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  1. David/Waterloo, IA 460 cc Callaway Mavrik 9 degree 90-95 MPH
  2. I have made several buddy trips to Myrtle Beach. The 2 courses that are always on the itinerary are True Blue and Caledonia Golf & Fish Club. Caledonia is a beautiful course and is consistently in the Top 100 Public Courses in America. True Blue is across the street and is a different challenge, more open fairway, but some crazy deep bunkers and an island green Par 3. Heritage is ok, I just thought that the housing infringed a little on the course, just personal taste. I never cared for the TPC course personally. If you do head down to Pawley's Island to play Caledonia or True Blue make su
  3. I love Jordan Spieth's game because at times it can look like mine. Crazy inconsistent! I can appreciate hitting 3-4 solid drives down the middle and then stepping up and slicing one over the road. He misses a lot of short putts and mumbles to himself just like I do. We hackers often can't relate to the game the pros play. I need 2 shots to get as far as a DeChambeau drive. It is nice to see something that occasionally I can relate to. I am also cheering for him to get back in the winner's circle again. He has some demons clearly, I don't want him to become Anthony Kim or David Duval.
  4. I have been looking for a go to ball this season. I have tried numerous balls over the last year or so including Cut Grey, Cut Matte, Bridgestone e12, Callaway Hex Bite and a couple of others. I received 2 - 2 packs of the ERC Soft when I bought my new Mavrik Driver. I loved these balls and the way they jumped off my irons. I really like the Triple Track as well. Unfortunately, they are pricey and I lose too many balls to justify buying these. I bought some Supersofts and they seem to have similar performance. I think I am going to run with these for awhile. I also received some Oncore Avants
  5. I hit my 3 wood probably 4-5 times per round. There are a couple short par 4's at my home course that I prefer not to use driver on. The issue I have is at least once per round I take a really terrible swing with the club. I am getting better with the club. My 3 wood is a Taylor Made HL, so it can be a little easier to hit out of light rough. I am currently considering upgrading my 3 wood and possibly swapping my 5 wood for a hybrid. Might give Sub 70 a look for the 3 wood. Does anyone have any other suggestions. My current driver is a Callaway Mavrik and I play Super Game Improvement Ir
  6. Bought my first brand new Driver this year trading up from a Cobra F7. I hit TM, Cobra and Callaway. Went home with a new Mavrik 9 degree Regular Shaft. I loved the way it felt off the face and I added probably 10-15 MPH ball speed over the F7. I did not like the look and feel of the TM SIM at all. The Mavrik just felt better in my hand than the Cobra. Now if the weather will cooperate I can swing it outside and see If it helps me as much as I hope.
  7. David, Iowa Handicap 17 Cobra Baffler XL 140-145 yards
  8. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I started playing when I went to college 40 years ago. I really had no exposure to the game before then. My current handicap is right around 18. I am the quintessential bogey golfer. What do you love about golf? I love golf because it is one thing that will always bring my family together. My sons and my wife are all golfers. My wife is my golfing partner. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? I like the unbiased reviews and the other information Where are you from? What is your home c
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