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  1. Kiwi is a great guy to deal with. I have bought from him in the past .
  2. I was in the testing of this ball at yhe end of last year. My bad shots weren't from a defective ball. All of the ones I played ( 6 or 7) performed the same. I'm going to update my test, soon. It appears that ( for me) this is a warm weather ball. The feel and sound ( clicky) in cool weather should disappear in warmer temps. I'm not a Pro V1 player either, but I definitely can't play one in cool\ cold weather.
  3. I have always played Cleveland. This Christmas my Son and wife bought me some new Callaway wedges. I had been fitted at a demo day a few months ago ( just testing and messing around). Never would have thought those worked best for me. Tried several brands, but the Mack Daddy Jaws 5 feel like they were made just for me. 50°, 56°, and my lob is an old Cleveland. It will be replaced soon. The best grind for me happened to be the 'S' grind. Go somewhere and try different brands and styles. My wedge game wasn't as bad as I thought. Now, it's more confidence around the greens.
  4. I also like the Callaway balls. In real cold weather, the Supersoft is great. Something you might check is the Superhot. That Superhot is great for me. They used to have a 55 and a 70 compression. Not sure what the new ones are. The matte-finish ones seem to feel better, and neon orange, green, and red are easier to see. New price is $28??? but you get 15 in a box. They are on all of the sites that sell used balls. You might try a dozen or 2.
  5. This afternoon, I played quick nine. 58°-63° . Playing the Gamer on the last few holes, still couldn't get it to work with my driver, but the long irons came alive. There is a par 3 over a ravine that is always a problem to hit. My 5 iron went straight ( still couldn't get a high trajectory), and landed with one heck of a ball mark on the green. It really jumped off the wedges from 40-70 yards. It didn't feel as 'clicky' today except with driver and putter. I'm sure this is a great warm weather ball for me. My opinion on the performance is: In the price range : 1st) Cally Supersoft 2) Titleist Superfeel 3) Gamer The gamer seems like a higher grade\ better Noodle ball.
  6. Thanks, it really gave me more confidence. This was an accident. My Son said hit it a couple of times. The shaft was a Hzrdus Black 6.5 shaft. We had the Tensei already here, so it was put in and ( magic))!!!!
  7. I bought a pair of Callaway La Grange shoes. They show to be around $250 regular price. Rock Bottom golf had them on sale for $69. They are a size 14 M. The only pair left. My feet were getting wet in my Adidas mesh golf shoes. These shoes are SO comfortable. They feel as nice as my everyday Skechers shoes. They are really comfortable. Just check some of the outlets and places. You might luck into a brand that is marked down, or close out.
  8. I have jumped around with drivers over the last 10 years. Never buying the latest, maybe last years model. My distance had dropped from 265-270 to around 235-240. It didn't matter what. I bought a used ( like new). Epic Flash SZ driver. My plans were to re-sell it. I put a non-pro Tensei white shaft in it, and I'm back at 250?? again. When it gets warmer & drys up, it should be a little longer. It seemed my distance was gone for good.
  9. I have been using a Callaway Superhot all last year. Since November ( cold) the Supersoft has been doing pretty well. It may be the temps° but I'm getting a lower flight with these. Also, wearing a jacket over long sleeve shirt hampers my swing. The putting rollout of these are fabulous. Short or long. If I played it for a while and got used to it, the medium putts would be easier. This ball 'jumps' off the putter face.
  10. picture are showing up in reverse order. 1st is putting 2nd is chips 12-14 yards 3rd is pitches from 70?? yards as I walk up to the green. Closer shot of 70? yard pitches.
  11. Today was about 63°. The ball performed somewhat better than previously. 1st pic is pitches from 70?? yards. 2nd is close up of 70 yd pitches. 3rd pic is chips from 12-14 yards. Last pic is putting from 20 feet away. I think this ball is durable, putts really well ( once you get used to it), and has decent distance. Off the driver face is feels rock hard to me. Fwy woods are ok, and so are mid-short irons. Long irons, don't ever give a solid feel. My wedges are NEW, so they seem to spin pretty well. All wedge shots run out pretty far. The best aspect is the putting. Once you get used to the ball ' jumping' off of the face, the distsnce control of the putts are fantastic. It does super on roll, and following the break. More to come later......
  12. Any offers? Might split head or shaft.
  13. Academy Sports, Dicks, and some small privately owned golf shops. They may have launch monitors, all the different club specs, etc. but they just fit to what looks best. We to a Golf USA that does an ultimate fitting. He looks to see if you are compensating, or changing your swing to make something work. He also compares the club you are wanting to replace. If he can't find something better, or that will do what you want, he won't sell you a club. Sometimes he will make an adjustment to your swing, and have you come back in 2 weeks for a fitting.
