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  1. Callaway chrome soft and callaway warbird. Still have some prov1 from last year.
  2. I have reshafted a Callaway 4 wood and ordered a 7 wood head and shaft to put together. Hope they improve my game.
  3. Driver and 4h tommy armour, fw adams 5,7 irons maltby STi2 6-gw, cleveland wedges 52, 54. ray scott silver ray putter. So i say five brands,
  4. Thanks for the help, I will give it a try.
  5. I am starting to loss distance and everything is going right. I think I am swaying in my golf swing, Any suggestions or tips, would be appricated.
  6. Look at pinemeadow golf clubs, the yukon series available in many high lofted woods.
  7. I went to a tacki mac over size arthritic. I really like the feel and comfort of these grips.
  8. Thanks for your help.
  9. I'm thinking of changing shafts in some old fairway woods. I found some nice shafts, but wonder what is the difference between filament wound and table rolled. Which is best, or are they the same.
  10. I swapped out a 2h, 3h and 5h. Put in a 5wood and 7 wood and kept a 4 h.
  11. I think Kansas King hit the nail on the head, get what you like. It will make your game more enjoyable.
  12. I tee it at least 1.5 or 2.0 inches. high handicapper. But that works for me.
  13. I'm thinking I would like new FW's this year, looking at monarch. Maybe building a 5 and a 7, has anyone used Monarch.
  14. Driver TA-1, 5 and 7 woods Adams .4 hybrid. 6 - gw TSi-2 from golf works. 52 and 54 wedges and Ray Cook silver scott putter.
  15. Hello, I'm Bruce Hinman. I started playing golf 1964, played off and on for years. I live in Topeka Ks. Home course is Western Hills, I belong to great life golf and fitness. I can play on 7 courses in the area. My handicap is 18, some day are better than others. I love golf, play when I can. Being outdoors and trying to hit best shot I can. I like to read the inputs on the forum. I am retired. First and last initial and year I was born.
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