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  1. Any of you guys ever heard of Dean Chitren?? I keep getting ads for Dean Chitren "Low 70's Golf" I just wanted to see if anyone knows anything about him or his golf instruction.
  2. I was in Athens last weekend, even brought my clubs.......was so busy running around helping my daughter get some things done and going to sorority "parents weekend" stuff I never even got to touch the clubs........going to get together with you one of these days!
  3. Thanks Guys!! I appreciate the well wishes!!!
  4. Kevin, thank you for starting this thread....this is where I have been for a month or so with my game but I am too stubborn (or maybe just not smart enough) to quit. Anyway, I have finally started to see some small progress but I am nowhere near back to my previous form. It is actually just nice to see a shot or two go the way I intended!!
  5. I know it's short notice but anyone going to be in or near Panama City Beach the week starting June 3rd??? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. For any of you that haven't already, try Xyzal....I was taking Claritin every day but switched to this stuff and it really seems to help
  7. Welcome Mr. Shankly!! Middle Georgia?? Macon area??
  8. Slazenger RAW!!....to quote what Joyzee said above......I would rather hit a rock out of the parking lot than these!!
  9. Hoping & Praying Penny continues to improve. Congratulations on the well earned accomplishment!!!!
  10. Do I "work" the ball??? Everything I do with a golf ball is work!!!
  11. I will be 51 later this year, 2 of my regular playing partners are 20 years younger and they love to give me hell about being the "old man" in the group!!....all in good fun of course!!
  12. I would like to mirror the comments made by Rev and most of you other guys, MGS is one of the best collections of people I have had the opportunity to converse with. You guys have always been genuinely helpful and never condescending, everyone may not agree with each other but they all seem to disagree respectfully. I have had the opportunity to meet Rev and let him give me a lesson on how golf should be played, he is a class act in every way!
  13. Mine didn't place but I still think it is pretty cool!!! Thanks to MBP!!
  14. I really enjoyed listening to this, it is pretty cool to hear some of the history of how Mygolfspy got started and was very informative about the way testing is done. More content like this please!!!
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