  14. I play a Callaway Super Hot ball usually. The driver is a 9.5° Callaway Epic Flash SZ. Shaft is a Tensei White x flex ( made for???) stock shaft. My swing speed is only 106, but this combo works great for me.
  15. We have been playing in temps below 45°. The Gamer seems to fly straighter for me off of the driver, and fwy woods. It seems to have a lower trajectory that Chrome Soft, Super Soft, and Super Hot balls do. I just received new Mack Daddy 5 Jaws wedges for Christmas. Side by side, the Gamer rolls out farther, than the other balls. With iron shots ( 7i thru PW) , it had a very 'clicky' sound. These new Gamers are a lot firmer\ harder that the ones made 5 years ago. On the other hand, these are a LOT more durable. These have bounced off of cart paths, rocks, fence posts, and trees. They have marks and stains from impact, yet you can't feel any physical damage on them. While I don't shot shape, my Son does. He was having a little trouble working the Gamer ball. It didn't seem to curve, the way his Pro V1 does. Personally, the sidespin ( or lack thereof) helped me. Drives seem to rollout more, even with the wet conditions we were in. I did some testing on the greens against: Chrome Soft, Super Soft, Super Hot, Tru Soft, Tour Soft, Tru Feel, and Velocity balls. Using a Scotty Cameron putter. All metal face, and no insert. The Gamer had a 'Clicky' sound compared to the others. The Velocity was 2nd place with the click sound. As far as distance, the Gamer rolled farther than all the others. On a level green from 10 feet. All putts felt like the same impact speed and stroke. Other balls were 1 foot short, to 1-1\2 feet past the hole. The Gamer went about 3-1\2 feet past the hole. On longer putts ( same green), around 25 feet. Most balls were 3 feet short to 1-1\2 feet past the hole. The Gamer seemed to get within 8 inches of the hole, to maybe 1-1\2 feet past it. The Gamer had excellent feel on longer putts. It didn't seem to bounce and much as the other balls, and rolled true. On 3 foot putts, all were similar. Just had to be easy, or the gamer would jump off the putter face. We have some 60 °+ days ahead. I'll update then.
  16. Epic Flash Strong 3 wood. NOT!! Sub zero. 13.5 degree. Hzrdus Black Smoke 6.5 shaft 80 gram. Great condition. 9.5 out of 10. Has some grass scratches on bottom. Sold sold sold sold$$$$$$$ If you need more pics let me know. Or make reasonable offer.
  17. I'm gonna say 265 consistently. Sometimes I can reach a little more, but not to be greedy.
  18. We usually go to Golf USA in NW Ark. So many other stores just try to sell. This is the place that does fitting for Arkansas Razorback golf team. Robbie Newton is the pro\ fitter. He is always going to the Taylormade factory and working on designs. He's not much higher that the other stores that just let you hit some, and day this is best. Go to a place with a real fitter.
  19. I have to agree with this, and other previous posts. Just myself, and lighter shaft doesn't help. After thinking a stiffer shaft would help me, it turned out to be a heavier shaft was needed. Spending time with 60-65 gram shafts that didn't repeat was aggravating. Then, a teaching pro suggested a 70+ gram shaft in a (weak profile) X flex helped me. It just goes to show that everyone is different. Go to a real fitter. You'll be surprised, and thankful. Also, you want to take a few lessons that will help your game.
  20. I didn't take any pictures, but with just some quick putting comparisons, the gamer seemed to have a 'click' at impact with putting. With some chipping around the green it had more roll-out than the other balls. Balls we compared to were : Prov1, Chrome soft, TP5, and Callaway Superhot. When putting both up & down hill, the Gamer rolled farther with the same\ similar strikes. Putting, it was similar to the TP5x. When we get some warmer & dryer days, we will get some pics and distance tests. My parter for testing is my 17 year old son. He is a 2 hcp golfer, with a 124mph swing speed with driver. I hope y'all don't mind a 2 for 1 testing. Updates coming soon. (NOTE: This particular day was 40° F and was very humid\ wet feeling.)
  21. Before changing, go somewhere that has a variety of shafts you can try. I bought an Epic Flash SZ and couldn't hit it. I had access to a dozen different shafts. After about 10 changes, found the perfect one for me. Best driver ever for me. The shaft was the big deal.
