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  1. In over 60 years of playing, I've played them all, many more than once. My experience is that it's not the arrow, it's the Indian. These days it's a 2014 Cameron Squareback with a Super Stroke Traxion 3.0 XL grip. I think the grip is just as important as the hardware.
  2. I was thinking about buying a pair of Adidas CODECHAOS golf shoes. They are on sale at Dick's. I'm strictly an Ecco's man. Five pairs. Euro 47's fit me better than US sizes. Ecco makes a great shoe. I don't need another pair of golf shoes, but I want one. I'm not sure the warden would approve.
  3. I don't have an equipment bias, I have a retail bias. The all the clubs I play with are purchased on eBay.
  4. I'm 77. I play weekly with guys across the handicap spectrum. Two years ago I moved up a set of tees and have enjoyed hitting mid to short irons into par 4's as opposed to 3 woods and hybrids. It's not a crime to grow old. Be thankful you have the opportunity.
  5. That's my bag (7 - SW), 5 hybrids. Go on eBay and get yourself as many Cleveland XLS Hibore hybrids as you can find. I have 5 (16*, 19*, 22*, 25*, 28*).
  6. You can't wear white after Labor Day. Don't own any, don't want any.
  7. 77. I no longer carry a driver or any fairway woods and haven't for some time now. Works for me. I carry a Ping G30 Stretch 3 wood (*13) adjustable, and 4 Cleveland XLS hybrids (16*, 22*, 25*, 28*). The longest iron in my bag is a 7i (Callaway Mavrik) 8i, 9i, P, G, PM grind 56* and 60*
  8. Driver is a Callaway Mavrik Max 3+. Same thing right?
  9. Just your average hacker here. My driver/fairway wood is a 13* Callaway Mavrik Max 3 wood. The only wood in the bag. Next man up is an 18* 3 hybrid.
  10. No more spiked golf shoes for me. They are pain the a$& to maintain. 6 pairs of Ecco’s “spikeless” EU size 47 which is close to a 13.5 US. Hard to find 13.5’s anywhere.
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