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  1. Great points... as usual, especially about the SuperSpeed Golf support. I have to qualify my post that I don't rest between sets. I don't "take a rest", but the action of getting the pen and notebook open, plus changing clubs is probably 20 seconds. For setting up for the kneeling sets and then changing back to the double step swings, it's a little longer changing out the pad... maybe 30 seconds. I don't think a minute break would be beneficial. My fastest swings have come with the lightest club immediately after swinging the heavy club. I think a longer rest after the heavy club would not give optimal results with the lightest club, but I have no facts to back up that statement.
  2. Kenny B

    How'd you play?

    This week has been pretty miserable weather wise. Temps in the low 30's with a little breeze; sprinkles and a dusting of snow in parts of town on Monday, so my walking buddies didn't want to play. Today was much better; still under 40º but no wind and a little sun. My buddies called and wanted to play 9 holes. I drove the ball well... for me. Shot +1 on our front nine which is a par 37. I bogeyed #3 and #6, but had a tap-in birdie on the 550 yard par 5 #5 hole. It was an interesting round. I forgot my GPS unit, so I just played the holes using my course knowledge and had good guesses on numbers into the greens. Hit 5 of 9 greens; should have hit 6 greens except I grabbed an 8i when I thought I had grabbed 6i. A local squirrel eater...
  3. Kenny B

    2019 North West Spy Get together

    The planned date is July 12-14. It would be great if you could make it. It's been a long time since I made it that far north of Seattle, but I'll certainly let you know if I get up that way.
  4. Kenny B

    2019 North West Spy Get together

    I added you to the PM list for the outing in July. You are welcome to read and add your info if you wish. Hope you can make it.
  5. Kenny B

    New from SC

    Welcome from the Pacific Northwest! Glad you joined us.
  6. Kenny B

    Hello from Upstate SC

    Welcome from the Pacific Northwest! Glad you joined us.
  7. Well, I'm 71 and out of shape. I don't rest between sets; like others only stopping to record numbers. Even on days when it's below 40º, I work up a sweat wearing 3 layers of clothes. I haven't had any trouble with the kneeling sets, and I had my left knee replaced in 2014. Speeds are relatively consistent from one club to another and about half the time, my non-dominant swing is the fastest.
  8. Obviously, the USGA didn't think so either. I bet they wished they did a similar study or had MGS do this one a year ago.
  9. Kenny B

    Bunker Shots

    So, when in the sand... "hit behind the ball"? Now that I figured that out, guess what I do in a fairway bunker?! Arrrgh!
  10. Kenny B

    Bunker Shots

    Club face to the sky...Swing faster.
  11. The last couple of weeks I have been leaving it in. I like it. I have yet to experience a putt where the flagstick kept my ball from going in the cup. This last weekend my wife and I played with a guy that we play with often, and he pulled the flagstick every time we got on the green. Since it was just a casual round, I putted with it out. However, I did miss not having the flagstick in. I guess I got used to it. Didn't putt well either, so now I have an excuse.
  12. Here are my results through Level 2. After I started Level 2, SuperSpeed Golf sent me the Red club because I topped 90 mph with my driver, so I stopped using the Yellow club. I was getting essentially the same speeds with the Yellow and Green clubs anyway. Even though my speeds went up with clubs over Level 1 speeds with the Green and Blue clubs, my driver speed dropped a little... just like others have noticed. Curious. Last week I did the 3 sessions of Week 15, the first week of Level 3. I was going to do Week 16 this week, but the weather turned ugly, and I have to do the protocol outside. Doing the protocol in the cold is one thing, doing it in the cold with rain, sleet and snow is something else. Since I'm suspending the protocol starting next week for two weeks anyway, I decided to take another week off. So, I will resume with my second week of Level 3 when I return.
  13. Kenny B

    Riding vs. Walking

    My gawd that's a heavy bag!!! 11.6 lbs??? I'm too old to lift that into the trunk of my car!
  14. Kenny B

    Hip Kickers!

