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    Is Maxfli DTC?

    I would consider Kirkland DTC also.
  2. Everything between the 1st tee and the 18th green.
  3. I “blind buy” cause im a 35yo child and golf stuff are my toys, and like a child i get bored and impulse buy. I do make responsible educated golf purchases occasionally though too.
  4. I dont “over think” it. Im not sure you CAN over think it. Smart golf usually leads to good score cards. I DO however frequently have a cluttered mind thats filled with fear and worry, which gets me in trouble . I think the “hit ball, find ball, repeat” method works because you are calm and not worried, not that you arent over thinking it. But
  5. Tyler86

    Is Maxfli DTC?

    I said it is DTC. Because we all consider Snell DTC and Vice, etc. Vice is sold at walmart for crying out loud. Maxfli is made for and sold by Dicks. Just like Snell is made for and sold by Dean. Its no different. And I would bet Snell has a store front at the headquarters too. FTR Snell offers a great product from a great company and customer relations are fantastic there.
  6. No different than the group of Claw Bras!!!!
  7. Tyler86


    Ive been using Arccos most of the season. Around 40+ rounds i think. Absolutely love it. Customer support is awesome when sensors fail, not to often. Shot tracking is great. Love that it scores my round for me. Love the stats. It helps show where my week parts of my game were. Its not always where you think it was. I can look back at previous rounds with out digging through a box of old score cards. Its WAY better for pace of play than comparable apps that require you to enter each club etc on the GPS location. I have not used any Arccoss competitors that use club sensors to compare too.
  8. I have an SC300. In hind sight, i would have gone Mevo or Rapsodo. I doubt the accuracy sometimes, especially inside. I feel like 10+ yards off more often than id like. But even when its reading “off”, could be in my head, its at least consistent enough to show me when im puring my shots etc. SC300 is better than nothing, but maybe not the best option in that price range.
  9. Hahaha, yeah. I was asking where abouts in MN you reside.
  10. A lot of Fonseca cc’s have a tissue. NCs dont.
  11. @FlyingFin if you havent done so yet, go to the range! I would ask your buddy whos trying to get you golfing to take you. A lot of courses state side have rental clubs. Maybe borrow some old clubs from a friend. We took a coworker out for his first round last year, after a range session. He could have played just as good with Dr, 5w, 7i, pw, 54° putter as the full set he borrowed. Everything went about 90 yards anyway.
  12. I cant play in a hoodie. The hood flys around and bugs me.
  13. Snell customer service is top notch!!!!! Great business model over there.
  14. DSG by me had zero boxes of CS on shelf Saturday night in any color or combo. Just an empty shelf 7’ tall by 8’ wide. All three courses i played this week had no golf balls for sale except pinnacle. Said no Callway or Titleist balls till next year, hopefully. Bridgestone possibly before season end. Also, no golf towels….
  15. DSG was very low on Callaway balls in general today. Lots of BS and Maxfli
  16. I typically dont see to much delay on courses with 10 min tee times. Even with full tee sheets, foursomes seem to finish under 4 hours. But the 7 min tee times are almost always 4:30 or worse. Just an observation that i see.
  17. I had another thought tonight. Golf has been my way to decompress since before covid. But now, in these trying times, golf has been a huge key to me keeping my sanity. If full tee times all over the country means that there are that many people keeping their heads right, than bring it on. Lets fill these courses up!!!!! Even if it gets frustrating once in a while.
  18. @tommc23 you went wrong when you acquired the acids long before the debate of mixing them!!!! Just razzing! Smoke what ya like and like what ya smoke!
  19. @Shankster dude…. I got what you were getting at. I didnt read that the way a few did. Im not worked up. The rapid surge of new or returning golfers overwhelmed a lot of places. Im in MN. We have a ridiculous amount of courses here. When covid hit, finding tee times inside of 4 days was very hard to do unless you were a single, willing to drive an hour or more, or wanted to play twilight, and that was even hard to do. Its slowed up a little, but its still tough. A lot of courses have cut down to 7min tee times (from 10) with full tee sheets of newbs and “Claw Braws”. This has led to course Marshall's being rude and slow play. Its not everywhere but its common. I personally dont mind a 4 hour round and will frequently play 36 if the first was 3 or so. I enjoy being at the course and playing all day when time allows. I love to see new people and kids getting into it and golf growing, AT A PACE THAT IT CAN HANDLE. and before anyone says it, we are ALWAYS right behind the group in front lol. We arent the ones holding up POP.
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