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  1. Is there any others they considered for slower swing speeds? Or that is the shaft they used for slow speeds? Why Srixon the Paradym not meeting expectations? Too high lofted?
  2. Update on testing the new shoes AND Trying to get on course: Weather was decent Sunday (60), so tried to get on the course. Not open. Too wet still. I did sneak a quick walk around the course to look at conditions - a rough, wet winter took a toll. Move onto the GC Quad for some testing inside. I may have gained about 5% ball speed if that much but the numbers were relatively consistent which is a good sign:My smash factor was up with the new Sqairz versus old pair by about .1 >>with new squairz velo I averaged about 1.22 with a neutral path; One measurement was odd = the club speed on GC Quad is puzzling I was carrying 110 to 115 but club speed was 70 to 71 ?? I think this number is not reality, perhaps someone with more sim skills can enlighten me? The ball speed was 87-89 which makes more sense. The spin rates were 6000-8000 which is where I am missing something in my swing. New Shoe observations: They felt like I was glued to the matt. I really mean it, and it threw me off at first while swinging, because I like to roll and slide my feet a little and these shoes will have none of that!! Once I got used to it, I performed better. I also still want to roll my back foot and it seems harder in these shoes - although they are brand new (which could get better with some breaking in). I will say the stability is second to none, if you are a slider these will cure that problem fast. The dispersion of my shots for 120 yard target with Pitching wedge was about 19 total yards, which for me is quite good. I will need to watch and measure this!
  3. I was thinking plus 2 which he is right on fringe
  4. Quick update: For those of you who have owned Sqairz in past, the problem of the cleats and sole picking up turf was an annoying problem. On a hopeful note, I tested last night on a rain soaked course and picked up very little. More to follow but this is promising because you keep the amazing contact with ground but dont walk around carrying 5 pounds of grass and dirt!
  5. I have both sqairz and puma. No separation on my shoes. Have held up well.
  6. I found the shoes you referenced. They look to be super comfortable!
  7. Unboxing and First Impressions: The shoes arrived while I was traveling for work (of course they did) and I just managed to unbox today. The box is as would be expected and the packaging is very professional and robust as you unpack. Bob and the Sqairz team left me a nice note with the shoes, along with some sox as a gift (my second pair of Sqairz socks) that are actually quite nice. The handwritten aspects are a nice personal touch! Like a kid at Christmas, I tore into the box and the reveal of the shoes was worth the wait! WOW these are some sexy shoes, was my initial reaction... A look side by side with my old shoes, provides a visual reference of the maturing of the Sqairz shoe lines. You can see the engineering team held true to the core aspects of what makes the shoe unique (such as square toe) and also improving the shoes in a number of key areas! Some immediate reactions as I took them out of the box: 1. The shoes are MUCH lighter. I need to verify but they feel a good 30% lighter than my old pair. 2. The new breathable synthetic material is much softer and looks very nice. 3. The patented square toe is there and used to enable toe and foot pressure transfer to the ground. It may be a hair smaller. 4. The lacing system is proprietary and I love them - they never come undone during a round. 5. The shoe feels more breathable, which was an issue for me on my old pair. 6. The cleats are a different material and I hope this will stop the turf swallowing on the course where I pick up lots of grass during play. 7. The dual density foam inside is much softer. Will be interesting to see how this feels while walking. 8. The smart traction looks the same, but the material feels a bit different. 9. I love the look of the new material. So aesthetically, I feel, this is a big improvement. 10. These look sleek, feel better but will I get 2.9 mph swing speed increase? I am not the fastest swinger - so this feels to be a challenge we will need to test! Some final thoughts as I went through this process today... I cant wait to get these on the course I will use the GC Quad to measure the claims of speed and dispersion I am very happy with the aesthetics and look improvements The quality feels outstanding I will do some initial tests tonight on the GC quad, but the shoes are a bit stiff as I wear them right now. We will need to see if a bit of break in is required before I track numbers. All in all, it will be exciting to put these shoes to the test and compare them against my old sqairz as well as Puma spikeless. More to come soon!
  8. Thanks for the details I will look them up now...
  9. Will look these shoes up - be interesting to compare technology. Received my pair today, will do a first impressions / unboxing later today!
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