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  1. Believe me when I tell you that it's just the beginning for Sean Toulon's Toulon Design putter company. As the Toulon Garage gets set to open its doors to the world you'll see just the beginnings of how far Sean and his team plans to take putter customization. Believe me...it's going to be insane. In the meantime, you have a chance to win a Limited Edition Toulon Design Headcover to commemorate "The 5th Major", AKA The Players Championship. Entering is easy. Simply follow Toulon Design on Twitter, and then retweet (that little circular error icon at the bottom) the following and i
  2. If I look deeper? Do you understand what I do for a living? Silent announcement? So silent they didn't even put it on their web site? If you had my contacts, my sources, and my direct information, you'd understand how little sense what you've said actually makes. Do you believe everything you read in a press release? Do you believe the letter of everything TaylorMade prints? Go checkout their M2 iron video where they show a trajectory apex 30% higher than than its 2 primary competitors. Check out the graphics that show the SLDR and R15 CG locations nearly pressed up against the fac
  3. You do realize you just rattled off the names of 4 of the 5 biggest big box golf retailers (Dick's G/G being the 5th). These are the very definition of golf's big box retailers. What can you tell me about SLDR C at smaller (non-chain) retailers and green grass? Seriously - you don't find it odd that TaylorMade created this amazing driver that is just as good or better than all of their other stuff and didn't promote it at all...didn't put it in tour player's hands...didn't host launch events...didn't get the product in the media's hands for review and promotion...didn't put it in the page
  4. Bazz is one of my favorite guys in the golf industry. All class, and just a really nice guy. I've never heard anybody at any golf company say anything the least bit negative about him. That said...if you honestly believe anyone in his position with any golf company is going to tell you the 100% letter of the truth when it comes to the R&D behind specific products...especially big box specials...dude...put the pipe down. Walk away.
  5. In hindsight, I believe this is likely accurate. Forgot that the PRO 60 was released after the rest of the Pro line and that the graphics are a bit different. Best I can say is it's likely real. It's not unheard of for manufacturers to use authentic graphics with slightly modified shafts, but TM is trying to be genuine and authentic these days, so given M2 price point, it's likely on the up and up.
  6. If it makes you feel better to believe that a $20 hosel adapter is the only difference of consequence between the SLDR-C and main line offerings, by all means feel free. Or you could trust that I might know people who let me in on the truth about what really goes on in this industry. The quality (ie tolerances, some of which have direct tie-ins to performance) is not the same. TaylorMade did not decide to make a more forgiving product...they churned out a product that would appeal to the big box consumer. Again...ZERO original R&D in the design. Again...not saying it doesn't work for s
  7. M1, GBB, GBB DBD, KING LTD, etc., once you cross the $400 threshold, the shafts are almost always legit (regardless of the graphics). The M2 stock shafts...with TaylorMade graphics, I'm fairly certain are still co-engineered. Note that weights differ slightly between the TM and true Fuji offerings.
  8. No...many companies are still using Made for variants...most aren't being completely transparent about it. While there can always be exceptions, a good rule of thumb...if the driver is under $400, the shaft is likely co-engineered.
  9. I wasn't going to jump in on this, but in the interest of actual education, let me clear up any misconceptions or other cluelessness about what the SLDR-C is or is not. It is not a repainted SLDR-S, but it is based on a pre-existing shape...likely an older shape...think Burner, JetSpeed...something from a non-SLDR line. What it is is a big box exclusive that comes at a discount price with plenty of cost-cutting built into the head. What I mean by that is multi-fold: 1) There's no fresh/unique/dedicated R&D - everything built into the head is pre-existing technology. Nobody engi
  10. Play the New Golf Pride TOUR SNSR Grips Before They Hit Stores Golf Pride is offering a chance to play their new TOUR SNSR Putter Grips before they are available to the public in May. Each selected participant will receive one grip and an opportunity to provide feedback on their experience with the grip. Sign up for a chance to participate in this exclusive pre-launch campaign now. Sign Up Now! About TOUR SNSR: The new TOUR SNSR Series features a soft-tuned rubber formulation that gives these grips an extraordinary feel, and encourages a lighter grip
  11. We don't have a huge sample size, but my guess would be M1's target is .5 degrees over stamped, with M1 430 likely closer to a degree. M2 is interesting. Our measurements show below spec, but with tolerances it could be on spec. TaylorMade is saying that loft for loft (presumably stamped) there's no difference in spin between M1 and M2. CG differences being what they are, this would fly in the face of the actual physics, but TaylorMade also claims texture on M2's face provides the comparative reduction. I'm not sure if the texture would be enough to offset the impact of loft, but if we sta
  12. The full story of how SLDR came to market when it did and how it was actually marketed is probably one of the most interesting I've ever heard...might be something for publication one of these days. For the purposes of this discussion what's relevant is that for SLDR TaylorMade decided to move against the trend it was a part of for years and NOT vanity loft the SLDR. In releases prior to SLDR, a 9.5 TaylorMade would likely measure at least 10.5 and in some cases more. With SLDR the company decided to be true to loft. Some of the heads we measured actually came in under spec. If you've
  13. Tr Trying to keep this simple...Regardless of the CG location, we'll see our best results when impact aligns with CG. As Jaskanski has pointed out, ball speed is the greatest contributor to distance, and peak speed comes from center impact. Playing with CG location helps us optimize the other parameters around that speed. So with that said left/right deviation from the CG doesn't impact the amount of spin, only the directionality - more specifically it influences the tilt of the spin axis. High Toe/ High heel...for this discussion it doesn't much matter, it's all just 'high'.
