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  1. I recently swapped out my Srixon 355 7 wood for a Maltby 21° HyWay utility wood. Similar, but the HyWay is much easier to hit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I don’t currently game any Tour Edge clubs, but their Hot Launch ironwoods were in my bag for a few years. You could say I am a fan. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Both my 7w and my 3h. I just replaced them both with a UW which I do expect to use more. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I just received a 21° Maltby HyWay utility wood that I plan to bag in place of my 7 wood AND 3 hybrid. Assuming it works for me as well as my Maltby 4 wood I think it can cover the gap between my 4 wood and 4 hybrid as well as the other two.
  5. I tried a few of the new Cleveland Launchers at a demo day a few months ago and I was impressed. If I was looking for a driver at the time I probably would have ordered the Lite version. But I don’t need anything new at the moment.
  6. I would suggest trying a Lazrus hybrid. They are less expensive than all of the ones you have listed. So if you don’t like it you’re not out any real money. I got a 6h from them last Christmas and it has been great. Really easy to hit.
  7. I am usually inconsistent with my 56° wedge. But for some reason my 7 iron has been giving me trouble lately.
  8. PXG 0211 driver and 7-pw are my latest additions. Maltby 4w, 3-5 hybrids and sw, and then a few strays - Srixon 7w, Cleveland CBX2 50° and putter Lazrus 6h. I like and use all of my clubs. Though I am sure there is some overlapI am fine keeping them all in the bag for now.
  9. I have the ProForce V2 Black in 2 of my hybrids. It is a great shaft. Probably the reason I can even hit hybrids now.
  10. I could never hit a 3 wood off the deck, but I have had success with a 4 wood. So instead of 3w-5w I go 4w-7w.
  11. I usually play the Srixon Soft Feel in matte green. But I tried a Saintnine U-Pro yesterday and it was really good.
  12. I received my quarterly Birdie Bundle today. It included a couple of really nice polos, a belt, a couple of Saintnine U-Pro balls and a ball marker. I also went to Roger Dunn to see what I could blow some money on. But I didn’t find anything interesting.
  13. 56* - Other than out of the sand or on full shots I am hesitant to use it. Way too inconsistent. If I have to hit a shot over a bunker if the grass is even moderately long I can't use it. There's no telling where my ball will go. But usually it will end up in that bunker.
  14. My current gap is 42-50-56. I went from a 45 to a 42 when I changed irons. So far it is not an issue. If it becomes one maybe I'll add a 46 and remove something at the top end. But I doubt I'll need to do that.
  15. I usually start looking around every 2 years or so "just because". I don't expect much distance increase anymore but I always look for more draw bias to counteract my fade/slice tendencies.
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