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  1. Notice my quote didn’t include any estimate of how much non conforming equipment is in play now. Instead I predicted that bifurcation will result in non conforming equipment will become much more common. Right now I don’t know anyone who admits to going out and purchasing non conforming equipment, but I think bifurcation will make the practice much more accepted. Non conforming equipment actually might even help the game build popularity.
  2. This is why the promise that only elite competitors will be impacted is poppycock.
  3. Bifurcation will probably ruin the already-limited interest in long drive competitions.
  4. I believe bifurcation will result in non-conforming equipment becoming more common and accepted by casual golfers. If bifurcation becomes reality, why would casual non-competitive players care if they had conforming grooves in their wedges, or an extra-capable driver?
  5. If I may use a pun… This is par for the course in business. Becoming profitable in the first year of existence is not common; and definitely not expected in this case.
  6. The divide has gotten greater among whom? The relationships with major championships has progressed; and I perceive a softening of the criticisms from the players. Even attitude among the media and average fan seem to at least stayed the same. Where has the divide broadened lately? My view is the divide is narrowing somewhat.
  7. I agree LAGP’s marketing is downright horrible. The street style marketing campaign doesn’t exactly scream high tech and high performance.
  8. I will add that my latest driver fitting proved a LAGP “DJ Signature Series” (and 8* TSR3) was the best option tested for me. I love this new build! i did also add a LAGP P Series SOHO to my new Evnroll too.
  9. Just like drivers; the oem LAGP Putter shaft *could* be different than their aftermarket putter shaft.
  10. LA Golf is anything but low priced. Their LA Golf Ball is going to be a heavy lift if it's priced at (above?) existing tour ball prices. It'll be interesting to see them bring these to market. As someone with two LA Golf shafts in the bag already; I'm a fan of the brand, but it's going to be a challenge to get me to move away from Titleist balls.
  11. For Christmas I bought my 81 year old father a CC fitting for new irons. I’m excited because it’s going to be easy for them to build him a new set that will greatly outperform his existing set.
  12. Basically an Evnroll putter plus a $400 shaft. The surprise was the custom paint fill was only $10!
  13. New putter arrived yesterday. This is my first time building a putter around fitting instead of the opposite. I moved to a mallet with a bit more toe hang. Built an Evnroll ER5vB with short slant neck, and a LA Golf P-Series-SOHO. Had the red paint fill changed to green to go with the shaft; and added a GFORE head cover. Really dig how the shaft darkens when viewed from an angle so it’s not distracting at address.
  14. Thought I’d log some pictures on the Internet showing Vessel’s Lux Cart XV bag fits and works perfectly on a Clicgear (3-wheel) push cart. Hoping this helps someone have confidence in this setup. I used to use different bags for riding and walking l, but the Lux Cart XV works great for both.
  15. Played Rock Spring in West Orange NJ yesterday. The place is on top of a hill; and it was windy. The wind coming off the left got in my head on the first tee, and I pulled the drive into the woods on the left side. This left me no clear shot at the pin so I punched out to the front of the green. Ended up chipping it in from 20 yds away. Nice start to my day!
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