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  1. Jereez, too may to mention far touch tinkering over the years! For me Macgregor VIP V-foil 1025cm Irons, nothing since has come close! Wish I could find a mint set somewhere, did see a set of new heads on the bay of e! For £800 more than I paid for them in 2004!
  2. Recently got fitted by PXG for 0211DC Irons, when they eventually arrived they were 1/2" undersized and C7 Swingweight! Mitsubishi MMT 70 regs. I'm 6'1", 200lbs C7!! Apparently that's what the fitted recommended but didn't say that so complained and PXG did a free upgrade. 1/2" oversize, MMT 80 Stiff. Even paid for the shipping back and forth. Great Service but suspect fitting. If the fitted had said what specs we was ordering I would have known then they were wrong? But After Sales Service since has been superb. Such so that I now have the 0211 #7 Wood #4 Hybrid AND Driver!
  3. Always been a big fan of Golf Pride MCC payed for years with them in black/white, but don't like the +4, too thick under my right (lower) hand... I have chunky hands and find thicker grips uncomfortable- more recently I have switched to Lamkin Crossline Std. As my PXG 0211 DC irons came with PXG Lamkin Z Grips which are almost as good, so match with the Lamkin Crosslines in the Driver & Wedges... Lamkin Deep Etch Pistol on my Rife RG1 putter too...
  4. MacMan

    ERG Golf?

    Sorry just checked the website mine were the X3's...
  5. MacMan

    ERG Golf?

    I had the ERG 3, badged locally by St Andrews Golf Co. But identical. Had KBS C-Taper 115 shafts. Very nice irons, softer feel, good flight etc... paid £600 but when I decided to go back to Muscle Blades (Cleveland CG1 Tours S300 Shafts) I only got £120 for them... for me the downside is the resale values.. but technically as good as anything out there??? But cheaper I suppose than a full set of P790's, Srixon ZX5 or similar... For me depends on whether you plan to upgrade or change short term, or plan to stick with them.....
  6. FIVE Ping G410 9.5° Alta CB Stiff PXG 0211 #7 Wood @ 20° Diamana Stiff #4 Hybrid @ 23° Cleveland Altitude 4 iron, CG1 Tour irons 5-PW S300 shafts. Macgregor MT Forged Wedges Macgregor P10 Blade or Bobby Grace M5K Mallet
  7. Hey BostonSal, good point in terms of getting VIPs refinished but the cost of doing it the UK is crazy! If I could find an OK set I may consider it. But since trying Cleveland CG1 Tour irons, also with S300 shafts I'm gonna stick with them. Uncannily accurate for dispersion, superb distance control. Form Forged feel almost as good as the VIPs. Surprisingly forgiving for Muscle Back Blade? Look nice too!!!
  8. 100% agree! My Bushnell Shadow GPS is good if I'm playing a new course perhaps, but is inaccurate on 5 of 18 on my home course. Rangefinder is way better on approach shots, mainly due for me to pin placement. Our 14th Par 3 can play 60yds different depending on which tee box, front or back, i.e. 145yds up to 205yds pin front to back... used anything from a 5 wood to a 7 iron?
  9. If Macgregor still made clubs like they did 20 years ago I'd be all over them! V-Foil VIP 1025 CM's Forged, S300 shafts, Cavity Back's 3-6, Pure Blades 7-PW +GW, SW & LW!!! BEST IRONS I HAVE EVER USED!! Schools out on the PXG 0211's, good so far, but not 100% sure.... Still keep going back to my Cleveland CG1 Tour Irons. Form Forged Japan Spec, 6-PW, DG S300... narrow sole low bounce minimal offset - Almost as good as the Macs!!!
  10. Did the same 6-pw superb! £420 or $620 helped my game, great fitting experience too. More importantly will spending big money help you enjoy the game more? I would say Yes!
  11. Too any list, at obvious expense. 100% agree with Range finder! But for me was switching from Cavity Black's to Players clubs primarily with narrower soles with less bounce, transformed my iron game, had same experience as one the other guys with a low bounce wedge, went to a Clevelnd 58.06° X-low Bounce. Seems I have a -3.5 AoA with my ⁰irons so the turf interaction was poor with Wide Sole Cavities as I wasn't able to take a clean divot totally opposite to what I was told several times in that past, or convention leads you to believe... Doesn't always follow the game improvement irons do actually 'improve your game' on that note, I would also add Trackman as it revealed swing characteristics that only the best fitters and instructors would have picked up on?
  12. Cleveland ZipCore 50.10° KBS Tour 90 Stiff - brilliant in the Wet, handy as I live in Scotland
  13. Had a similar experience, found my Srixon #3 15° was great off a tee but struggled off fairways, went to a PXG 0211 #7 at 21° much better off the deck and almost as long as the #3 Wood off a tee. the #7 Wood knocked out the #3 Wood and 3 Hybrid! Srixon Z-Star will stay, just for those bad driving days!
  14. Love a bargain, especially when they work! a lot of very good clubs out there that have been abandoned for the latest version, often for minimal gains, cosmetic or egotistical reasons!
  15. 100% agree, although I feel I am aware of what I am doing wrong on bad days I stop myself doing it! But the Pro I see regularly said to control tempo & rhythm... slow down and reduce the length of backswing this helps me restore the quality of strike, although does Rob you of a bit of distance. I then gradually speed up once normal service is resumed!
  16. Very nice set up! Just taken delivery of my PXG's... 0211 7 Wood 21° Mitsubishi Diamans 60sReg. 0211 #4 Hybrid 22° set to 23.5 MMT Reg 70g , 6-PW 0211 MMTS Stiff 80g all +1/2"... Liking them so far but bit early to tell for sure. Ping G410 stays in bag! Cleveland RTX-3 wedges... Rife Putter. Cleveland 588 Altitude 4 & 5 irons, Stixon Z-Star 3 wood. Shame the weather has turned here in Scotland as I won't get the chance to test it all! But looking forward to next season!!
  17. Great call! Someday everything! But for me it's the long game , not off the tee, fairways... either a long iron or fairway, including Hybrids? From 7 iron to Wedge not bad, driving OK, short game tidy putting average. But anyone from 170 yards upwards codes challenge my confidence. At 64 years I have lost some speed which doesn't help, even so it's always a challenge!
  18. Hi All. Wondered if any of you guys had purchased a club hoping it might work only to find its exceptionally good? My issues have always been long irons, sure I'm not alone! I'm OK with Airways but don't trust it like a hybrid or long iron. Tried various Hybrids with some success, notably Srixon AD'S from 2011, Ping G410, PXG 0211s, still felt something was missing? And always wanted a 3-4 iron... For long 2nd shots and long par 3's etc..... Found a "new old stock' Cleveland 588 Altitude 21,° with Actionlite Steel Stiff shaft! Holy Moly what a club!! Got to be the ugliest golf club ever made, but I soon got over it when I used it 4 times in a recent round from 190 to 200 yards, straight, or with a slight draw, flys as high as a 7 iron and as long as a 4 Hybrid!! 194 par 3 into 15mph wind, straight at flag and stopped dead!! Since got the 5 iron 24°.... Cleveland CBX Irons and Wedges also very good? Be interested if anyone else done similar!!
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