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  1. The scratch wedge fitting guide was a good place to start. I don't know if its still there. Type of turf that you play most often in is a big factor as well.
  2. Actually my username goes all the way back to the early 90s on 4gea. I used it because when I had to register that day it asked for a username and I had just first seen the brand that week while playing with a Japanese guest. I used it because every golf name I could think of was used. I haven't had a JDM product in my bag in more than a year except for my 2 hybrid shafts, a MRC and a GD. Even then those are international products. Everything is Callaway and True Temper, except for a Graman driver shaft. I was using Toustage irons for about 1.5 years before that but Callaway driver, fws, a
  3. I understand what you guys mean but I'm putting it in the context of the actual JDM article. Again IMO it was written like a forum post and not like other MGS articles that have set a certain standard that us members expect. Is it a trend like the OP mentions? I hope not.
  4. If we're going to to go down the route that everything written is a personal version of the truth then we might as well throw everything out the window. There has to be a standard. We ask the OEMs to be "truthful" but then we can't hold ourselves to a standard? So what if every OEM from now on tells us everything they tell us is just their version of the truth. Is GolfSpy as a forum fine with that? I'm not fine with that. There has to be a line somewhere for everyone ideally it is the same line.
  5. Speculation can equate to misinformation. Maybe GolfSpy underestimates the ripples it causes but if GolfSpy is being cited, communicated to, and is the subject of internal emails then it can create ripples and actually create the results of it's own speculation. I guess that is a testament to the power of blogging. The edginess off the blog is what gives GS it's uniqueness but that is a double edged sword.
  6. Because like you said we are here for truth. Articles should be presented with truth. If it is just going to be an opinion then let the guy start a topic in the forum where it is discussion based. In my OPINION blogging should have some sort of standard or at least a well researched and presented view. IMO MGS has that in 80%+ of the articles. This one was not just off, it was well off the standard that MGS has set for itself.
  7. I think the apology post of GolfSpy T should have been put up on the blog, tweeted, and retweeted as a reply in th TM account. It can only lead to better relationships and credibility. Keeping the acknowledgment of the mistake small does not promote responsible blogging. Too many people, myself included, can get away with so much online because accountability is basically non existent in the blogging world. On a side note as a CEO I would fire anyone who gave a company email out into outside hands. It was obviously an email to keep employee moral up.
  8. We buy things up to our own individual perceived value for money. I cannot afford a PxG set because it exceeds my perceived value for money. I have a few Bettinardi putters even though they have terrible resale because my own perception of their manufacturing process is high. I guess you should be critiquing me a lot
  9. Afaik Rolex is the only watch company that does everything in-house. They even have their own gold smelting? foundry? for their watches. Timex is very well made, lot of their production is done 13kilometers from where I live. I have 4 Timex because the facility has a sale every Christmas season so I get good value and only 1 Rolex. The Rolex serves other purposes outside of keeping time. Jewelry was mentioned. If you want to use that argument then you should be using a $250 WalMart set that is bent for loft and lie regardless of amount of lead tape you need to use. You should be dr
  10. Critique is quite different from how the tone of the article. I think that is what the OP wanted to convey. The article seems to be written to antagonize, judging by the responses elsewhere and even here on "home turf" it has succeeded. It has also been successful in bringing in the views. If I were critiquing JDM if would ask them to be more open about their processes, ask them to give more background on their skilled workers, etc. They have to show that their manufacturing process and equipment are superior and show that their workers are not just $7/hour guys who just cut and epoxy
  11. Exactly, so there is no need to trash jdm because it suits a particular market with specific market needs.
  12. Apparently some sections of the golfing public can because a lot of those high end JDM companies are still out there. Just because we are not part of their target market does not mean they don't make great product or are overhyped.
  13. Production tolerances are in every product however when a company strives to have extremely low tolerances beyond industry standards again it speaks well of that company regardless if it were Japanese, American, Korean, etc. I would even say that is why old American foundries like Hoffman are talked about with a great sense of nostalgia. In their prime they produced great product with great tolerances. I play both JDM and USDM (my gamer driver is a Callaway Alpha with a $60 Graman shaft, while I have $150 GD hybrid shafts) so I don't have a horse in this race. I just appreciate any company tha
  14. 247 grams vs 244 grams + 3 grams speaks of the quality of work more than the playability. Same in any industry. It's difficult to cook a great steak but when you can't, you put a little mushroom or whatever sauce you want on it and it's still good. I had a milspec that was 33/350 When I pulled the head was actually 358 grams. I had a Bettinardi that said 353 grams, it was 352. I loved both putters. Performance was close but one paid attention to detail pretty well, the other did not.
  15. I hope buyers appreciate the small differences. The no pocket in this one makes it rare for a BB1 style.
  16. He was well loved. All those wonderful memories inside all those people. You will have many options to call when you need to reminisce.
  17. My private club has always had a policy that there have to be at least 2 players and signing the card for a score to count. Not so much for vanity caps, but for sandbaggers.
  18. Ns Pro 850s are easy on the joints, fly high, and are under 90 grams. That is 30+ grams lighter than your DGs. The added distance is from the lighter weight. The 750s are even more of that.
  19. NS Pro 850s or 750s in steel may be an option. They play slightly weak to flex so a softstepped regular flex may work. The 750s are expensive though because of wrap technology.
  20. I had one that I actually hit well. The color combo of the persimmon look and a GD DI 6 was just too ugly. And maybe I just got a bad one but it looked closed. I even shimmed it a bit open but didn't help much.
  21. I think the era of playing safe just to cash a check is over. For those high up on the big TOUR financial security is now easy to be found off the course. This allows these guys to be hard nose once again. They can no longer play to make the cut on Thursdays and Fridays. Moving day is not Saturday, moving day now starts when you put the tee in the ground on Thursday. I also think the young guys get a little jealous when the light is a tad brighter on the other guy.
  22. If I'm not mistaken most drivers out there are 59* lie angle. TM and Ping are 59-60*. Callaway is usually slightly flatter. Is the Grenade bendable when you order it?
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