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  1. I have played extra stiff shafts for years and often ones that feel "boardy" to others. These (T6 and Avalon 6) are plenty stiff and I never felt that I was going to lose control with a stiff flex with either. Neither one feels boardy either. Robin nailed it with these.
  2. I LOVE the TS1's. Only club I have ever hit and the first contact (5 iron and not loose) made me say "wow, I need these!" I am building some for a friend who hit mine and loved them. To get the same feel as my sensicore shafts, we are doing x100 soft stepped one club and putting in the vibration dampening foam inserts you can buy at Golfworks. Not sure i could tell the difference between them. I would build one with a soft stepped x100 and give it a go. Stiffer, but playable.
  3. Here is my bag: Driver - Maltby STW 10.5 (hand picked at 10°), Xcaliber Avalon 6S, 45", D0 3 Wood - Maltby KE4 14 (hand picked at 13.5°), Xcaliber T6* S flex, tipped 1/4" more than standard. D2 19° Hybrid - Snake Eyes Quick Strike II, Xcaliber T6+ (older model), TS untipped to play softer (had this as my driver shaft before, it is a LOT of shaft). D3 22° Hybrid - Maltby KE4 Tour, Kuro Kage Black X hybrid shaft, standard trim. D3 Irons - Maltby TS1 5-pw, DG Sensicore X100, 2° flat, D2, 4 degree gapping from 6 through pw (pw at 44°) Wedges - Maltby TSW 50, 54, 58. 2° flat. D4 on 50 and 54, D2 on 58. 35.5" on 50, 35.25" on 54, 35" on 58. DG X100, soft stepped one club. Putter - Ping TP 5 Anser 33", standard loft and lie. Ball - Bridgestone Tour B X Grips - Golf Pride Z grip cord, standard size.
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