  22. Hello, My Name is Jack. I live in central-western Arkansas. My playing time has been on and off for the last 25 years. With a driver swing speed of 105-108, this will give some relevance of my game. Usual scoring is 80-85 on most local courses. The usual ball of choice is : Callaway-Supersoft, Superhot,& Cromesoft, Titleist -Truefeel, NXT , & Toursoft, Bridgestone E-12. Initial impression Opening the package it seemed like an other ordinary ball. I’ve never really cared about the bling or a package appearance . In the past many great products are in ho-hum packages. The balls had a harder and less tacky feel than the older versions of the Gamer that I played a few years ago. Durability While there were carts path strikes, there were quite a few trees and wooden fence post strikes. In both of these instances the ball on received a somewhat dirty blemish that could be wiped off, leaving no scuff that could be felt. The cart path and rock damage was minimal. Performance With most of the testing done at temperatures below 45*, this seemed to affect the feel and distance of the ball. The Gamer did fly straighter off of the driver and fairways wood , both on and off of a tee. Being known for always having a high ball flight, this ball was somewhat lower trajectory. Not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, but could be valuable when playing in severe winds . Using new Mack Daddy wedges, these seemed to spin less than the Chromesoft, Supersoft, ProV1, & TP5. They were right there almost identical as the Superhot from Callaway. Side by side the TF Gamer has more rollout than the previous balls mentioned. While it not a bad thing , if you get used to it and make accommodations for this in your normal game , it would be just fine. In warmer temps and a softer greens this should shorten the rollout. While I don’t shot shape or even attempt it , my Son does. His draw and controlled fades were less pronounced. He had to force the desired shapes . With his desire for more spin, I rather enjoyed the amount of spin the ball has. It reduced my cut that sometimes turns into a fade at the most inopportune times . Not really sure about a definite distance gain because of the wet fairways, but I did get more roll out than the other balls gave. The sound at impact for 7 iron down thru the wedges have a hard clicky sound . It didn’t feel hard off of the club, but had a sound that compares to a hit that’s really thin. Chipping and Pitches Pitching from around 70 yards, this ball compared to the Superhot. Although this was done with brand new Jaws wedges out of the plastic, the Gamer doesn’t leave big divots on the green, just a small ball mark. I’m sure the moisture and low temps had a lot to do with this. Chips from around 15 yards seemed to do well with a predicted rollout. Putting When it came to putting, we both use a Scotty Cameron putter with an full metal face. When putting, the clicky sound became more noticeable . The only ball that compare to this was the Velocity by Titleist. Even then the Velocity was quieter. At 10 feet from the cup, most balls were 1 foot short to 1.5 feet past the cup. The Gamer went about 3.5 feet past the hole. This was with all similar feel putts on a level green. On longer putts ( same green) around 25 feet , other balls were 3 foot short , to 1.5 feet past the hole. But, the Gamer seemed to stop just 8 to 10 inches shy of the hole, and never more than 18 inches past it . With it’s hot putting power the putts around 3-5 foot should be gently stroked to get there. The short and long putts were predictable after playing a round to get used to the feel. The Gamer really shines on long putts Summary The Top Flite Gamer has areas in which it accels at . It is durable, putts straight, doesn’t spin very fast, and has good distance. The drawbacks for me are; It feels rock hard off of the driver face, long irons never felt solid, it seems to jump off the putter face. The sound compares to the old Pinnacle Gold from the 90s. Overall score I would give this a 10 out of 15 possible points. For feel it compares to a Titleist Velocity, or a Q-Star from Srixon. I have for years tried to play the Q-Star, but we don’t get along . I feel that a fair price for this ball is $20 or less. With the Callaway Super Soft around $20, Titleist Trufeel around $22, and Bridgestone E-12 for $22, they seem to be a much better price\performance ( for myself). Adding colors would probably help. I know everyone has jumped on the neon bandwagon lately, but a bright yellow or neon green would probably help with sales. *** Sorry for the late post, but an unexpected change in work has kept me away for a while. Pics will be added below soon.
  23. When I started playing, there wasn't an internet. You had to buy magazines, and wait a month for the next tips. I thought the local players that were really good was because the had the nicest\ most expensive clubs. Then, I found out from a demo day, those guys buy really nice clubs, because they are THAT good.
  24. I was referring to beginners. When they have an average of 120-125 for 18 holes, lessons for a few months can drop them to a 100-105 real quick. Usually by the time they get to mid 80s, they realize the strokes are harder to get rid of, and you can't buy a swing.
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