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  1. The reward is in hitting a good shot when luck had deserted you on the previous one.
  2. Yes the divot in the fairway is unfair but when do you consider a mark on the fairway still a divot? What if it is half healed? For us that play lousy courses it may be easy to confuse with any other mark left by a pushcart or a small mower.
  3. There are products over here sold in golf stores. A thin rubber ring about 3/4" wide that serves the same purpose. I have a couple in my locker at the club. I'll post pics.
  4. You cannot guarantee they will be legal after. I've seen one used and if you use it with extra effort the spaces and edges created could be illegal.
  5. Just a different point of view. I have never had Scors but I had 2 sets of Cobra SS Forged. SS=skid sole. A very similar grind to the Scors. I noticed when chipping the ball would react differently than with non skid sole. Yes it was definitely more forgiving on the chunky shot but it also seemed like the ball would roll up the face a little more before it would grab (moreso on those slightly chunky shots). It spun less then. I have no explanation for it. Just real world experience. FYI I also use MD2s now and among all the newer wedges those and the RTX spin the most for me.
  6. I put a bet on Levine at 600 to 1. I also had Finau but scratched him last minute for a safer Snedeker pick.
  7. Bang 525. Non conforming size and CoR. Quite playable as well.
  8. Kevlar Green in Reg (D20) flex. Can we request a certain tip trim? The website says 240cpm for regular and 255 for stiff. Presuming the same butt clamp for the shafts I order I generally play 245-250 depending on tip stiffness.
  9. Similar to the Mercury Shafts from the early 2000s? Rolled Kevlar as well.
  10. Retief and Ryo would have so many wins if PGA tour events were only 2 days Tiger needs to be like Jack in 80-86. Played less than minimum events, but was in top 5 GIR and top 5 in total driving. Jack only won 4-6xs though because he putted terrible.
  11. Which begs the question, should they go back to the original age requirements.
  12. That's a lot of offset for a heel shafted mallet.
  13. A few things here and there. For current: the VPCs don't have the black coating on the back. For older stuff the VRS Forged appeared in Asia 2 years before as SQ forged irons iirc. I still have a T100 hybrid from the early 2000s- a titianium half wood/half iron. Stock shafts are different. Bag and shoes almost all the same except maybe 1 or 2 more models. Balls all the same. I think Nike in Jp has the same issues everywhere else. Everyone oohs and aahs over the equipment but ends up buying nike shirts and shoes then a Callaway/TM driver-irons only in Japan they buy Toustage, XX
  14. Yes I understand there is a process. I was discussing the OP's point of view that there are players on the Champions Tour that are winning that don't have a name recognition, a track record or even a pedigree and that there is something wrong with that. Personally I don't think there is. I enjoyed watching Alan Doyle with that "quirky" swing play 2 great years on the Champions Tour (around 2000-2001?). I enjoy seeing these "non-flat bellies" still be able to score. It gives me hope for my 27 holes a week hack swing when I do finally hit 50-55 and have a hard time walking 18 holes
  15. From a different perspective. Guys who probably never really gave a pro career a good shot now have that opportunity. IMHO It would be extremely difficult to put a criteria based on that POV. What would you need to qualify? To have an actual PGA Tour win? To have played on the PGA Tour at least 2 years, 3 years, or even event based 5 events-15 events. What about Europeans/guys who played the European Tour? Even then a few guys who will qualify based on that criteria will still be not familiar names. Camilo Villegas will be a more popular name than Scott Piercy even though I think their car
  16. 1. Bubba 2. Tom Watson 3. 3 bogeys (1 double) 4. Lowest score 66
  17. Oosthuizen by 2, Sergio top 5, Spieth lower top 10. Tiger will make noise Friday but will out of top 15 by Sunday. I just hope the commentators are good. It has been real hit or miss lately.
  18. Pareto principle. I think that what Trump subscribes to as a businessman. 80% of sales-profit comes from 20%. So he would rather concentrate on making $130 from the guy paying $200 on his upscale course or like some putter makers making $400 off a $80 putter than $20 in volume from the guy paying $42. Only the elite have the disposable income for that to work.
  19. Someone tell Day it is not against the rules to have your caddy pick up the ball out of the cup for you.
  20. 4:30 AM where I am, this is going to be a ton of coffee.
  21. My dark horse. Zach Johnson. Low ball straight hitter that makes a lot of difficult putts.
  22. In general for full swings, pitches, even putts....tempo. Not enough play or long lay offs will result in deceleration, quick backswings, etc on all types of shots.
  23. My partner and I (small retail store) were discussing what to purchase as inventory early this year. Nike is such a strange animal in our small golfing market. So many people ask about the products, so many people ask when the new clubs are coming in. However people still end up buying just soft goods. Shirts, shoes, and gloves. The products themselves are above average performance wise, but actual purchases still don't reach the hype. I guess Nike truly is a spectacular marketing company. Will they eventually get there where sales match hype and performance (like bball and running
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