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  1. Welcome...from central Ma...played Butter Brook last year for the first time. Really really enjoyed it. Real nice track!!!!!
  2. First day of Spring.....First day out........18 holes in Connecticut

  3. Good poll. I am not as aggravated with marginal slow play, as much as some of other players. When it gets to the point of ridiculous then my BP goes up a tad. One thing I have notice is that at times golf etiquette is taking a beating. Slow players letting faster groups play through seems to be a lost concept. I notice that at my home course, and also when I play other tracks. That gets under my skin. On the other hand the prima donna concept bothers me too. That is when slower play is caused by a persons ability. And people complain about them, and treat the lesser player like a second class golfer. That's wrong!!!! They have paid their membership fee or green fees like anyone else. They deserve as much right out there as a scratch player. If you don't think so, then you have a problem. Enjoy the upcoming season for all you Spy guys and gals from the North. Also, to all you folks from the warmer climes, hope you are enjoying your season and YES, I am jealous!!!
  4. Ready golf for some, is when ever they are ready.
  5. Kevin E. Dudley Massachusetts 11 handicap All Wedges steel shaft regular flex PW Bridgestone GW Bridgestone 56 Cleveland RTX Good Luck to all !!!!!!!
  6. 1.. Been playing for about 50 years/ 11-12 handicap 2. Just love the game, itself. Competition and camaderie. 3. Enjoy the back and forth conversations. Some very interesting reading. 4. Dudly Ma. Dudley Hill Golf Course and Raceway Golf Course in Ct. Melody Hill in R.I. 5. Variety of different courses. WINTER !!!!!!! 6. Groundskeeper at local Insurance Company. 7. I didn't, my mother did.
  7. Cold here in Southern Massachusetts. Got around 4 inches the other day. Been pretty cold winter compared to last year. But very little snowfall. Hope it doesn't repeat last year with two major snowstorms in March. Getting itchy.
  8. I used a Bett Kuchar style for a year and a half. At first it was a little hard to get used too. I got it in the winter and putted down the cellar with it for a couple months. There's loft to the blade , due to the increased length. That being said a forward press is needed. I started out putting very well with it. Then in year 2, things got progressively worse. By May, I was back to putting my original way. Must say was putting better. I had bought the Kuch used, and looking back, I think it was too long. If I was made of money, I might get another shorter version and try it again. Only if my current putter goes south. Good Luck.
  9. I suspect this rule has to do with the dreaded issue "Pace of Play"...For the Pros it might quicken the pace. For us, I don't know. If you have your morning foursome, all agree to putt with flag in, it should quicken the pace. What if 2 out of the four want in and 2 want out. How in the name of sweet Jesus does that quicken pace. With no caddies, 4 guys will be scrambling for the flag to put it in or take it out. While I think some of the new rules are good, flag in and knee height drop are just plain stupid.
  10. Sorry, to all you fitness guys...I'm 61 years old, actively work out side, am not overweight. Have stopped smoking for about 6 months now. So, for me its RIDE BABY RIDE!!!!!!
  11. I really like the medium sized Winn Dri Tac's.........Started on my driver..last year had the whold bag re-gripped. Nice feel, and a little spongy for old fingers. Highly recommended by me and Butch Harmon. But, Butch gets paid for his endorsement.
  12. I'm a Bridgestone/Titleist guy ......
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