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  1. For me, I look for someone who can explain things to me in terms I understand. Then, we have a chance. I generally have good eye hand coordination, decent body awareness, and will put the work in. I just have to understand why I am making said changes. I had a friend who had ultra fast tempo, one of the wickedest over the top moves i have ever seen, and really struggled to change it. He got what he needed to do, and i believe the instructor (same one i was using at the time) gave him good advice. He just really struggled to ingrain it at all. The reason i moved on from that instructor was: 1. He told me he was going to put some pictures and videos from our last lesson up on Coachnow and never did. 2. I texted him to ask for help with a driver fitting and he never responded to my texts. He had already helped me with a 3w fitting, so I thought a driver fitting would be good also. Guess not. 3. My friend above had also texted him to set up more lessons and was never responded to. So, I moved on. He is fairly new to the teaching game, and I felt like he was missing some fundamental flaws I have always had and just didn't have the tools to help me further, but I liked him and was going to talk with him next lesson about some of those specifics, but again, he didn't respond. What made it worse for me is I had sent several people to him, had always tipped him well, and we had played together several times. So, we had started developing a bit of a friendship. But, I dont have much tolerance for lack of response. There were times in the past that he hadn't responded and we had even talked about it, so this wasn't the 1st time. I just had to move on. New coach almost gave me too much to think about and I told him toward the end of the lesson, we needed to break it down as I couldn't have 5 thoughts in my head. So, at the end of the lesson, and in the video breakdown on coachnow, we developed a plan. We have had several exchanges since on coachnow so that I am moving in the right direction. I will see him again after I get these first few changes done. These are ingrained habits and will take me a bit to fix. I also think these backswing changes will put me in a better position and maybe we wont have to do as much on the downswing issues. I do admit that 30 minutes into my lesson with him, that he was giving me too much, and I can process a lot of info and have been a good player for a long time and know a decent amount about the swing in general, and my swing. That was at least a yellow flag for me, but I also felt it was my responsibility to tell him my boundaries also. It is a two way street. I told my last coach in our 1st lesson that what he was saying wasnt clicking. He gave me a different thought and explained everything differently and it clicked. To me, we have a responsibility to communicate back so that the instructor knows we are or are not getting what they are teaching. They should be able to re-explain what they are trying to get us to do or give us a different drill to do that clicks with us. Lots of words here, but to me, it is all about communication. That simple.
  2. Probably way less than your 790s. These are certainly players clubs. I have always preferred smaller heads, either blades, or cavities. I love these irons. Feel, looks, everything is good.
  3. Not really a club ho (maybe?) But everything in my bag has changed in the last 18 months. First, Maltby TS1s to replace my Snake Eyes 675B's. Then the TSW wedges to replace my snake eyes wedges. Then, fought 3w a bit until I put a G425LST in the bag. Been struggling with driver (Maltby STW, 2017 TM M2, OG TM SIM), so got fitted for the TSI3. I rotate some hybrids in and out but am now playing the 2i that I reshafted a few months ago. Got tired of 2 chips on holes because I was going under the ball with the TSW wedges, especially in soft conditions. Got the zipcores within the last few weeks. Feel really good about everything now.
  4. Yeah, not using an alignment aid is a no go for me. My alignment would be awful if I didn't. I also try to do as much as I can while others are putting.
  5. I have everything that is a candidate to be in my bag. I rotate a few clubs between long irons and hybrids. They are all listed.
  6. Has anyone had issues with these wedges on soft/wet turf? Here in Florida, we have a season where we play primarily wet courses (late spring through about now) and then more firm courses in the winter through spring. I am struggling a bit with the turf interaction on the 50 and 58 degree wedges. I dont feel like there is a lot of forgiveness there. I am struggling with that leading edge digging around the greens and on less than full shots. I am not a digger either. But, I have been dumping my fair share short and trying to play a more open face and use the bounce more, but I dumped two partial wedges well short from 38 and 67 yards with my 58 yesterday. Did the same on a 3/4 50 degree from 90 yards or so. I also remember a friend of mine who is a digger REALLY STRUGGLING to not hit these wedges fat on any shots. He pulled out his gamers and didn't struggle nearly as much. I really wish I could get a 50/08 and a 58/10 or 58/12 with this grind. I can take a 56/12 and bend it, but then I have either a 58/6 or 58/14 wedge. One is too much bounce and the other is not enough. Anyone else struggling with this issue?
