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  1. I am so bad at this stuff... Cut line +2 Low Amateur Neal Shipley
  2. Well, got it close again this past Saturday. #7 at Patriot Golf Club, playing 100yds, 9 iron. It had some bite in it and rolled back toward the tee box a bit to 4ft. Made the putt. I'll try again this Saturday...
  3. I think it was Phil who, when asked how to hit more holes in one (hole in ones?) said "Try hitting it closer to the hole". You are right Pedro, both skill and luck are needed.
  4. I'm not a real frequent visitor to the forum, and contribute even less, but I love the stuff you guys post. Been playing 15 years with no ace, close a number of times like many of you, but none that are memorable because they didn't go in. But now I'll have to start keeping track of just how close without going in. Which brings me to this past Saturday at Fox Fire GC at Par 4 Resort in Waupaca, WI. #11 playing 170 yards to a front pin. Somewhat ugly 6 iron, bounced short of the green and rolled on to 5 feet long (per Arccos, no tape measure in my bag, but there is now). Now I know 5 feet is probably a bit long for this thread topic, but I made the putt which is pretty important, right?
  5. Congrats to all the testers! You are the chosen ones to help us all decide if LAB putters are for us. Good Luck!
  6. Red circle around the number. Never seen anyone else doing this.
  7. Love walking! Have always walked 9 holes with a push cart on League evenings, but rode 18 holes on the weekends/special events/etc. My bad right knee has made me apprehensive about walking 18 holes. My Wife surprised me this Christmas with an Alphard Club Booster V2 so I don't have to push my cart, so I will try walking 18 this season.
  8. Leaving Superior and on your way east, George Young Golf is just east of Iron River, MI. And continuing east, Sweetgrass and Sage Run near Escanaba and Greywalls in Marquette are great.
  9. I have a coworker who lives on a local course and works for them on the weekends. His high-school-aged son works at the course too and walks the course evenings and picks balls. I have an agreement with the son that I'll buy Pro V1's for $20.00 per dozen. They cannot have been in the water (he doesn't waste his time fishing them out anyway), and I get to pick and choose. Knowing what generation the ball is from the alignment arrows, I only pick the newest and best condition. We're on the 3rd son now, so I haven't bought a new ball in 10+ years. And my golf buddies are buying from him too.
  10. Merry Christmas Everyone! She heard me talking about it, conspired with a golf buddy to get the right items... Alphard Club Booster V2!!!!! Yes!!! She loves me! Happy New Year!
  11. I use the alignment aid/arrows on my ProV1 and line up the flange line on my 5 yr old Scotty Select Newport 2 Notchback. Kind of like an extension of the line through the putter. Getting excellent results.
  12. I think all the nubers are important, but only to those who can manipulate them toward the better. Fitters, through their fitting process with all the equipment combinations available. Professionals/highly skilled players that have the ability to adjust their swings to hit numerous different shots (high/medium/low, draw/straight/fade) with the same club. And, perhaps to a lesser extent (on account they have to work with players like me), instructors that help their students be more successful with drills and practice routines. The numbers I pay attention to are ball numbers first; if the ball does what I want, then I look at the club numbers and remember to try to duplicate those. If the ball doesn't do what I want, I look at the club numbers to try to figure out why. The trick for both scenarios is execution (see my first statement above).
  13. We stayed and played at Lake Arrowhead in September, 2019. Less expensive for our higher handicap, fixed income, old guys group. But we wanted to see Sand Valley, so after our Saturday round we took the short drive there and took the shuttle bus up to Craig's Porch. Oh, be still my heart! What a view of an absolutely Stunning golf course. We'll get there someday, as it's an easy drive from Green Bay. It's tops on the "can afford $" bucket list, along with Mammoth Dunes with their generous fairways as T-Bone mentioned, again for the higher handicap golfers.
  14. I have a co-worker that lives on a course, and mows the greens on the weekend. His son picks balls from the course, separates them by brand and model and year when possible. Co-worker will bring me 3-4 dozen ProV1's, I pick the ones I want, and pay his kid $20/dozen. I pick the best condition and newest version (you can tell by the alignment arrows). I haven't played a new ball in 8 years. All the other comments hold true; lessons especially. Eventually you won't lose nearly as many and golf will be more fun!
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