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  1. I had this same experience. Then I got fitted again. After getting it zoned in to where it hits a 220-240 shot it became immensely useful. I tried tinkering on my own a million times but nothing made an impact like a good fitting… ensured my gaps were filled and made me feel confident with it off the fairway but also w the right rough lie.
  2. I was in this same boat… and started tinkering around with a 4w or 5w, different hybrids and all sorts of stuff at the top end of the bag… then I did a real fitting… and they moved me right back to 3w, 4h, 5 iron and all that actually needed to change was my shafts… got me great yardage, more consistent contact, less dispersion even with a lesss forgiving club head, and better miss hits… don’t tinker too much you’ll save tons of $$ with a good neutral party fitting
  3. Stronger lofts on modern iron sets necessitate this for me. I have a Mavrik Max iron set that I use the pitching wedge from (43 degrees = 140 yd club). Then I have a 46 (120-130), 50 (110-115), 54 (95-100) and 60 (utility) all Cleveland RTX Zipcore. With my yardage I’m in this range all the time so this way more sense than having a 4-iron in the bag… My 5-iron goes 205, and 4-hybrid 215-225. Is also say knowing the half swing, 3/4 swing, and full swing for all 5 takes a lot of guesswork out of my <100 yd game, which has improved my scrambling and GIR immensely.
  4. This whole thread finally got me to just pull the trigger on a fairway wood/hybrid fitting... currently my 21 degree 4 hybrid (R15) goes further than my 16.5 degree 4-wood (epic speed)... so hard to justify even keeping the 4-wood in the bag when I only hit it once every 8-10 rounds. I will post results from the fitting. I find with my driver distance I rarely need anything bigger than my hybrid (225 yd avg hit over last 5 rnds).
  5. Despite playing a regular shaft for driver and irons I play a stiff shaft for my r15 4-hybrid. I’ve dabbled w the Mavrik, an M5, and a SIM Max recently but life always takes me back to that r15.... even after a good fitting those others just don’t give me the confidence over the profile. an interesting piece for me w hybrids is its important I can hit it out of the rough and some of the modern more forgiving profiles just feel too large for me to get it through. I’m with You good sir they’re a great weapon!
  6. “Some models have a nice face” what a ringing endorsement. May also be the first time I’ve seen “happiness” as a characteristic of a golf club.
  7. I just love how transparent he is/was through all the coaching during his drought and how much he puts it on his own shoulders and that of his team.... easy to blame a course/clubs/conditions but seeing him putting in the work shows and talk about it shows why he deserves to be a fan favorite. Golf is ****ing hard haha.
  8. I moved from a 3-wood, 4-hybrid, and 5-hybrid to a 4-wood (16.5), 4-hybrid (21) and put the 5-iron back in the bag... I definitely like the 4-wood better than my 3 as it gets it in the air but still feel like it’s not getting it’s due... the 4-hybrid goes 215-230 regularly and has a lot less dispersion so it’s not getting the level of use I’d like
  9. From a yardage standpoint I’m told I should be on Blue tees. But frankly at my home course I think it’s tons of fun to alternate tees and switch it up every other round. Keeps yardages fresh and especially when replaying the same course makes life more interesting... the answer every pro has given me is, “where do you have the most fun?”
  10. I love my push cart cause I can put the whole cart bag on and have everything I need. It also is easier on my back and hips. Currently have the BagBoy Nitron and love it.
  11. These are all awesome suggestions! Yeah I already make sure my golf time never takes away from kid time. I don’t want to miss anything and I also don’t want them to associate golf negatively with dad leaving the house. The long lunch solo 9, par 3 course, and dawn rounds after daycare drop off are all in my wheelhouse. I’ve lost about 20 lbs in the last year golfing and have also found solo rounds in particular to be great for my mental health so working to find a balance that allows me to stay healthy and also not overfeed the golf addiction
  12. Due to some magnificent life changes I am finding myself with more 45-minute to 1-hour openings than 2-hour openings. With one kid in the picture in 2020 I have been able to play 18-27 holes per week and have just been doing all my practice on the course. Taken myself from a golfer who had never broken 100 to an 11 handicap in that 1-year period. But with the recent arrival of my 2nd daughter time becomes a lot more strapped. So now it is looking like I am going to have a lot more range time since 30-45 minutes at the range over lunch is a decent stretch (and a good range is 7 minutes from work while the club where I belong is 20). Any ideas for how to make the most of this range time? Ideas for fun drills to keep it light? Any ideas for a new (2nd-kid) dad looking to keep golf in his life? I know I will miss the feel of walking a course, and am working on some strategies to still at least play 9-holes each week. Appreciate any insight.
  13. I did a fitting last year and at least for 2020 SIM Max and Mavrik were considered similar SIM Max OS was more like the Mavrik Max cause of draw bias. My numbers aligned with Mavrik but my friend getting fitted in bay next door had his align w SIM it’s very personal (but also all very close usually)
  14. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? - playing since I was about 6. Handicap hovers between 11 & 10... but before 2020 never cracked 20. What do you love about golf? - playing by myself is meditation, playing w others is great social time. Exercise and meditation combined in one activity. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies?- love the reviews... have an unhealthy interest in equipment Where are you from? What is your home course? - suburb of Indianapolis, home course is Ironwood in Fishers What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? - best, elite designs are everywhere... 10+ Pete Dye designs within 30 minutes What do you do for a living? - economic development How’d you pick your user name - available
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