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  1. I really like using sleeves, except I don't use them for sun protection. I use sleeves as something I can easily put on or take off for a touch less/more warmth while on the course.
  2. I'd add a 3w. Currently the top of my bag is 4i-> 7w-> 5w-> Dr, but I do find myself wishing I had a 3w on some tee boxes where my Driver can bring trouble into play.
  3. It is illegal for a manufacturer to dictate what someone can sell something for... At least in the United States. That is why it's called Manufacturer's SUGGESTED Retail Price (MSRP). The only pricing rule that is legal is what price a retailer can advertise. Of course a manufacturer can turn off the tap if a dealer is being disruptive to the marketplace, but they must be careful to not dictate what price their product must be sold for.
  4. I use custom play number balls instead of marking them individually. The only drawback I’ve found is when hitting a provisional, as it can be difficult to differentiate between balls.
  5. First, I am a long-time fan of Ram Mounts. Their modular approach to building a custom mounting solutions is great; and they build everything in the USA. For these and other reasons it is no surprise i built a iPhone mounting solution for my pushcart. A lot of people complement me on this mount so I thought I'd share here. While this isn't the least expensive way to mount a phone to a pushcart, most parts can be repurposed to other uses if desired. The key piece is the Size "A" ball that fits in the threaded insert the umbrella holder screws into (RAM Part: RAP-B-379U-252050). This will be the mounting point that you attach your desired arm and cradle. This ball's 1/4" 20 x 1/2" thread works in my Clicgear but may also work in other push carts. If you do not have a threaded insert for an umbrella holder, or if you just want to be able to use an umbrella holder, I have used their Tough-Claw clamp base to just grab around the handle. For the hell of it I also included an image of how i repurpose Ram Mount accessories, and add a cup holder mount to build a solution for when I ride. Hope this helps.
  6. I agree. I’ve always bagged a 5w instead of a 3w, but have been considering picking up a 3w to swap in for some courses/conditions.
  7. I’ve tried one. It definitely adds zip to worn wedges, but I underestimated how laborious the process was and wouldn’t recommend the purchase.
  8. I’ll usually buy a new set of wedges every year and put the old set in my range bag so I have a practice set, and a gamer set.
  9. This topic is near and dear to me as fitting a full set of clubs in a cart bag, with a push cart, is a requirement of any car I own. Interestingly, I find sedans often work better than SUVs because sedans usually allow me to pace the cubs across the trunk behind the wheel wells. SUVs usually have much smaller pockets behind the wheel wells that prevent this possibility. A great example is my BMW 3 Series as compared to BMW's X3. For the record- The new Supra will fit a full bag of clubs and a Clickgear 3-wheeler.
  10. I totally agree with this comment. Its like there's a whole push cart bag category that's neglected! The OGIO I use when walking was chosen after carefully shopping for a bag that fit the Clicgear well. Luckily stores often have a Clickgear setup near the bag section.
  11. I'm particular enough to use a different bag when I push, than when I ride, and yet another when I carry (rare)... However all are Ogio. Here's how it looks when I'm pushing the sticks around.
  12. Hi everyone! I'm new here so I hope I'm putting this question in the correct area of the forum. I'm going to start using Arccos this season and I'm having difficulty finding reviews for using an AppleWatch for tracking as opposed to their Caddie Link accessory. Is the AppleWatch functionality both stable and equally usable; or should I buy a Caddie Link even though I already wear an AppleWatch 6? To be clear: Personally, my priority is a good user experience, and is far more important than saving money. Thanks.
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