    My wife needs to see this, but she hates me telling her anything about her swing.
  15. Kenny B

    The Walking Golfer

    That's true to some extent. Depending on how much advantage my wife gets off the tee, either her ball or my ball will be further, but we will both likely be in the fairway. One of us will not be able to go to our ball because we would be in the way of the other. Yes, I see the pros playing with the bombers way out win front of the shorter guys when hitting their next shot, but we can't do that. If someone is ahead and maybe slightly to the right of us, my wife will pull her shot dead left trying not to hit them, and I will shank one directly at them. So, we sit in the cart until it's our turn (remember that when we play in Spokane this summer!). We also have one GPS unit between us which doesn't help either.
  16. It's an interesting article, and I agree completely with your assessment. I have played two of the courses mentioned in the article. The Coffee Creek course in Edmond, OK was not a private CC, and I was surprised when I heard that they closed. My previous swing coach had a golf school there; he has moved to another course in the area.. I played the Kensington G&CC in Naples, FL several times before all of the houses were built around it. An excellent course, but I could see that it was going to be very expensive to live and play there. I'm not surprised that as people in that gated community give up golf for whatever reason, the course will suffer. We had one country club in my area that had to go semi-private to get enough revenue to keep their members happy with the dues. Our one private CC does not have a problem, but membership is not constrained (nor ever has been) by living in the community. Anyone living anywhere can join. They limit the number of memberships, and you pay a fee to join (last I knew it was $5k but that was years ago), and if you want to join you bought your membership from someone on the list wanting to sell their membership; First in-First out.
  17. It's not that Aimpoint isn't mathematically sound; it probably is. I believe that it depends on a person's ability to see/feel the slope and translate that into the proper line. Personally, I don't feel the slope with my feet in a way that I can do that. Maybe if I spent the time and money on a class, but typically I don't have a problem matching up the line with the speed of a putt. It is a more of a problem on courses I haven't played, but there is more in play to read a green on an unfamiliar course than just the break you see... Indio effect in Palm Springs for example. I agree that Adam Scott has more issues, but every time I see him use Aimpoint and then his resulting putt, I think "What's the point? Try anything else!" But that's just me. If something isn't working, why keep doing it?
  18. Kenny B

    Pics from the course

    Except for the winter 2 years ago, we don't usually get snow. We will get a few flurries now and then but it's really dry and it just blows around. Only one day we couldn't play this winter... so far! But I'm headed to AZ this weekend anyway.
  19. Kenny B

    New Iowa Guy

    Welcome from the Pacific Northwest! Glad you joined us and thank you for your service.
  20. Kenny B

    2019 Sony Open thread

    Great win for Koooch!! He certainly likes the back nine.
  21. Kenny B

    Pics from the course

    NOT a beautiful day on the other side of Mt. Rainier. We are sitting in an inversion weather pattern for the next 3 days. High 35º Low 31º and foggy. Hole #7 shown My wife and I walked 18 today with another guy. First time she has walked our course. I told her I was going to walk because I can stay warmer than riding in a cart, even with a cover on it... no heater! Shot an uninspired 83.
  22. Excellent job!! Stick with sirchunksalot.
  23. Kenny B

    The Walking Golfer

    There are no courses in my area that require carts. Thanks for the list. I'm playing Lookout Mountain in Phoenix next Monday, and I know that is difficult to walk; played it many years ago. Also next week I'm playing the Arizona Golf Resort in Mesa; never played it before and the list says it's easily walked.
  24. My wife doesn't want to see anything on the ball when she putts, not even logos. But it's funny that she loses strokes each round putting and won't try a change in how she lines up or sets up to the ball. When we played in a Chapman tournament two years ago, I had to mark the ball so I could putt well, but then she didn't have a "clean" ball to look at when she putted. I am not a fan of Aimpoint. Justin Rose seems to do OK with it, but I've watched other pros use it without much success... Adam Scott is the player I most associate with Aimpoint and he could have won a lot more tournaments if he could putt. Lexi and Wie are others that don't inspire confidence in the system. It probably works for some, but I have never seen anyone use it in person.