clubhouse. The Elks had their lodge/clubhouse that goes back longer than I can remember. When I played there, it was a muni and the best view out those big windows. You could see people tee off on #1 and #10 and approach into #9 and #18. The restaurant had great food at very reasonable prices. The owner at the time brought in a huge oak bar from Wenatchee (I think) that dated back to the early 1900's. Then they did some remodeling and an electrical fire burnt the building to the ground. Sad! This building was built maybe 20 years ago. It's nearly a replica of the old building with an updated look. Although the course was never great, it's too bad it isn't as good as it was.
  15. All of the Seattle city course are good courses; I've heard great things about West Seattle GC but haven't played it yet. I enjoyed Druid Glen; my wife shot her best round of her life at the time (84) the day before she had back surgery at Virginia Mason. The best that I played in Seattle is Gold Mountain; both courses are good, but the Olympic course is the best. I haven't played Chambers Bay yet. I hope to play it this year; it might be my last year to try it. Not sure I have many more years left to walk this course; I've heard it's a tough walk.
  16. Welcome from SE Washington!! Glad you joined us. I had family in the Ontario, Nyssa, Nampa area but they are mostly gone now. I still have an uncle in Nampa. Never played golf in that area, except for McCall.
  17. Welcome to the forums! Glad you joined us!! I haven't played that far north of Seattle, but it is beautiful up there. My wife has some family and friends that work at Boeing. A good friend of mine retied from Boeing and moved to Montana to golf and fish. Last year he moved to AZ... now mostly golfs!
  18. Welcome from east of the Cascades!! Glad you joined us. I get over to your area occasionally; Played the Home Course, Gold Mountain, Druid Glen, Jefferson Park, Snohomish, and Mt. Si. Used to play with a good friend that passed away a few years ago.
  19. Welcome from 200 miles up the Columbia River!! Glad you joined us. I grew up in Corvallis so I've made the trek through PDX for many years. There are getting to be quite a few Spys in your area; I stopped in at Redtail and played 9 holes with @Vegan_Golfer_PNW. He plays with a few others mostly on the south end, I think.
  20. Since my course was closed yesterday for aeration, I thought I'd walk 18 at the course where I first learned to play 30 years ago. This course used to be in decent shape; a former Elks course, then the city bought it and leased it out. It's in a flood plain and floods most every year. To say it's a goat farm would not fair to the goats, but I was sure they would be open. They were, but to my surprise they had punched all the greens and they were covered with lots of sand. Temporary greens place 10-20 yards short. The pro (my first instructor) let me walk on for free and I saw nobody playing. Played in 2:15, but no putting. It wasn't really playing, but I used the time to walk a course and practice shots. They haven't done anything to the bunkers... And the fairways look like crap. What to some might appear to be dormant bermuda is really crabgrass (actually I don't think there is much difference). But HEY! It's golf!! sorta
  21. Well, they didn't think of everything! This morning the coffee was weaker than normal. My wife got back from a golf outing in Yakima last night after visiting relatives. She makes the coffee so maybe she didn't count the number of scoops of beans correctly. Guess I will have a third cup. GM everyone! No golf today; since the courses are all plugging, I'm having my lawn plugged sometime today. I have to sit around and wait for the crew to show up... wife went to play with her ladies group (course open up today).
  22. Happy Birthday @mikeanthony and @Rtracymog!! Enjoy your special day!
  23. Clearly, you still haven't figured out how to hold it correctly!
  24. Our lawn is not large enough to justify a riding mower, but fortunately I have a wife that LIKES to mow... what luck!! p.s. I still help out though.
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