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  1. I thought he looks like the one to beat, but if the group struggles a little then someone from the next couple of groups could post a low number... snatch the victory.
  2. Happy Birthday!! May the day find you on the golf course!!
  3. Well, we've probably seen each other. I don't play in the gangsome. My wife was still working until this year, and she only got to play 18 holes on the weekend, so I play with her. I play a few other times during the week, but mostly practice.
  4. I'm in with my wife. We have a condo at Eagle Crest. I had better check, it fills up fast so I need exact dates soon. I like the Ridge course at Eagle Crest; the Resort course, not so much. If you stay in Bend, it's a bit of a drive; Redmond would be a better choice. Juniper GC in Redmond is nice, so is Aspen Lakes in Sisters. Not sure I could swing the pricey Pronghorn and Tetherow in peak season.
  5. It happens. Shrug it off. Get 'em next time.
  6. The professional game isn't broken; just changed. You will not see many short hitters on tour in the future; there are just too many good long hitters. Sure, talented young players ala Furyk/ZJ and Luke Donald will try because of the money, but there are so many players coming up that that hit the ball far that the short hitter will not be able to compete week in - week out. The short hitters will drop out, and the rest of the field will be bunched up. There will always be the Cameron Champs in the field, but everyone else won't be that far behind. This is the main reason we are seeing a spike in the average driving distance today. It's always fun to watch players hit the ball a long way, but I really miss the players that worked the ball. Corey Pavin was awesome!
  7. Are you allergic to the mole in the logo?
  8. Mine still works perfectly, but it hasn't been used much since last spring. I started back up, but may be making a few protocol changes. More on that later after I do so testing.
  9. It's good to know that the maximum swing speed for my radar is 144. I'll try to remember that.
  10. But I'm saying the new stuff won't be on the shelf IF the OEMs keep making it like they are today. The ruling bodies can't mandate that they change; they have to go along with it. My question still stands: What if they don't go along with it?
  11. From my experiences, picking the ball off the turf with thin or wide sole clubs results in similar shots when trying to hit a straight ball. It's more difficult to move the ball one way or the other with the wider sole clubs. Depending on the turf, a wide sole club may be more beneficial in soft conditions and Bermuda grass if the shot is a little fat. However, I think it's easier to hit a fat shot off a tight lie with wide sole clubs, but that's my opinion based on my experience. I agree with @chisag that most rough I've experienced (I've played all over the country) is not that difficult because the majority of golfers can't handle thick rough. From the typical rough I've seen, wide sole clubs and hybrids work fine and likely better for beginners and high handicappers. The ball will sit a little higher off the ground which means that the ball will get up in the air, even on a poor strike. If the player is good enough, the thin sole clubs... struck properly, offer the chance for better control when the rough is thicker.
  12. I feel sad that you don't have all the cart bridges that you need.
  13. I don't think that 99% of golfers will run out and buy new stuff that shortens their distance. They will hang on to their equipment or buy used. The equipment for the pros is free. Why should they re-tool for for that? If the OEMs take a stand, then the USGA and R&A has lost control of the rules.
  14. Not a never mind to me. Please don't make it ring with sound!
  15. You need to plan your off-Villages rounds better... check the weather!! Failing to plan is planning to fail.
  16. So, what would happen if the USGA and R&A change the equipment/ball specs and the OEMs said No?
  17. I saw it on TV, and was so happy that I took a picture of the screen and posted it in the Happy Thread.
  18. Well welcome neighbor!!! I retired in 2015 and play at Columbia Point. It's been about a year since I played Sun Willows... I should do it more as I get 1/2 off there with my CP membership. Let's get together for a round one of these days. My wife plays too, so you would have to bring a friend.
  19. Our course is pruning trees this week. Unfortunately, the ones that I think need trimming weren't touched.
  20. Since it was sunny today, just a little chilly, my wife and I decided to play. We also walked 18, unusual for her. We were paired with two 30-something brothers, one was a birthday boy today. Big hitters! The birthday boy had brand new Srixon Z765 irons with the barcode still on one shaft; steel shafts except for a graphite shaft driving iron. It was a treat to watch; he was very good with them. The driving iron flew my best driver shot... impressive. He was not as impressive with his TM M2 driver. I was even on the front nine with 2 birdies and 2 bogeys going into #9... double!! Crap! I was +4 on the back nine going into #18... yep! double again!! Just an 80, but I hit the ball well except for one shot on each if those two holes.
  21. Sunny today in the Northwest... depends on what side of the Cascades Mountains you live on. But spring could still come a little faster.
  22. Still open... under Legends Golf umbrella.
  23. I can go days without hitting my 6i, hit my 7i maybe once a round, and my 8i maybe twice a round. Other than driver, I mostly hit FW, hybrids and wedges. So I practice those a lot, but I recently started spending more time with the lower lofted irons because when I need to hit them, I don't hit my best shot.
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