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  1. Epoch S3 “plastic”. Made in the USA from recycled renewable resources. Mower friendly and super durable. Have the height lines too. Love them!
  2. Post’em here if your looking to have an open tee spot filled by a MGS member. Anyone here in Twin Cities, MN wanna play golf tomorrow at 4 brooklyn park/maple grove area? Message me if your interested
  3. Anyone here in Twin Cities, MN wanna play golf tomorrow at 4 brooklyn park/maple grove area? Message me if your interested.
  4. Played the Triad on a whim today, they had some next to the register at check in. I enjoyed to ball a lot. It played to the same distances as I play the MTBX with no issues. Maybe a little straighter flight. I was shocked at how well it held greens for me, lot of drop and stops with my mid irons. The course was very wet today from dew, not soft though. Took 16 holes to dry out. Im not sure that the MTBX would have spun that well, that wet, FOR ME. Not a fan of it being a Wilson, but I bought a dozen anyway. Gotta see how they play when its dry. Played 16 holes with one ball. It saw 5 sand traps. Held up very well.
  5. Should get some pretty good control with those!
  6. Titleist and MGS knocking it outta the park again!!!!!
  7. MGS Bucket Hats, White in size huge head would be sweet.
  8. Sorry that its taken this long to update this. Its been an awful spring in Minnesota this year for golf, weather wise. I have about 15 rounds in with this bag at this point. Overall, Im happy with it. I love that its a cart bag with stands on it. I also love that the dividers are oriented opposite of most cart bags so when its on a push cart, the heads dont get tangled and there is no shaft bite. The full length individual dividers work great, as Sun Mountains do. I love that i can take the shoulder strap off the bag completely. There is ample storage as well. I have a full set of rain gear, 20 balls, 200 tees, 3 large golf towels, finger tape, misc snacks, range finder, 5 count cigar humidor etc in it at all times and it never seems cluttered. Winter hat and gloves fit easy when needed. Fits on the BagBoy Nitron like a glove!!!! The stand system works great. I have 2 gripes with this bag. The cooler pocket could be bigger. I can fit a small gatorade, water bottle and protein shake in it and thats it. Its barely big enough to work. 2” more, each dimension would be HUGE. The top of bag is also a little narrow and if you have a full 14 club bag, its a little more cluttered than id like. Its not bad, but could also be bigger. Overall, 8/10.
  9. This is fantastic! Thanks MGS and Titleist/Vokey!!!
  10. Lessons!! Another thing i would add to the list would be a wrist style gps so you know your yardages on the course, or a laser. I am personally pretty leery of radar based launch monitors indoors unless to have a TON of room. They are finicky and inaccurate in doors in MY EXPERIENCE (my space is 20x20x9.5). Outdoors theyre pretty close, but then if your hitting range balls youre numbers will be skewed compared to the ball your gaming.
  11. I have both. But the hybrids live in the bag. They get a little on the loose side but my miss hits are at least pin high. Just changed the shafts in them to see if it helps with the loosey goosey. What i have found, for me personally, is that if im not hitting my hybrids all that well, i sure as heck am not gonna hit my 4 well. I would also offer this. If you dont like it, dont play it. Confidence is huge. If you werent fit for it, it may not fit you in the least. Try something else. Go hit some other stuff.
  12. I loose 1.4 per round. The course usually plays the biggest factor. Slope of 125 or less, probably not gonna loose one. Slope closer to 145, especially water heavy, odds are im gonna loose a couple 2-5. My group of guys live on opposite corners of town so we bounce around a lot.
  13. Golfers elbow got me bad last year. Switched my irons to graphite shafts and wore a compression sleeve for the rest of the year. Still get a little tender if i play more than 36 in a day or 4 rounds in a week but amazingly better and more than manageable. This is the one i settled on.
  14. I use the Tour 3.0. The Tour line has a slight flat spot on the top but its very subtle. Not sure if its as subtle on the 1.0 and 2.0.
  15. So i pre fit my club today and im at D1 barely. To get to D3 i need 5 to 6 grams in the head. Has anyone thought about mixing tungsten powder with silicone and injecting it into the shaft? Would this alleviate the “shear point” concern since it would be semi flexible?
  16. Makes sense. Now its out there on the web for everyone else who gets confused. Sorry if this was a stupid question.
  17. I have a question and cant find an answer anywhere on the web. The Steelfiber tip trim chart says “tip trim should not exceed hosel depth”. Im trimming i95 .370 parallels. The reason im confused by this is that the majority of hosels depths out there are shorted than 1-1/2”, which makes the majortiy of this chart pointless. Am i missing something?
  18. So your saying that indoor golf lessons can actually transfer to real golf?!?!?!?
  19. No snot taken! I have little idea as to what im doing. I appreciate the insight. I dont have any issue with using lead tip weights, i just read that they are worse to get out later. Im just guessing at the 8. Im hoping little to none will be needed. Ive been messing with lead tape etc for a while. The plan is to rough fit and weigh and go from there. Im only gonna shaft 1 club and see how it goes/fits before i consider doing the others. The cork and powder creating a shear point is a good thought. Thanks for that one. Whats your preferred way to add head weight to these types of shafts, permanently, after testing with lead tape?
  20. Still gaming it? Does it fly straighter? Note to self, avoid G425.
  21. Oh duh…... I read it as OD of the brass. Brain fart
  22. That may not be a bad thing for this guy lol. Your link says .355”. That fits in a steelfiber i95 tip 3/8”? Seems big from what ive read.
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