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  1. Maybe I've seen this driver...maybe I haven't, doesn't matter. I believe that a substantial portion of what actually matters about this driver can be inferred from that single photograph. With our continuous education efforts focused on mass properties, I'd like to think we've made you among the most educated readers/consumers in golf. I also like to think I'm a pretty smart guy, and so naturally I'd like you to prove me right. Here's my Challenge to you: Look at what you see. Think about what you know about the mass properties of currently available drivers. Think about what you've
  2. This has definitely been a totally unnecessary problem of TaylorMade's own making. Titleist - consistent Bridgestone - consistent Srixon - consistent Callaway - inconsistent TaylorMade - inconsistent Nike - inconsistent The good news is that TaylorMade appears to understand that consistency matters to the consumer, so they're going to run with Tour Preferred and Tour Preferred X for another generation (and hopefully several more generations to come). I suspect Callaway will settle on some form of Chrome moving forward, but between Hex, and SR, and Chrome...who can say for
  3. I figured it was time for an update. I haven't spent as much time on the launch monitor as I had originally planned. I expect I'll get back to that aspect of things, but I've really been spending lots of time with different balls on the course to see where I can actually see differences from one shot to the next. As I look at different areas of the game, what I've found - and certainly those initial numbers with the Sand Wedge suggested this might be the case - is that in just about every area one might consider there are balls that standout (either good or bad), and a majority that b
  4. This one falls into the physics of golf category. In very general terms, game-improvement irons will be more forgiving and launch higher. The forgiveness comes from perimeter weighting, longer blade lengths, while higher launch is generally the byproduct of wider soles and deeper CG placement. Some will tell you that blades/non-GI irons are more workable. They will tell you that it's easier to shape shots with smaller heads. We're all big boys, so I'll give you to you straight, while I will give you the industry side of it, my opinion on the matter is that workability is a BS term
  5. No. If TaylorMade eventually gets sold, it's highly unlikely it will be to UA. adidas isn't going to sell to one of its two biggest competitors.
  6. Golf will follow the big brand, which means there is going to be some variance in whatever the hot color du jour is. This particularly flavor of orange is one of Nike's fall colors. Volt, for example, is so totally last season.
  7. This came in from Nike Golf over the weekend. I thought it was interesting for a few different reasons, so I thought I'd pass it along. At face value, all we've got is another Limited Edition shoe, so why is this one noteworthy? 1) It's Limited Edition...for whatever that's worth. I like limited edition stuff. 2) The design is more big Nike than Nike Golf. I'm all but certain this is what you're going to see from Nike moving forward. The golf division is going to be nearly indistinguishable from the larger Nike brand, whereas in the past it has operated separately. Quick hit, limited edi
  8. I believe everything you've written to be true short of your final conclusion that Nike is Out, Done Deal. What you and others have done is take what you've seen and heard at face value and drawn what is absolutely a very logical conclusion. It's also an incorrect reading of the proverbial tea leaves. As a brief aside, one of the pitfalls of being legit journalist is that you have to respect sources and keep off the record stuff off the record, so while I can't get into specifics, I will tell you that every last bit of info I've received (directly from 2 credible sources, and indirectl
  9. Reading from left to right in terms of both price and low spinishness, the order is: King LTD / King Pro (both $449) FLY-Z+ (or what replaces it) FLY-Z (or what replaces it) FLY-Z XL (or what replaces it) In the release article there's a quote from Jose Miraflor where he describes King LTD as their race car. Everything that gives distance went in, everything that costs distance came out. Taking it out of King LTD eliminated that cost. Ultimately what we're really talking about are things that impacted Cobra's ability to move the CG where they wanted it. While FLY-Z+ is exce
  10. Technically not Monday, but who cares. I didn't want until next week to show you guys the media kit Cobra sent as part of the launch of their new King LTD Driver. The photos show off the tech pretty well, and give you a peak inside the driver. It's not something that will be discussed often, but the fact that Cobra actually is encouraging golfers to look inside the club speaks to how strongly the company feels about the quality of its work. I can promise you, most manufacturers would prefer golfers never get to look under the hood at the quality of the welds and the general rawness of
  11. If/When adidas sells TaylorMade it will most likely be to somebody most of hadn't considered, or had never heard of. Maybe Goodyear wants to join Bridgestone and Sumitomo in the golf industry. Who knows... It's extremely unlikely it will be UnderArmour. adidas isn't likely to sell to a competitor, let alone one that's been steadily taking market share out of its ass for the last few years. If UnderArmour has a hard goods target, it's most likely Callaway. They're doing the right things, but other than the golf ball, they don't have viable high-margin products in the lineup (apparel, footwe
  12. No different than last year's kit in terms of the contents. It's about promoting mostly new products (balls and gloves not withstanding), and Nike doesn't release hard goods in early August. As you know, I've heard the rumors about Nike exiting the hard goods market entirely. I've done some digging and talked to an almost literal handful of sources on the topic, and by all reputable accounts, it's totally false. I do think we're going to see more of the limited release, direct to consumer thing from Nike and a business model that differs significantly from golf's status quo, but based on t
  13. You might recall last season's #DONTSLEEPONSUMMER Media Kit from Nike Golf. Basically, they took a whole bunch of different items from the Summer/Fall apparel and accessories catalog and bundled them together in a really cool package. It looks like this has become an annual thing (at least I hope it has), because not only is there a 2015 version, but Nike has stepped up it's game with even cooler packaging. For those not familiar with Nike's Don't Sleep On Summer message, it's basically that summer is fleeting, and that golfers need to get out and take advantage of it. It's co
  14. Hoping to find time to finish phase 1 and move on to phase 2 over the next couple of weeks. Should be interesting as the project is expanding.
  15. Nothing earth-shattering here, but some cool colorways, I suppose. Today, adidas Golf released a limited edition, individually numbered, camouflage footwear collection. The collection includes four footwear models - adipower boost, adipower boost sport (men's and women's) and tour360 x boa. 500 pairs of each footwear model will be available worldwide on adidasgolf.com and select retailers. adipower boost - $190 tour360 x Boa - $180 adipower boost sport, men's and women's - $150
  16. Just a heads up I did a chatted equipment with Adam Foseca on his GolfUnfiltered.com podcast for about 35 minutes yesterday. Always fun to talk gear while hopefully not sounding like a total toolbox. For those interested in listening... http://golfunfiltered.com/golf-unfiltered-podcast-18-tony-covey-of-mygolfspy-com-2015-06-25
  17. jdiddyesquire just won the Nike Flatbill. DM Me your shipping info. One of a kind #PIMPLIST Vega Wedge is Next.
  18. KCLeo wins the Lamkin UTX Grips. DM me your shipping info.
  19. If there's a day 5, we'll find some stuff. Maybe a model train set.
  20. spongy5....winner winner. Bridgestone Balls. DM me your selection and shipping info.
  21. jaybruce3 --- WINNER WINNER Cleveland putter. DM me your shipping info. Next up...another dozen Bridgestone balls.
  22. sp0rtsfan86 - we've got a dozen Bridgestone balls for you. DM with your shipping address, and which model of ball you'd like.
  23. Here we go...moving day, what do we think of the leaderboard? Just a few of the storylines to watch: Callaway is winning the US Open. Look at the leaderboard... Reed, Grace, Finau...and at least Phil made the cut. Can Spieth cement is his place at the next great thing? Will Patrick Reed and his bottom 5 personality live up to his top 5 talent? Will DJ give us a redemption story? Can someone else come from the back of the pack? One other thing to keep an eye on...and this is something I'll be approaching Callaway about... As you may have noticed, Callaway has
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