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  1. These might finally put me over the top and get me on IG
  2. The started in 2007 is the tricky part. Started in, meaning started as a business Started in 2007 with less than nothing, a long time OEM that was in the red and now $120M a year. If it's the second, I'd go with Cally. Callaway was losing big about that time.
  3. The 3i was during a practice round. He could have hit another drive after if he wanted. Something is not right. I don't know if Bubba was the one who claimed ADHD but I don't think there was a real diagnosis.
  4. Volvik? I remember starting to see them here in Asia about 2009, so 2007 is a possibility.
  5. Hard to think this guy is truly a fun guy like this video is supposed to show when he does stuff like hitting a 3i at that long drive event. Makes me think his being "fun" is more contrived and trying too hard.
  6. It would have to be a big ticket like clic gear or big volume like zero friction (tees and gloves) or epoch (my shop orders a ton of those). Are we talking US corporation or foreign with US sales like Iomic (Nippon steel is way earlier).
  7. Going that route may actually be good for the smaller independent shops. Most of the lifestyle buyers will just be there in the Nike/TMaG outlet for the bling sale/purchase. They probably play 6xs a year anyway. The true golfers from here and wrx will go get their fitting, reshafts (not available as upcharge), loft and lie checks at the smaller mom and pops that have been shut down by these golf superstores that half of which (if you read a lot of posts) are manned by clueless sales people as well. All of this is a guess on my part but for me it makes more sense from a sales/marketing
  8. What is preventing them from hiring 2 "golf sales" only people to man the golf department? Golf has to become a lifestyle sport otherwise it will not grow. Golf shirts and shoes becoming mainstream or being usable off the course has been a huge step for the soft goods portion. Every golfer I know, even the upwards of 50 year old crowd has at least one pair of golf street shoes. I see a lot more golf shirts when I'm out compared to 6-7 years ago. I'm not even actually emphasizing growth. I'm just talking keeping people in the game and having that translate into actual sales. Those $65 g
  9. I'll go with KBS shafts. I figure that they are now stock in a lot of OEM offerings for about 3 years now, that $120M is a reachable/has been reached.
  10. Another option is to go to a slightly older model. MRC went from BlueBoard, WhiteBoard, RedBoard (since discontinued) to Ahina, Kai'li, then to D+ and S+. Similar playing characteristics but newer tech. Personally not much difference in playability for me. Older models should be cheaper but may be harder to find.
  11. Is he able to customize? Slightly different bumpers, rounded/flat topline, shallower cavity, etc? I think that is the advantage of the smaller putter makers vs the big boys. Custom customers won't mind the extra $$ to truly get what they want. Even RJB has a custom program.
  12. The Renaissance and the forward thinking it gave birth to. Or sign language and how to curse with your hands.
  13. Those additional costs are already absorbed in pricing. The current system has the retailer plugged in for his own profit and cost already anyway. That "margin" just now goes to the OEM retailer to cover their costs. I don't know it works in the US but here not all Nike stores are owned by Nike. There a quite a few that are franchises.
  14. I mentioned how golf retail would change to this model of direct selling because it does not add much cost, players generally don't buy in pro shops/stores anymore, the one brand mentality is more prevalent because now brands carry a model for everyone, as long as you train the salesperson in the golf section well golfers will not complain. Of course a ton of people disagreed with me. Branding/lifestyle is the next avenue for golf to survive and thrive. TMaG and Nike have an advantage. Non golfers will walk into a Nike store see the nice shoes and shirts, figure what the heck I'll give it a sh
  15. Looks like an upgraded 2.0 of Jesper Parnevik's putter circa late 90s. P2 solutions?
  16. He needs to write the USGA and tell them to change the ruling that music is not allowed while playing. A lot of guys have speakers in their carts where I play and I tell them not to use them during tournament play just in case.
  17. If I'm not mistaken first major with a multi-layer ball as well. The Precept Double Cover Tour.
  18. Yes it did. It now is harder to play back in the stance because it gets a little stuck when the ground is soggy. Just have to make sure the chip is aggressive.
  19. Just one criticism. They all have the same grind. I would've wanted the gap (52) to have a different grind sign 80% of my gap wedge shots are played square. No need for a Grind that helps when you open the face on a gap wedge. Maybe a leading edge grind instead on the 52.
  20. Used mine for 6 rounds, then set them aside until I wear out my MD2s. Very versatile and soft feeling. The cashmere finish still looked new after those 6 rounds. I wish there was a 50 though. I play my wedges 50-55-60. I bent a 52 to 50 and a 54 to 55.
  21. xxio


    They still will for another 4-5 years or until smartwatches get to the $100 level. Casio will probably make their own smart watches in that price range to compete.
  22. xxio


    Smart Smartwatch buyers know what they are getting. They are buying the tech and convenience that they know will be and should be obsolete in 2-3 years. Jewelry watch buyers are generally buying to collect with value retention in mind. Two different markets that have brands for each. It is the market in between that will lose it's consumers. $50-150 watches that offer zero tech.
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