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I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to check and reply to this for awhile but I just wanted to say that if there’s anyone else out there that feels like they’re in need going from rough to rough…you’re not alone.  Of course, I’m talking about life, not golf.  But the reason I’m posting this is because even though sometimes it feels like it’s never going to get better…it will.  There will be that one shot that reminds you why you’re in it and helps you dig deep and keep going.   I’m hoping that there are people in your life who are an encouragement if you are walking through deep waters.  

I was able to play a round of golf with my dad yesterday in the midst of my storm and I was reminded how many blessings I do have in life.  Golf is only one of them but I love that it gives me a chance to disconnect and be refreshed.

 I am a writer at heart and wanted to share a song (Lyrics)

I wrote that helps me focus on the positive and I hope does so for you because there’s always someone out there who can gain from hearing our stories…

Lemon Tree

When life gives you lemons

Plant a lemon tree

 ‘Cause life and beauty you can reap

Even from the bitter things

When life gives you roses

Buy a picture frame

And hang a selfie so you may

Look back and see your smile today


And when your roses die

Look in your picture frame

And know that things are gonna change

And one day you will smile again

And when your lemon tree grows

Make some lemonade

Make a bunch of lemonade

And share it with the world

Go share it with the world

I’m gazing into that picture frame right now and thinking about the smiles I’ve been blessed with and the ones that will come.  And I’m hoping that the lemonade will be sweet and refreshing once the lemons ripen and are ready to be processed.  For now, I’m holding on to the fact that the hard and bitter things of today may help someone else tomorrow.

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