  7. Thanks guys. I did get out and play today. Worst round of the year. Quad on a 150 yard par 3. Bladed a wedge over the next green and made double. Two doubles on the back. Hit 11 fairways and never missed into a penalty area off the tee on par 4 or 5 (usually why I take double or worse). 2nd straight day I had a massive blow up hole. Guess I need a break. Got out and had dinner with the wife and youngest son tonight, so that made up for any bad day on the course.
  8. We have been a Toyota family for years. Recently bought a 2018 Honda CRV. Love it. Gave our 2010 RAV4 to our son.
  9. Based on your shot pattern description, you probably need to get your swing path and/or ball position fixed. There was a time in my career where I had the same misses. Went to a pro at my course. She watched one swing outside then told me to come inside so she could video something. She had me diagnose the issue after one swing. My ball position was off the back foot with a 7 iron, therefore, middle to back of my stance with driver. She brought me inside so I could see it because she knew I wouldn't believe her if she told me my ball position was off. Another time, I was trying to swing like Garcia or Furyk and loop it back inside. Well, I was getting stuck big time. 3 video lessons from a pro fixed that. In both cases, a good pro was key to fixing it rather quickly. It took me a while to get it right, but knowing what I needed to do was quick and I saw improvement come quickly. In both cases I missed off the planet right or left when I missed. Block fades and big hooks were the norm. I was probably averaging 4 or 5 of 14 fairways. I have a friend right now who was trying to shallow his downswing on his own and with some YouTube tips. I told him when he started that he was going to end up playing army golf. Sure enough, he did. Dropped from about a 5 handicap to closer to 10 now. Crept into his once good short game too. He is about to go see my pro. Biggest reason I tell you this is that the right pro will see the issue and get you fixed fairly quickly. I have been there multiple times. I would definitely try to work on this in the off season if you can. You will thank yourself come spring.
  10. Right/right here. I play a PING Anser TR5, which is face balanced (only Anser model that is). I also play the ball off my left instep and tend to like to set up a bit open to target.
  11. I agree and though Adam came across like a jerk. Like Ryan said, they spend $75k a year for the demo wall alone. Big box stores give you what is on the fitting cart. TXG has rented a space (or two), bought equipment, and put everything on the line to open a business. They deserve to get paid. The prices for the equipment would likely need to go up to cover "fitting fees" in Adam's world view. Another point i have is that there are only so many people out there who are even interested in becoming a competent fitter and there are only so many hours in the day to fit people. You will only sell so much more. The fact that TXG is booked solid and has an extensive wait list tells you everything. There is a market for what they do and I assure you it isn't all people like me - demanding low handicappers. People want to feel like they tried everything and have something that will allow them to enjoy their hobby more and are willing to pay experts to help. I just bought a new driver from a local fitter who TXG has given a shout out to. He is the one who spent the money and took the risk. His time is worth money. I have built clubs for myself for 19 years, but no way could I have done the evaluation for a driver his investment allowed me to do. I gladly paid for the fitting and the club. I think that both a free fitting like PGA SS and others is fine for what you get. I think that should be targeted at beginners like what Adam was saying.. 2nd swing also makes money on trades so they can likely afford to give you the fitting as they aren't just selling new clubs. Plus, they have a large online presence. They have other revenue streams. There is no way my local fitter could afford what he offers without charging for his services. As a business owner myself, I applaud the risk he took and would never take money out of his pocket. MyGolfSpy took a hit in my eyes today. I was hoping for an actual discussion and not an "I am right and you aren't" diatribe. There are lots of shades of gray on this and it is not as black and white as what Adam tried to make it sound like. Also, let others speak. You invited them to be there. Quit cutting them off just because you disagree.
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