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  1. I have the Ping g425 driver and the new 0811 x driver... I bought the 7.5 degree driver hoping to get additional fairway roll... The driver is probably 15 to 20 yds shorter in carry than the Ping, but the overall distance is probably 5 to 10 yds more on firm fairways.... The sound of the 0811 x is dull, unless you hit exactly in the middle... not a very big sweet spot for a modern driver...
  2. A great opportunity... I currently am playing Titleist Pro V1X, V1X left dash and V1 left dot... would be interesting to see how this ball stacks up... thank you
  3. GREAT opportunity to try a driver of this quality... Currently hitting Ping G425 and PXG 0811 X Gen 4
  4. Looks interesting.... would love to try it.... currently using toulon garage indianapolis center shafted THANKS
  5. Have tried the Ping 425 and the PXG 0811x.... would love to give it a try.... THANK YOU
  6. GREAT IDEA.... would really enjoy the opportunity... THANK YOU
  7. Would love the opportunity to try it. I have a hitting mat, but no net, so it would be perfect.. THANK YOU
  8. THANKS for the opportunity.... would love to try them...
  9. Very unique look... would love to see how they perform and the comfort level they provide... THANKS
  10. Great combo.... Evnroll with it's variable grooves and a great shaft.... would love to test it... THANK YOU
  11. Would like to test against my V5 ... THANKS for the opportunity
  12. Would love the opportunity to try the Homma driver... currently using PING G425
  13. Variable groove.... great idea for distance control... would love to try it.... THANKS
  14. Would love to test a great pair of shoes... currently wearing FJ Boa THANK YOU
  15. John Blue Bell, Pa. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity... Love to walk, but getting too old to carry... would love to try one... HDCP 13
  16. John Blue Bell, Pa. Built a DIY net years ago... net wore out... neighbors weren't happy Have used launch monitor at indoor facility Thanks for the opportunity... my game needs winter help
  17. John Blue Bell, Pa Taylormade M6 reg shaft 10.5 13.2 index 85 mph TSI3 THANKS
  18. John Penna 12 hdcp hybrids 17 - 19 - 22 - 25 - 28 THANKS
  19. John Montgomery county Pennsylvania 12 hdcp Taylormade M6 Reg graphite shafts 7-iron carry 135
  20. John Young/Pennsylvania Ozik white tie "regular flex" shaft 60 gram In Taylormade M6 Swing speed 88 mph Would love to have more speed/distance... lower spin Have access to launch monitor THANKS
  21. Hello... My name is John and I''m 72... Started golfing around age 28... didn't golf as a kid, came from coal mining area in western PA. I built and repaired clubs for about 30 years part time... old time stuff... refinishing heads, removing sole plates and inserts, re-whipping, re-gripping... persimmon and laminate...old reminder grips... neumann leather grips... currently a 13 handicap at local club, have served 9 years on the club board, both as greens chair and golf chair, vice pres.... have been a volunteer for the GAP Golf Association of Philadelphia for 21 years ... doing starting, scoring, pace of play and rules... I enjoy golf and learning about every aspect of the game, so GOLFSPY is and has been a wonderful source for the truth regarding clubs, balls, etc. etc. Your articles and NO PUTTS GIVEN are fun and educational... THANKS for everything to do.
  22. John Young / Blue Bell, Pennsylvania Handicap index 11.3 Taylormade M6 Carry distance with 7 iron - 130 yds Thank you for the opportunity
  23. John... Blue Bell, Pennsylvania 12.1 index Currently carry 5 hybrids... 2 / 17 degree 3 / 19 Degree 4/22 Degree 5/25 Degree 6/28 Degree all Taylormade Would try any that come close to matching the loft of my current clubs so that I could compare... THANK YOU
  24. John Blue Bell, Pennsylvania 11 HDCP 87 mph Taylormade M5 Regular Shaft EPIC FLASH
  25. John Blue Bell, PA Handicap 11 Current Wedges Ping Becu PW, Taylormade M2 PW, Callaway 56 degree PM grind Would like to test 50, 54, 58 THANKS
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