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  1. Yeah it'll be interesting to see what the PGA says at the next conference but have they reached a point of no return? I feel like their ego is to big for them to do the right thing without them feeling like they are folding.
  2. Do y'all weight balance your clubs with the Arccos tags or thought if the weight the tags add effect swing weighting? The recent article (https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2022/04/19/arccos-gen3-sensors-shot-tracking-golf-analytics/) it mentions the weight of the tag which is about 6 grams. Wondering if this is something to consider before buying Arccos and/or if it should be included when balancing a club.
  3. Wondering if any of y'all have made yourself a mallet cover display rack or know where I can buy one. All I seem to find is for tradition blade covers.
  4. He wouldn't leave if he couldn't play in the major events. 150million rumored payout to join the Saudi Tour and still get to compete in the major events... no brainer. Pro golfers play to win the major nobody cares what weekend tournaments you have won, look at Rickie Fowler aside from his Players win.
  5. Wondering what the difference really is between the KBS 610 wedge shaft and the DG s400. If you guys play either or what did you notice when you switched, why did you switch and how has it improved your game? Hit’em hard!
  6. Never seen anyone where these except on TV. Several people I know have the FJ Traditions and say they are very comfortable
  7. Just got Bubba Watson new book, Coyne is on my list to read next!
  8. I naturally prefer to take a longer back stroke and shorter forward stroke. However I noticed that my miss is always to the right or I struggle putting on fast greens. Lately I started to new putting routine. I'll align my putter behind the ball then place it 1in behind the ball. I have notice that this has helped me control distance and hit through the ball. Going to stick with this method for the rest of the winter and see how it goes. I think some fitters/people recommend a longer forward stroke because this prevents you from decreasing putter speed at impact. I noticed that on simple 3ft-6ft putts for example my ball was sometimes barely rolling over the front of the cup. Where with my new method I am hitting the flag stick (if left in) or hitting the back of the cup. something "the pros do."
  9. I think he has every right to capitalize on the positive moment he has generated in the last couple of months. It also give us fans a inside look on what his day to day is like. YouTube is a great platform when used correctly. In his last video he talked about how he get 200+ ball speed with ease now but that it didn't happen over night. Great message for kids and anyone looking to change and improve there game. “Focus on the process of what it takes to be successful.” -- Nick Saban
  10. The real problem is the people that play game improvement clubs and not blades!!! Then they walk around the club house thinking they are so good at golf..... ITS OUTRAGEOUS! Who gives a damn what others do on the course! Let people enjoy the game the way they want too!
  11. Recently did a woods fitting and the fitter was able to get my 3 wood to carry the same distance my driver is carrying (about 260-270) off the deck. What are the chance if I do a driver fitting that I would see an increase in driver carry distance?
  12. The two weekend leagues I am in are walking only. I surprisingly find it easier to carry my bag than it is to push a cart
  13. Blind buying doesn't hurt. We have all been there we somehow ended up with a club in our bag that just works great for us. Whether it was purchased off the shelf, a hand me down or we found it at a great price and said "WHY NOT". I'm a big believer in fittings if you just can't figure it out what the issue is but I also believe fittings aren't a cure all remedy. If you are a full time golf junkie and constantly trying to really improve, I am sure you have put some thought into your blind buying before hitting the purchase button.
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