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    Stix Golf


    This will be a very interesting test...     New companies vying for a piece of the market ....    Thanks for the opportunity.   

  1. Having done club building and repair from back when we did bulge and roll faces on persimmon and laminated heads with cycolac inserts, regrooving and refinishing heads to putting together modern day components,  I'd love to be part of this testing opportunity.   Thank you for the chance.   

  2. For a 76 year old who really needs a little extra distance...  I've heard so much about these shafts.    I would LOVE to try one to see if it helps an old guy like me.    Swing speed about 78-80 mph with driver.  average carry about 175-180...    Really excited about this opportunity...     THANK YOU    john

  3. DRIVERS....Certainly an area of debate..     I currently have a TSR1 9 degree    and would like to try the AI SMOKE...    last Callaway driver for me was the BIG BERTHA...   THANKS    

  4. I would love to try the Terra Forza...   currently hitting a Titleist TSR1 9 degree with a Fuji Motore F3 5-R2      tried to emulate the autoflex without spending 800...    thanks for the opportunity  



    This will be an interesting test...   I'm a NON BELIEVER in shoes adding distance...    I'd love to prove myself wrong by testing them..   If not, will be good to read what others experience.    thanks  

  5. Just saw the advertisement for these last night.   Looks like a great idea, especially for those of us who tend to not see the ball through impact...    will be an interesting test...    thanks  

    Sundogs Eyewear


    I Have been wearing sun glasses every time I play golf for approximately 20 years.  My sunglasses are REVO and I think they are pretty good.   I would love to try and compare the "true blue" polarized enhancement versus the non-true blue and compare the visual differences.   I struggle following the ball in the air, especially when hit by the longer players.     THANKS for the opportunity...  I think it will be a great review.       

    PING S159 Wedges


    Still using   Ping BECU PW, SW       Would Love to participate in testing the new PING wedges...   online fitting is very interesting...    THANK   

    Star Golf Grips


    Did club repair/custom builds/gripping for 35+ years, so I have tried and used many different grips.    would love to try Star ...   being honest... never heard of them.  THANKS

  6. I think this might be the test of the year...    I play titleist  Pro v1, v1x and avx..    so I'd be very interested in trying the callaway ball.    Especially after reading the testing that you have done on Callaway balls..     Can't wait to see what Callaway has done.     THANKS   

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