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  1. Nice!! Las Positas was the very first course where I played golf while on a business trip to Livermore in 1991. While there for 2 weeks, seven guys I worked with were playing on Sunday and needed one more to fill out two foursomes. Crappy rental clubs... I don't even know what my score was, but I know I never made a par and don't know if I made a bogey. Went home and decided to start hitting balls on the range. Didn't play again until the next year... but I was hooked.
  2. Case in point... I had one birdie and shot 88 today. Fortunately, my wife had a not-so-good round and shot 91 otherwise she would have beat me. That hasn't happened since before I had my knee replaced 6 years ago. She would have if she hadn't taken a quad on #18. She needs bunker work.
  3. Founders Brewing Porter while I BBQ baby back ribs...
  4. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your very special day!
  5. So far 12/18. The six left are 7,8,9,10,12, and 17. I have 3 par 3's left. #8 is a very tough birdie, playing anywhere from 170-218 usually into the wind. #12 I aced two years ago. #17 is supposedly the easiest hole on the course.
  6. 3 birdies today and I needed 2 of them... both par 3's.
  7. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Interesting day today. Shot 79. The good news... I had 3 birdies, and I got to check off 2 more holes in the 2020 Birdie Challenge thread. #4 is a fairly straightforward par 3 playing downhill into the wind most days. I've birdied that hole many times over the years, but it had eluded me this year until today. The other is the par 3 #15 which has always been a difficult hole for me; usually into the wind 150-185 yards with trouble left and right. Today the wind was favorable. The bad news is that I got back-to-back doubles on #9 and #10. Woulda, shoulda, coulda been a very nice round.
  8. Great round!! Now you have to replace the Broke 100 badge with a Broke 90 badge. Congratulations!!
  9. The distribution of ages at a course is probably very regional and economic driven. The age groups for this poll doesn't reflect the age of golfers at our muni, and I expect it's no different at other courses in my area. While we have a group of juniors, most players during the week are over 50... way over. On Fri-Sun the age drops a little as people that work come out to play and except for a few of us "old people", the upper age groups stay home.
  10. So.... now what do I do with my white belt??
  11. I have been working on that one myself lately. I hadn't heard of "ringing out a towel", but I'll try give it a try.
  12. I remember January being "the rainy season".
  13. I'm guessing you either didn't buy it in the first place or sold it and bought something else.
  14. Congratulations Penny! Awesome job and an accomplishment to be proud of.
  15. Enjoy the day with loved ones, and if you travel, please do so safely. Please take time to remember that this holiday is set aside as a day to remember the men and women that gave their lives so we can enjoy the freedoms that this wonderful country was built upon.
  16. Welcome!! You are on the right track if you are watching Monte videos. I highly recommend lessons with him if you can do it. I went to his clinic in Seattle last year, and I was scheduled to attend another at his course in Irvine, CA before COVID-19 struck.
  17. Thanks for your input. I haven't yet. Still playing a 44º PW and 54º Callaway PM Grind. I'm glad you like it; it's at the top of my list. I need to get custom specs, and hoping I would see some sales coming soon. One of the players I'm playing with this weekend has CBX2 wedges. I need to ask if I can use one to hit my normal shots.
  18. LOL. I slow-walked to the cup hoping it would drop but my wife said "Pick it up."
  19. Welcome from 200 miles up the Columbia River. Glad you joined us.
  20. My wife, Brother-in-law and I went out after the rainstorm passed through this morning. Grass was soggy and had to take casual water relief several times, including the greens. None of us played well, and I never got into it after the triple, followed by a double. My BIL has only played once this year and was fighting his swing; that was distracting. He wanted to play the senior tees, so I did also. I think I was +8 on the front nine (might be off by a shot or two). I managed a +3 on the back nine even though the wind picked up to 15-20 mph. Funny how I shoot the same scores from my regular tees or the senior tees. My highlight was the drivable par 4 #14 risk/reward hole. I have never been able to drive this green in 5 years I've played this course, and I never even try from my regular tees. The senior tees are just enough closer and with the tail wind, I said What the heck!! If I hit my normal shot to lay up, I would have been in a soggy fairway. This is the wettest fairway on the course normally. I carried the 50 yard long bunker short of the green, landed into an upslope of rough and the ball hopped onto the green. I had an eagle putt!!!
  21. 4 Years... do you need to change your age group now?
  22. Congratulations!! I'll be looking forward to the next 1000. Keep 'em coming!
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