  14. Not sure I completely understand what you're asking, but I'll take a stab based on my interpretation... It's almost certainly true that better players, tour pros in particular, are more capable of making adjustments to whatever club they're given. I believe it was Rocco Mediate who said something along the lines of the difference between tour pros and the average golfer is that you can give a tour pro any club and by the 3rd swing the tour pro will have figured out how to hit it. I think there probably is an element of the feel of the club in space that comes into play and professionals be
  15. So we've moved from CG doesn't matter (it does) to well we're only talking about an insignificant 1.85 yards (again, an oversimplification, and arguably an inaccuracy) to well, humans aren't robots. The last one we can agree with. This isn't a conversation about the repeatability of the human swing, it's about CG locations and whether or not they impact what the ball does. Nobody who does any fitting...including the guys in this thread who are looking to try different things and essentially self-fit, are expecting every swing will produce the same results. We all fit to tendencies,
  16. There's so much of what Tom has written that's either been taken out of context, misinterpreted, or misapplied. It borders on scary as it frequently leads to the distribution of misinformation. Not his fault...people misinterpret my writing weekly. It happens to all of us. Yes, tee height is an excellent way to vary impact location. In addition to altering face impact location, raising the tee can also promote a more positive angle of attack as well as a more in to out path. Tour pros do this all the time...tee it high to assist a draw, lower to promote a fade. So while tee height can help
  17. Whether it's shaft performance, club head launch/spin characteristics, nearly everything is relative within each manufacturer's own lineup. So yeah, in relative terms...terms relative to the Nike lineup, the Flex will be the lowest spinning. Another spin-related consideration - Nike's heads tends to be closer the stamped loft than most. Basically, with any adjustable head, the stamped (or nominal) loft is going to be in the middle of the range. So the actual loft of a Nike head is 10.5° (halfway between 8.5 and 12.5 . TaylorMade, Callaway and others vanity loft by upwards of a degree (som
  18. We're working to get the Nike heads added to our CG chart. I believe it's a reasonably safe assumption that it won't be radically different from last year. Ball park estimate...high-mid CG. With Pro and Speed trending towards high-back. As with Bombtech's Grenade, the cavity is significant limiting factor in CG placement. The mandatory weight in driver design is in the face and in the crown. You can't do much about the face (it has to be durable), and even with lighter materials (composites), if your shape is traditional, there's only so much you can do to cut mass. Remember Hi-Bore...that
  19. Kind of a shame I guess. It's an exceptionally well-manicured and unique course. On some holes you totally forget you're in Vegas, on others the Vegas skyline makes the hole. This is the part where I'd normally add that it's difficult to get less bang for your buck out of real estate than you get with a golf course, but a giant pool? Admission, I suppose. The pond will get more play than the course.
  20. Exactly this. You need to have your phone in your pocket. It detects the first swing (the drive), and then figures out distance based on where your next swing is taken. The phone in the pocket is the liability. Thus far it hasn't received the same attention as Arccos or Game Golf, but the SkyGolf GameTracker GT2 shows some potential. Like Game Golf it works with a belt clip/signal booster. You can use your phone to keep score, but it doesn't need to be with you, or turned on, for GT2 to work. It supposedly has some advanced capabilities, but whether or not it works as intended remains to b
  21. Dead? I'm going to go with nonsense. What is possible is that a driver *could* develop flat spots along the face's bulge and roll radii. I say *could* because although it's theoretically possible, with current materials along with improved design and manufacturing techniques, it shouldn't happen. We chatted with the PING R&D guys about this briefly. They do a ridiculous amount of canon testing to ensure that not only will faces not break, but that'll they'll maintain their shape for the duration.
  22. One other quick note about F6+, the weight channel is slightly offset such that it's slightly toe biased in the front position and slightly heel biased in the back.
  23. Those two things are a bit at odds with each other. As CG moves forward, MOI drops. The best we can say is that an M1 430 with the weight back is nearly as forgiving as an M1 with the weight forward. If that's where you'd position the weight, then it becomes a question of face impact and how the difference in resulting dynamic loft affects your impact parameters. Also worth mentioning, weight forward positions will create slower closure rates than back weight positions. The m1 430 is a beast (albeit a super-low MOI beast) with the weight forward, but for me anyway, I really have to pu
  24. I'd put chance of either beating the SLDR in this case at close to zero. Both Nike and the Grenade are high middle CG drivers. Effectively the opposite of what a guy who thrives with a SLDR would likely get his best results with. I'm not sure I can explain the fade bias you get with the KING LTD (back CG, relatively centered on the face...if anything I'd expect more spin, and with expected closure rates being higher, a bit more of a left-starting ball flight. As much as I love the head, I find I hit it low on the face and it spins too much for me. The working theory is that it comes from t
  25. Hey guys - just a quick heads up, Cobra's R&D team will be fielding questions on Twitter today beginning at Noon Easter/9AM Pacific. Anything you want to know about KING and MAX products. Use hashtag #AskCobraGolf
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