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  1. When we're testing, the lower handicap golfers are a blessing and a curse. They're nice to have because they're efficient (12 shots to get 10 with most clubs), but you have to stay on top of them to keep their egos from introducing skew. One of the first days, we had a 4.something HCP in...he's 2/3 of the way through the session...hitting nothing but 2 yard butter cuts all morning and then suddenly decides he wants to start drawing the ball. Took me 10 minutes to get him to understand that we were looking for consistency of process and not anybody's personal quest for 3 more yards. Of
  2. I generally don't comment on how the testing is conducted or any of that stuff. Everyone has a business model. That's true for all of us. My understanding is that most others testing only +/- 9.5 or 10.5 degree heads. Golf magazine tests the middle of the loft for any given club, which can lead to apples to bananas comparisons. Regarding launch numbers...it's next to impossible to get most people close to idea...especially when you're limited to stock options. Stock is designed to fit the middle of the bell curve (within the target market). Most of the time the target market is everyb
  3. Short answer is I have no idea, but patents are strange things. Lot's off loopholes, and it's possible to be overly-descriptive in how a device/technology functions. It could be a simple as a some small thing in exactly how the face plate connects. Could also be a licensing issue, or a trade-off for a patent violation that happened the other way. It's called horse trading and it happens all the time in the golf industry. Basically company A 'borrows' a bit of patented technology from company B and rather than deal with litigation, company A agrees to owe company B one at a later date. Basi
  4. Hey Guys...quick Press Release from Bushnell on a new Rangefinder. I'm in desperate need of a new one, and this one just went to the top of my list (pending the results of Most Wanted Testing) Unique Exchange and Dual Display Technologies Lead Host of Premium Features on World's Most Advanced Laser Rangefinder Overland Park, KS, January XX, 2015 – Bushnell Outdoor Products, makers of the #1 laser rangefinder on the PGA Tour, today introduced its latest innovative laser rangefinder – TOUR X. In an effort to continue catering to over 97 percent of PGA Tour pros and top amateurs who t
  5. Let me jack your thread to add another option of sort to the mix: What about consistency? These are exactly the type of questions we face as we process data for Most Wanted Testing. Take for example this sampling of the 3 clubs. These are what I believe are clearly the best 3 performing clubs (for a single tester, within a 6 club (5+control) group). What you're looking at is a 90% confidence ellipse. The triangles represent the average distance/offline value for each club. The offline portion is a bit misleading (more on that if anyone cares), so use the ellipse as your accuracy g
  6. #MediaKitMonday comes a day late compliments of Nike Golf. This kit (as you can pretty easily figure out without me telling you) is designed to formally introduce the new 2015 TW Golf Shoe to the media. The included card tells the story (see below), so you don't need me to rehash it for you. There's nothing over the top here. The focus is on the shoes and the Nike Golf mantra #TheresAlwaysBetter. Optimistically, it will be a few weeks (few=6 to 8) before I can step foot onto McGregor Links for my first NY round of 2015, but you can be sure I'll give these a try when (if) the snow
  7. When we got our sample I took it out on the course just to check it out. Never imagined it would stick in the bag, now I look at every other manufacturer cross-eyed when the tell me they won't have anything similar in their lineup. I hit mine off the tee and off the deck. I'll hit it out of thick rough, and even heather. I'm a crap fairway wood player, but the mini has finally given me a viable option. As long as the lie is relatively level I'm good to go. One consideration...the R&D guys I've spoken with about it have suggested that it's better suited for a guy with a steeper angl
  8. Here's an interview Blake just did on one of our local TV station. He talks in more detail about his plans for the facility.
  9. Purely an illusion. 3 of these shafts are basically prototype graphics. The other is coming soon to a very expensive limited edition driver.
  10. Everyone should post the actual box the balls came in. I didn't have much in the way of small(ish) box inventory in the house, so some guys got boxes bigger than they needed to be for 1 dozen balls. FedEx probably thinks I'm insane.
  11. I'm sad to report that this will be the last adidas or Ashworth media kit with design input from legendary (in his own mind anyway) Media Kit Master, @itsthejor. The Jor has moved over to TaylorMade proper where Media Kits are less prevalent. Let's all take a moment to compose ourselves before looking at his last kit (actually, I'm told this one is only 50%(ish) Jor)... The selling point of the new adipower boost is that it's The Most Comfortable Shoe in Golf (so sayeth adidas anyway). So in that capacity, we can think of this kit as a concept piece. In addition to showing of
  12. As you by now know, media kits come in many forms. Like the Bridgestone kit I posted just a bit ago, this one is the first we've received from Srixon. Intended to promote the new balls (both Z-Star and Z-Star XV), I'm actually a huge fan of this particular presentation. It's clean, simple, and to the point. Prototype, or at least non-retail, packaging makes it that much cooler. The message is simple. We've got new golf balls. We think they're really good. Here's the technology we've backed into them, and we'd like you to try them. Ok, sounds reasonable...I'll do that. As y
  13. You may have already seen the new PUMA Titan Tour (original coverage compliments of the self-described "Best Looking Man in Golf"). What I didn't get a chance to show you was the pretty damn cool media kit PUMA put together for the new shoe. Total case of bad timing (which is why pics are limited this time)...I won't get into the details, but on the day the kit arrived, I had already been to Radio Shack, so you know...issues. Anyway, the Titan Tour kit actually shipped in two separate packages. The first contained the Titan Tour shoes (billed by PUMA as "The Coolest Shoe in Golf")
  14. To my recollection this is the first media kit Bridgestone has ever sent my way. Like any media kit the purpose is to help get word out about a new new product. In this case it's the latest revsion of the e-series golf balls feature WEB Dimple Technology, which according to Bridgestone, increases surface coverage by more than 10%, enhancing distance and flight performance. As media kits go this isn't the high-gloss, digital we've seen from some other companies, but as far as explaining the product goes, it's pretty much on point. I expect we'll see displays that mimic the inside cover
  15. Declaring today #MediaKitMonday in the forum.

