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  1. Easy. It was a gold, standard shaft installed in the original Cleveland Launcher. Never confirmed the manufacturer, but heard from several folks that it was Fujikura. Loved it. Nothing fancy, but worked so well for me at the time. Great club and proof positive there is no need to spend crazy money to buy performance.
  2. The new ball was recently released and noticed that nothing is mentioned about graphene. Did they drop it from the cover composition?
  3. Clean with towel after each round. Thorough cleaning every month, includes brushing crevices and waxing shafts.
  4. I have fond memories of my H.S. clubs too. I could really bomb that McGregor persimmon.
  5. Matt, Ian...two brilliant guys at what they do. They complemented one another so well. Ian owes much of the success to Matt and his implementation of the media plan. Both have a bright future. I wish them well.
  6. Pricing/performance to value is extremely hard to ignore. So is the quality control, engineering and customer service of Titleist. Nice for Costco to provide us all with options.
  7. I bought a dozen ProV's at Dicks a few years ago. All but the 4 showing in the window were used TopFlites. Noted that soon after they started sealing the boxes. Wish the folks that are so good at creatively scamming the system would harness that brainpower toward something productive.
  8. Been there. Had surgery last year and getting back into the game has been slower and more frustrating than expected. After 4 months of solid practice, starting with setup and half shots I am finally getting back to normal. Hang in there. Sounds like you have the motivation/desire to improve. The right practice, and maybe a couple lessons, will get you there.
  9. Or...wait 'til the old ones go on sale?
  10. I like how they hid the tech...like some of their competitors. Not a big fan of the open back with dirt cavities. Let's see how much they cost. Any T300 scuttlebutt?
  11. Anxious to try... Greg Chicago, IL Titleist 910 Hdcp 11 103 TSi 3
  12. So expecting consistency in fit and quality manufacture isn't being a good customer? I dont know about you but I expect both...and I also expect it reasonable for someone from customer service to respond to issues posted. I have been a huge fan of John Ashworth's designs over the years. But I've noticed similar issues with fit. Tough to depend upon internet purchases, and tougher to locate retail outlets. Linksoul ought to be jumping through hoops to make the customer's experience a good one. And we should not be criticizing a customer for expressing displeasure if he is anything less than satisfied.
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