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  1. Hardest Course I have ever played is Bellerive, and it just happened to be the week before a Mid-Am event at the club. They had the greens rolling almost a 12 on the stimp-meter, and the greens were hard and fast. Shot 84, 14 greens in Regulation, and had 45 PUTTS. On the Day I played it was 92 degrees and we teed off at 1:30.
  2. I love my Titleist Tsi3. For years I have grown more and more inconsistent with Drivers because companies continue to make the heads bigger and lighter. Call me crazy but I just want the "traditional" pear-shaped head and some weight in the clubhead without having to add lead tape. Luckily, Titleist delivered.
  3. I agree with this 100%! I have started taking bands with me to the course and doing a "light workout" before I hit the range and it has completely changed the "on-course" adjustment I have always suffered from where it takes me about 3 holes to get going. I have been doing my rypstick training right after my round when I am the most tired and I have picked up 8 mph of clubhead speed, which is nice because now what I feel is a stock swing/swinging easy, is still 112-115 with my driver.
  4. Honestly if given the opportunity, I would probably just have two drivers or another wedge for specialty shots. In the past I have played like this on certain courses with having an 8 Degree, and a 12 Degree in the bag, but then having to go 52, 58 on wedges. On the other side, I have played shorter courses where I could take Driver out of the bag and add in another wedge at 62 or 64 degrees.
  5. I do the same thing with my 58 K grind (6* of bounce) and my 54 F Grind (14* of bounce). All Depends on whether you lean the shaft, open the face, change your stance, or use hands to manufacture shots or not. If not, then just find a wedge that fits your stock shot and work on hitting that from all different lies and conditions, along with chipping.
  6. WildcatGolf

    LEFT DOT!!

    I Put the Left Dash into play sometime last year and have loved that ball! So whenever I saw the left dot come out, I immediately ordered two dozen just to compare. Yesterday I played 9 holes all the way through with both balls and here were my takeaways: 1. Left Dash was consistently 5 - 10 yards longer per shot on carry distance. 2. Left Dot had a lovely mid trajectory that cut through the wind and even allowed me to hit a 320 drive into a 5-7 mph wind. 3. Left Dot had consistently more greenside spin and stopping power on one hop, stop shots and lower flighted wedges (less than 5 yards of roll all day). 4. Left Dot felt better on putts as it is much softer, but where I typically play the Left Dash it caused some putting inconsistencies. All in all, I feel that both balls work great for my game. The Left Dash is great whenever it is a warm day with little wind. The Left Dot would be better for a day like yesterday, high of 80 degrees, with more wind coming into play. Also, for me the course would play a huge factor in choosing my ball. If you need more carry distance, then definitely go with the left dash.
  7. So basically if we use process of elimination when comparing it to the Quad, you will get Angle of Attack, Clubhead Speed, and Club Path.
  8. Your explanation is spot on and the exact reason why I switched away from the 2019 T100/T100S. To me, I can hit the ZX7 about a club longer and I believe it is due to the feel difference and confidence hitting the Srixon's
  9. I have had the same issue with them and have had to switch to ZX7 in numerous different irons to create a consistent gap window.
  10. Titleist 905T at 9.5 Degrees with Speeder Shaft
  11. It is a Highway between Destin and Panama City
  12. First Name: Dustin City, State: Campbellsville, Kentucky (Birthplace of JB Holmes) Current Driver in Play: Taylormade Sim 9 Handicap: 3.4 Swing Speed: 110-120 Which Driver Would You Like to Review: TSi3
  13. I played the combo set for a brief period of time earlier this year and ultimately went back to Titleist because of the dispersion and distance control. The Apex's have a larger face and the flash cup technology so when you pair that with an Apex Pro 8 iron with adjusted lofts but no flash cup, it does lead to a distance issue from time to time between your 7 and 8. Here's a real world example, my home course has two par 3's on the front: #2 - 172 yards slightly uphill (about 10 feet), with a small green and helping wind. #6 - 181 yards drastic uphill (35 feet) with a narrow, long green and wind always in your face. The Apex Pro 8 iron was always my go to on number 2 and the Apex 7 iron was my go to on number 6. Here is my stats when using the combo set: 2 - GIR 70% 6 - GIR 25% Here is my stats after switching back to my T-100s 2 - 72% 6 - 76% Not trying to sway you in any way towards a different club. Just using my own experience to show you what can happen with that 7 iron being different. That 7 iron could literally range from 160 to 200 for me. I never had that problem with the 8 through AW Apex Pro's though. If you could find them all as being Apex then I think you would see less discrepancy in your numbers. Also, make sure it was a true Apex Combo set from Callaway and not one that was mixed and matched after the fact because the lofts would be jacked up, which is what may have happened with mine. For reference, when simply buying Apex Pro's the loft on an 8 iron is 37 Degrees, but with the combo set, it is 35 degrees. Hope this helps and happy hunting, bro.
  14. Thank you very much, I am glad to be here. My family has a place on 30a so I am down that way (usually, without COVID) multiple times a year.
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