    1. Aotearoa_Brad
    2. GolfSpy Dave

      GolfSpy Dave

      My kits must still be in the mail. #nokitscoming #sad

  16. With 20 guys in the mix, nobody hits more than 3 days a week, and most are on a 2x weekly schedule. The college kids were on Christmas break, so they got a late start. We have a couple of guys taking vacations during the test, so they'll have a couple of weeks off (while they go play golf in Florida), so nobody is really on overload... except maybe the guy watching 20 guys hit 30 drivers.
  17. I've seen a few questions/comments on the website post, so I wanted to give you guys a quick update on where things stand with our 2015 Most Wanted Driver Test: As far as the actual testing goes, we're *likely* a little beyond halfway done. I know to some that might seem like an unimaginably slow pace. We've lost 2 days to snow storms, and one to a family emergency, but otherwise we're testing M-F from 10AM to 5 PM for the last 4 weeks. We have 20 testers total charged with creating a valid sample size with each of 30 different drivers. We had planned for 120 hours, but I think w
  18. Worth mentioning (maybe...) in addition to the AeroBurner driver, Dustin Johnson also put a #3HL AeroBurner Fairway in his bag this week. This is notably because DJ has been particularly reticent to replace his 3 wood. Prior to the Farmers Open, he still had an R9 fairway in the bag.
  19. Basically this. Less taper, relieves the death grip. Some evidence to suggest there's a swing speed increase as well. It's actually one of the few products I was genuinely interested in coming out of the show.
  20. A reputable source has told me that there's been a major personnel shake-up inside TaylorMade-adidas Golf. Two senior VPs have joined the growing list of TaylorMade employees who have left (or have been asked to leave) since Ben Sharpe assumed the CEO position last June. The two SVPs who were let go are long-time employees who one might reasonably describe as part of the Mark King's regime. Perhaps the most relevant piece of this story is that former Chief Marketing Officer, Bob Maggiore, who was let go in early 2014 will assume his previous role with the company effective Monday,
  21. Kinda what I thought too. There's probably no better way to market a bag, but you know...it's a bag.
  22. As I mentioned in the original post, there's a lot of work being done to the clubhouse. The new owners (along with the Druthers team) are basically gutting the place (it needs it). Blake is posting progress photos on the club's facebook page, for those who enjoy a good before and after story. https://www.facebook.com/pages/McGregor-Links-Country-Club/1531681890441093
  23. We have both the 745 and 545 in this year's test. Early returns on the 545 appear (data far from completely analyzed) good with the caveat that slower swing speed players struggle to obtain near-ideal launch conditions.
  24. Yes, G30, G30 SF Tec, and G30 LS Tec are all being tested individually.
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