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  1. I have attended one of there events on Facebook and now see how the transition numbers and length of backswing and hand speed all work together. I have reduced my over the top to - 1 to 2 inch under plane and lengthened my backswing by four inches. This caused a gain of 17 yards on driver hit!
  2. This is great news for the MGS community! I started at.2.2 to 2.4 tempo and now have hit as high as 2.8 in just a couple of weeks. The feedback really helps me as the 'feel' is always different than reality. As one of the ordering people off Ebay, yes fair warning as my device did not function properly. I recommend to use the main DeWiz website. As I lengthen my backswing trying for 48", I see my hand-speed drop, it will be fun to compare numbers with other MGS users. I also suggest Dewiz use MGS to trial the devices as you try to reach a large community. Perhaps talk to the MGS team on that!
  3. I am not a watch person and it is relatively comfortable and you only need to wear it for the session. It is not a fully functioning watch Regarding video - the feedback of the device is biometric/feedback on your wrist to help 'feel' to "real" where a video (having used golftec for years) would not accomplish.
  4. DeWiz is to send me guidance on the parameters and where/how to leverage them to the best outcome. Some of it, you can take too far - for transition I was getting to -2 inches and above which when I asked was not recommended. Here I was thinking the inside to out and potential lag that went with better slot drop would be progress but current guidance from them in more of a single plane or neutral transition measurement.
  5. I received the watch today. Easy to set up and take some practice swings. I just followed the quickstart guidance. I then went to specific practice to change my transition and after 3 bad swings, some adjustment and then 2 bad I hit 6 good swings in a row using the feedback. I set the level to 1 and that all I need lol! The talking feature is nice as well, as it informs you based upon the parameters set to practice. I still need to learn my numbers and tighten the parameters but day 1 practice session 1 a success...
  6. Dewiz did warn me about a counterfeit device that was sold outside of their process. With that knowledge, I recommend people go straight to their website to purchase. I told Dewiz to post on here as well. Just a warning to be careful!
  7. I bought it on ebay for 629 versus 699 so slight discount but I had to make an offer of 415 british pounds not pay now button!
  8. Please keep us informed of the app, the watch, your challenges and even coach thoughts on your progress. Very helpful!
  9. I did see it on Ebay, wonder if you made an offer if the price could be brought down!
  10. That was a great summary! Sounds like if you feel your broader swing is close to on plane and square but you need 'tuning' to optimize and shape this is a great choice. I dont like the thought of getting zapped - perhaps that is my own confidence. I do come out during transition at times and it is my number 1 distance robber! Does it have a video app or are you using something in addition that you already had? I may give this a try, price not great but it may be exactly what I need.
  11. Seems it may be complex to set up? Alerts are biomechanical? Do they actually tell you that you are over or under plane? Tempo - does it zap you when you are off tempo? Lol App - does it produce maps of issues and suggest correction drills? Having a hard time telling what it actually does!
  12. Bill from NC. 14 hc Srixon Z 565 Driver 12° Reg Srixon Z F65 Fairway 15° Reg Srixon Z U65 Utility 20° & 23° Reg Srixon Z 565 irons 6-PW Reg with ultralite shafts Cleveland RTX-3 Tour Satin V-MG 48°, 52°, 56° Cleveland Huntington Beach 1 Putter 34" counterbalanced weight and fat grips
  13. I'm a fashion nut with no allegiance Nike, puna, foot joy, old tom... under armor..it's a good
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