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  1. Dri Tac are still softer/mushier
  2. If you really want to design your own shaft there was a store beside my hotel in Ginza (Tokyo) that will fit you then make a shaft for you from scratch. ¥500,000-800,000
  3. If the wearing out is flaking, spray them with "never wet" type products. That is what I used on my dads DriTacs. They lasted 2 years. His first go around with them lasted 8-10 months. If wear is from gripping too tight, can't help there.
  4. Antonio. Cebu, Philippines X2 Hot 3 GD DI 75 X2 Hot 4 GD DI 85 X2 Hot 5 GD 93i (90 gram iron shaft) Not fit but hit all pretty good. Only weakness is tendency to hit thin off the tee.
  5. Antonio, Cebu (Philippines) 10.8 index At one point I had 3 sets of Wilson Progressives with 3 different shafts Current set J40 DPC
  6. Then don't buy the counterfeit. Buy the walmart/costco putter or even a Dunlop/etc. If you are knowingly buying a counterfeit because as the test says, there is no difference, then you are knowingly supporting and bringing attention to theives.
  7. Brandwashing is a different issue and is not a justification for bringing counterfeit products to the spotlight. My sister is an entrepreneur and has had some of her products copied, reproduced, and sold online. The counterfeit items may be even be better but does that mean it is okay to feature products you know to be counterfeit. Using the fact that it is counterfeit as a vital part of the issue. I agree with the statement about comparing other brands, I mentioned it in my unpublished comment. There are many exact iterations of the Newport/Anser/BB1, etc. in fact there is a rum
  8. Just did some back research the high toe-low heel tech was called "auto focus" by Dunlop/XXIO.
  9. I had 2 comments that were never printed. Basically saying even if a counterfeit is not condoned, when you bring attention to it the couterfeiters/theives get what they want. I'm sure if there were counterfeit mygolfspy things, website, or someone just giving away (not making money) golfspy items without permission or acknowledgement we would might have different views of counterfeits.
  10. The high toe-low heel sweet zone technology was developed and touted as far back as 2000. Same company as my username.
  11. Are those guys the "Committee" for this tournament? Always ask for rulings from the Committee, noone else.
  12. Philippines (Capital is Manila or MLA!!!) Queen Bee 7 tend to aim right because of severe eye dominance. I have to have many lines on the ball to keep me square.
  13. Antonio Cebu, Philippines 10.2 Epic SubZero 9 loft GDDI 6 sR Low 90s, about 230-250 inc roll Phil the Thrill I want to compare the regular epic vs the subzero, but we can't order it "animal style-2 weights" over here. I play my deivers at 44.75. I have a 14 gram weight instead of a 12 to get my SZ to D2
  14. Antonio Cebu, Philippines 92-95 High spin, mid launch, straight Epic SZ GD Tour AD DI6 stiff-reg (tipped) Looong time ago
  15. They needed to photoshop some color into the legs of the guy in the purple/fuschia shirt. Maybe a little hair on the legs even. Made me scroll away without looking at the bag.
  16. How much were the green fees? For night golf?
  17. What I am saying is conformance isn't different. Yes the mindset for marketing is different. Some don't mind playing non conforming, but those clubs are still non conforming. Look up the latest PRGR RFS conformance issues.
  18. How is the Asian Tour conformance different from the USGA and R&A? Even for Asia (not the Asian Tour) how is it different? The world follows either USGA or R&A. There are no other governing bodies. Both have almost identical rules on equipment. If it is non-conforming to USGA and/or R&A then it cannot be used for tournament play or handicapping purposes. The matter of availability or even moreso implementation/policing are the issues.
  19. Golf forums are equipment driven. The ones that last anyway. We all want to talk about, diss, pine for, critize equipment otherwise we would be on FB, IG, and twitter instead of being on here. Btw my playing partners tell me to never change driver or even touch the current settings of my Epic. My drivers in the last 4-5 years were Optiforce 440, Big Bertha Alpha, FlyZ+ (2nd place to Epic), King LTD. Only 2 (including Epic, were bought new). 3 of them were with the exact same shaft set up. The way I'm driving the ball I would spend the money again on a new Epic.
  20. Antonio Cebu, Philippines 10.3 XR Pros I play in a lot of different turf conditions. I would love to see how these perform on cow grass, bermuda, hard pan, etc
  21. That would be amazing in the blue/white version
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