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  1. I might be too late for this years trip, but if not, for next year thing about Charlottesville. On the very pricey end Keswick Country Club (private, but has stay and play). In the expensive but still reasonable range Spring Creek (private, but i know a guy), Devils Knob (private, but has stay and play), Birdwood, and Old Trail. In the mid range Meadowcreek, and Stoney Creek. On the very cheap end and absolutely an adventure Swannanoa. All of these courses are within 30ish minutes of Charlottesville proper. Meadowcreek is the cville muni and they do a great job with what they have, on the shorter side but fun layout. Swannanoa is a cash only, BYOB treasure. It is on top of a mountain and has the best views of any course on my list. No distinction between fairway and rough, but they try their best to keep the tiny greens well kept. Devils knob and Stoney creek are apart of the wintergreen resort. DK is at the top of the mountain, SC is at the base. 27 holes at SC and its a solid course. DK is very challenging with lots of blind shots and uneven lies, conditions are immaculate, vistas on the course will disappoint as the HOA does not allow removal of any mature trees. Birdwood is apart of the Boars head resort, and UVA plays there competitively. Always in good shape. Old trail is good challenge, and always plays well. Lots of different hole styles and mostly pretty flat greens. I have never played keswick. Spring creek is the best of the bunch that ive played (i may be biased, cus i am the guy i referred to earlier). If i was to plan a trip I would probably start in Cville with Spring Creek, Birdwood and/or Meadowcreek. Then head out towards the wintergreen resort. Play old trail or swannanoa on the way. They both sit at the north end of rt 151 which is a lovely ale trail. Wineries, breweries, distilleries, and cideries line the whole road. Either get a place at the top of wintergreen or somewhere on 151 and finish your trip with Stoney creek and/or Devils knob.
  2. 1st Tie Breaker What is the Cut Number. Such as -4 and better makes the cut: +3 2nd Tie Breaker -Who will be the low amateur: Jasper Stubbs
  3. Very intrigued by this new feature. One of my biggest problems is losing focus on any given shot.
  4. Rahm will turn back into the ruthless matchplayer he is and secure the most points. American hero Rickie folwer will secure the point to push USA to its first victory overseas in some time.
  5. My biggest golf bias is that PXG is the best value in golf. When they are having their sales (which seems to be constant now) or you are able to use military discount nobody can beat the product you get for the price you pay.
  6. I will be in Dayton the later in July for work. I will have a free afternoon and was hoping to spend it on the golf course. Looking for a course that will have rentals available.
  7. Rhoback and William Murray are my 1A-1B. Rhoback has slightly better material and I love their polo collars. Some sort of stiff material so the collar always sits flat. Off topic but notable, they make a quarter zip with the softest material ive worn in golf. But it holds up to the course all the same. WM has better style options. They can get super wacky, just like the man himself. I buy a size down for both if i want a little more snug fit. Unfortunately both are a bit to pricey to make up my whole lineup, I usually get 1 or 2 a year for birthdays and holidays. Rest of the repertoire is a mixed bag of walter hagen, nike, puma, adidas, and UA i found on sale.
  8. 1st Tie Breaker What is the Cut Number. Such as -4 and better makes the cut: 3 over 2nd Tie Breaker What will Jordan Spieth's score be after the 2nd round. Even
  9. Golf is expensive cus you cannot just play anywhere with anything (I understand technically you can, but lets just keep the concept of an actual golf course in mind. Even the cheapest backwoods courses have some grass and an attempt at a green). Courses cost lots and lots of money to upkeep. I have seen lots of responses talking about the relativity of expenses to each person. You can get used clubs for a couple hundred dollars. Bags of shag balls at walmart. Play off hours. Well lets talk another relativity. It costs $10 for a cheap soccer ball. All you need after that are some friends and an open area. Disc golf cost $5 for a used disc and then you can find numerous free courses at parks. Stop trying to kid yourselves, and/or take a step back and look at the picture from a different perspective. Without being gifted anything, you literally cannot start playing golf for much less than $100. $50 for some rough used clubs, $10 for a bag of balls, $20 for a rough used bag (I guess you could carry all your clubs if you needed to), $20 for greens fees. If your passion for the game is that deep that you would continue to play for a long time in those conditions, i applaud you. Odds are if you really enjoy it isnt long before you are paying $50 a round to play a decent course, which if you play 35 times a year that is $1500. Upgraded to better clubs at a budget friendly $300-$400. Before you know it your spending $1000s a year. And that is without even considering the random frivolous purchases in golf like the astronomical price of golf attire. Now back to my other relative examples. If you love soccer you upgrade to a better ball for $50 , pay $100-200 for nice cleats every couple years, and $100-$200 or so a year for league dues. Youre in at around $400 a year for the same level of commitment as my golf example. Disc golf you upgrade to about $50 worth of decent clubs and continue to play for free. It costs next to nothing. Golf is expensive. No matter your income level or your amount of available spending money.
  10. This article is truly hilarious. Usually articles like this give some kind of mindset/strategy that low handicappers use that high handicappers don't. Or some stat about really zeroing in on one aspect of the game that truly any golfer can control with a little more concentrated practice. It took a whole study for them to come to the conclusion that better golfers have a better swing. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/golf-study-90s-shooters-70-shooters-practice-speed-clubface
  11. That is the same exact feeling i had. The author clearly takes some things way too seriously. Only about 5-6 of the 30 were truly passive aggressive things that i have never heard and was shocked that someone would actually say that. Most of these are contextual and totally fine if its with a person you play with regularly. The rest i think are actually common practice and completely fine. For instance if im playing on my home course with a visitor playing there for the first time, If they hit a tee shot that looks like its going into the woods, but i know its not, I will tell them it opens up over there and that they will be safe. I am not there to be your swing coach or mental coach to help you feel better about the swing you just put on the ball, but i do want to reassure you that the result is not as bad as you think.
  12. I dont know that I have ever used a ball long enough to see it get worn just from play. I am also not a great compressor of the golf ball so i dont think im putting a whole lot of stress on them. Much like a lot of people, I have balls for days the swing is just not working, and balls for when im really feeling it. I dont really feel the subtle differences in balls anyways. So I play a ball until I lose it. If it takes a really bad scuff on the cart path i may replace it.
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