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  1. I started out with interlock and then switched to overlap and havent looked back. I originally went to interlock because thats what Tiger and Jack did, so I figured that must be the best way. I find that with interlock, while it does really lock my hands together, it also limits my wrist hinge. Also, supposedly overlap is better because it takes 1 of your fingers of your dominant hand off of the club, so it makes you hands work together better. Supposedly.
  2. I'll be honest, my first round this year was last weekend and I totally forgot about leaving the pin in. I took the pin out on the first hole and then noticed others on the course were leaving the pin in and I was like, "oh yeah, I forgot we dont have to do that anymore."
  3. What does the Titleist do that is any different than what every other OEM is doing? Take Titleist's best and compare it to what Callaway and Taylormade are doing and you see nothing special from Titleist. I used to be a pretty big Titleist fanboy. The 1st set of namebrand irons I ever bought was a set of DCI 981s and to this day I still enjoy playing them from time to time because they are such beautiful, classic-looking, sweet irons. A couple years ago, I bought a set of AP1s and really wanted to like them but they were just awful.
  4. They may be winning on tour but you could take those same players, put any other gear in their bag and they would still win. Titleist makes good gear but IMO they rely too much on their brand image and too little on actual innovation or quality. Ever since Titleist got bought by FILA they have been coasting and resting on their laurels, IMO.
  5. I honestly couldnt care less either way. If he does, good for him and it will great to see history being made, if he doesnt, he still will have had a great career and you could still make a case for him being the GOAT.
  6. I think that, "good" can be a very different thing to different people. For some, "good" means breaking 100, for others that might mean breaking 90, 80 or 70. IMO, most of us never really feel that we ever are good at golf. When people hear that Im a golfer and they ask me if Im good at it, I always tell them that Im just, "OK" and that if I really were any good at it, Id be playing golf for a living instead of working a normal job. Anyways, to answer your question, it took me probably about 5 years to get where I felt like I knew what I was doing. Much of it for me was my mental game and learning how to cope with the ups and downs that we all encounter on the course. I started playing golf when I was in my late teens, so part of that was simply growing up, gaining self confidence and learning that having a bad round of golf isnt that big of a deal.
  7. Hogan irons are legit. I dont have a set but a couple years ago I was gaming their wedges and hybrid, as well as demoing their irons. The VKTR hybrid didnt work for me. I just could never develop a good feel for it.
  8. I dont buy that blades are better for shot shaping. Any time you hit a round object with a square obeject, you are going to impart spin on the round obeject and you get shot shaping. The design of the square object doesnt really matter.
  9. I used to be brand loyal but nowdays I just use whatever I like. Brand doesnt really matter because these companies arent paying me to use their stuff and because theyre all made in the same foundries in China anyways.
  10. That makes more sense. I took it like you were saying that if players want to play slow, they just will and if they get penalties, they simply will stop showing up for tournaments. Honestly, if I were a tour pro and I got grouped with BDC, Id subtley heckle him about playing slow. Id make snide little comments like, "while we're young" or "any day now". Then, if he and I got into a spat, Id make it clear to any reporter who wanted to ask me exactly what the problem was. The tour could police itself and when his peers are all getting on him, maybe BDC would realize that he actually isnt entitled to take all day.
  11. The tour isnt owned by the players. They have to play within the rules that the USGA and R&A set, just like everyone else. What are they all going to do, quit and go get real jobs? As much as these guys may whine about how hard the life of a tour pro is (and it is very hard for many of them), it still beats working on the line in a factory or sitting in a cubicle every day. Thats where the problem lies: people see it on TV and they think, "well, if the pros do it, then I have to do it."
  12. People have been complaining about this for years. It is a problem though when you have young players like BDC who think they are entitled to take as long as they want and that it somehow provides a greater entertainment value to the fans. You dont need to take as long as he takes to hit a shot, especially when youre a pro who knows exactly how far you hit in club and what is going to happen in any situation. See it, hit it, move on. Part of the problem with him, I think, is that he isnt very efficient in how he plans his shots. All the time he wastes talking with his caddie when its hit turn to hit (instead of making a plan as he is walking to his ball or waiting to hit) and trying to analyze all this data that really doesnt matter all that much. I mean, when youre trying to analyze air density; its time to get a grip. IMO, the easy way to fix this would be to implement a shot clock. Make it something like 45 or 60 seconds and if you go over, even by 1 second, its a 1 stroke penalty. When players like BDC are getting 10 or 20 penalty strokes per round for being slow, they will get their act together.
  13. So why havent you gone to the Toyota dealership yet??? LOL
  14. Thats interesting. I wouldnt jump to a negative conclusion about it. I mean, Honma got bought out by a Chinese firm and look how well they are doing.
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