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  1. Yep, Duo's in the winter feel like a normal ball.
  2. I fled the frozen north and played 36 in sunny St. George this weekend... and really regretted it. Played terribly. Everything going 10% less and I could not adjust to the dormant wirey Bermuda. I should have steered for those bent/blue courses down here (it's about half and half), but I didn't. I played two Bermuda courses back to back and shot a miserable 87 and 83, one birdie in two days. Scors were horrible, just awful. I probably chunked a dozen Scor shots that went no further than 40-60 yards. It felt like learning that your beloved wife was a stripper in a previous life.
  3. I've dremeled and hacked, but I found that a metal angle grinder works best. Goes through graphite like butter and with a very straight cut.
  4. Man, my game is in a real funk right now. I played a bunch over the Tday holiday weekend and it was all bad. I think I made only 1 birdie and 1 eagle Total over about five rounds. Two sided miss with the driver and usually short, I can't find my swing. Fwoods good, longer irons lousy, Scors only okay, putts - nothing dropping. That's a recipe for 80's golf for me. I think I need a break and will probably have one forced upon me by weather soon.
  5. I confess, I could never figure it out or see it, in spite of being told how to do it several times. So I've never used it. Consequently, there's no hope I'll ever figure out the Adam Scott thing. Ya gotta go to school for that one, anyway.
  6. I once got a 6 on a par 4 after hitting driver to the front fringe, used my putter and hit it off the back fringe. Putter again 20 feet past and three more putts. I think that still counts.
  7. I've played both Lakota Canyon and Rustic Canyon. Rustic a fine course but it is too close to the population center of LA so it is frequently crowded. Lakota Canyon is in the middle of nowhere, I only played there because I was driving from SLC to Denver on I-70. It is a fun course because nearly every tee is elevated and you are playing at such a high elevation that I guarantee you will hit the longest drives of your life there.
  8. Anyone who moves the needle, don't care if they are jerks or not. Will they sell clubs or cars or hats or insurance? That is the question. My guess is that Bubba moves the needle more for Ping than Adam does for Titleist. Likewise, Ricky is a needle mover who doesn't win much. Arnold and Jack's names will do more to move real estate devopments than any of the others. I just read an article about Dwayne The Rock Johnson, the focus of which dealt with his promotional savvy. He gets roles because producers know that he will promote the crap out of whatever film he is in and he has a huge fan base overseas. He's a needle mover.
  9. I just played in a modified stableford where doubles or worse were -1, bogies 0, pars 1, birdies 3, and eagles 6. I can tell you that 15 pars and a few bogies would have gotten in the money. My partner did well with 10 total points. I had friggin 5 because the doubles were killers, not only did they set me back, but they took away a chance to notch another solid +1. Play safe, play for par, don't short side yourself. In your format two pars = more than one birdie! No reward for eagle or albatross, not even worth the risk if any risk is involved.
  10. Stunk it up yesterday with a 7 over 78, no birdies, not even a close call. Howling 25 mile an hour canyon wind that made every drive go either 245 or 310. Botched my 2nd shot on all four par 4's, so guess who'll be working on his fairway woods at the range this week? Hit some more great Scor shots, though. Replaced the 9 iron with a Scor 41 bent to 40 and like its siblings it goes high and straight and spins. Perhaps too much, because I had two come back a bit whereas my old 9 skipped forward a touch. Weird thing was that I drove the ball superbly and it did nothing for my overall score. Likewise I've had rounds lately where I drove the ball badly, but my irons were on and I broke 70.
  11. Had a Bill Murray Zombieland moment today. Drove by the course a 2:00, sunny and 70 degrees -- and nobody in the parking lot. Maybe 5 cars. What gives? So I just walked on. Played a quick nine, hit 8 of 9 greens, sank ZERO puts and had a 36. Driving home I realized it was Mormon General Conference. All the LatterDay Saints were in church. I guess I was in my own sorta church -- Our Lady of Green Fairways.
  12. Sure, I do this regularly. In my life I had periods of golf hibernation where I literally didn't play at all for 4-5 years. 1979-1988, 1997-2002, 2005-2011. In between, I played like a fiend possessed. Usually I would play until I lowered my handicap until it was about scratch, just over, then I would get bored knowing that if I went out again I was just gonna come home with 2-3 birdies and 3-5 bogeys and the rest boring pars. What's the point? So I would give it up completely, do other things and then I'd get so bad, sinking down to like a 10 or so, that I'd have a challenge in improving again. I'm reaching that boredom point again. Golf equipment isn't improving, my game is in a period of stasis. I did have a career low round this year on my home course, but my eagle count is way off last year's pace and hcp isn't getting lower. The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that golf has never been cheaper and the courses are empty! I'm like a pig in slop. Which reminds me of the old joke about is there golf in heaven? Of course there's golf in heaven (in case you're wondering) but there's also golf in hell -- the difference being in Hell its just 6 hour rounds behind packed foursomes of ladies while you have to hit rock-flites with a forged 2 iron and no beer.
  13. Shoot, I've only got the little one. It's about 15" when compacted. Like a bread knife. I've got to get one of those 14 footers, but I doubt the aluminum sections would stay straight at that length. Maybe I can just buy the screw in heads. And to be fair, no retriever lasts that long in my hands. One year is about it. I'll usually forget to compact it and hit a tree.
  14. I'm a retriever fanatic. The Igotcha head is easily the best ball capturing design out there, but it is FRAGILE and breaks frequently. Your warranty will get plenty of use. The other drawback is they are not long enough. 6-8 feet just doesn't feed the shag bag. But I solved that by taking the head off of my 24 foot two cone scooper, drilling through the handle of my IGotcha and clamping it onto the end of the other headless 2-cone with thumbscrews. Now I have a two-stage 30 footer and nothing escapes my grasp! I get all the ones you just can't reach.
  15. Purty shaft. Stick that G30 review in the G30 thread so I don't have to yak about it and we can see what you think!
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