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  1. I use the alignment aid/arrows on my ProV1 and line up the flange line on my 5 yr old Scotty Select Newport 2 Notchback. Kind of like an extension of the line through the putter. Getting excellent results.
  2. I think all the nubers are important, but only to those who can manipulate them toward the better. Fitters, through their fitting process with all the equipment combinations available. Professionals/highly skilled players that have the ability to adjust their swings to hit numerous different shots (high/medium/low, draw/straight/fade) with the same club. And, perhaps to a lesser extent (on account they have to work with players like me), instructors that help their students be more successful with drills and practice routines. The numbers I pay attention to are ball numbers first; if the ball does what I want, then I look at the club numbers and remember to try to duplicate those. If the ball doesn't do what I want, I look at the club numbers to try to figure out why. The trick for both scenarios is execution (see my first statement above).
  3. We stayed and played at Lake Arrowhead in September, 2019. Less expensive for our higher handicap, fixed income, old guys group. But we wanted to see Sand Valley, so after our Saturday round we took the short drive there and took the shuttle bus up to Craig's Porch. Oh, be still my heart! What a view of an absolutely Stunning golf course. We'll get there someday, as it's an easy drive from Green Bay. It's tops on the "can afford $" bucket list, along with Mammoth Dunes with their generous fairways as T-Bone mentioned, again for the higher handicap golfers.
  4. I have a co-worker that lives on a course, and mows the greens on the weekend. His son picks balls from the course, separates them by brand and model and year when possible. Co-worker will bring me 3-4 dozen ProV1's, I pick the ones I want, and pay his kid $20/dozen. I pick the best condition and newest version (you can tell by the alignment arrows). I haven't played a new ball in 8 years. All the other comments hold true; lessons especially. Eventually you won't lose nearly as many and golf will be more fun!
  5. I don't like to add alignment lines, etc. to my ProV1's, just a red circle around the number for identifying purposes. When putting, I use the alignment line the manufacturer puts on the ball. That said, the new ProV1 with the thinner lines is a bit more difficult for me to see with my 62 year old eyes. The last two generations (especially '17-'18 with the longer black arrows) were easier to see. As far as the Titleist script logo goes, I like it's clean, classic, unobtrusive style.
  6. I'm 62 years old and in reasonably good shape. I have a Bag Boy TriSwivel with a steerable front wheel. I like that I don't have to push down on the handle to turn. The steering can be locked to go straight (although mine drifts left a little). Walking is the best, for sure. To answer your 1st question, when I carried, I was always a little hunched over; not good posture, and the constant picking up & setting down got to be a grind. And your 2nd question; a number of factors led me to this cart. The steerable wheel is great. It folds to a 2' x 2' x 1' size in 3 very easy steps. It's a little heavy, about 15lbs, but it rolls really easy on relatively wide wheels. I use a fully loaded cart bag on it, probably the heaviest setup of my group of 8, but I like the workout. Here in Wisconsin the weather doesn't get too hot too often so that's not an issue. I see they are a little pricey; I got lucky and bought mine at a sporting goods store going out of business sale for ½ price. I've had it about 10 years, 50 rounds a year, and no problems whatsoever. One thing I would pay attention to is the push handle; get one that has the handle(s) angled downward slightly. That puts your wrists in a more natural position. The only thing better would be a motorized cart, but SHE won't let me spend that much! Hit 'em long, hit 'em straight! Mark
  7. Posted my round from yesterday, hoping most 3 putts is a metric, I had 4! Rats!
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