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  1. I totally agree with this comment. Its like there's a whole push cart bag category that's neglected! The OGIO I use when walking was chosen after carefully shopping for a bag that fit the Clicgear well. Luckily stores often have a Clickgear setup near the bag section.
  2. I'm particular enough to use a different bag when I push, than when I ride, and yet another when I carry (rare)... However all are Ogio. Here's how it looks when I'm pushing the sticks around.
  3. Hi everyone! I'm new here so I hope I'm putting this question in the correct area of the forum. I'm going to start using Arccos this season and I'm having difficulty finding reviews for using an AppleWatch for tracking as opposed to their Caddie Link accessory. Is the AppleWatch functionality both stable and equally usable; or should I buy a Caddie Link even though I already wear an AppleWatch 6? To be clear: Personally, my priority is a good user experience, and is far more important than saving money. Thanks.
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