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  1. John Daly with health problems at a relatively young age. Who could have possibly predicted it?
  2. I had a chance to score keep for Max Bonk a PEG staffer at the Utah Open last week. Great kid, hits 270 plus driving irons. I eyeballed his PEG irons and woods all day. I can say they are pretty, but too much MB club for me. Scary looking old style blades with holes drilled in the back. His driver had a noticeably different sound from the TMag and Srixon drivers of the guys in his group, but he hit it a ton. Rarely used it though, prefering to hit that high 2 iron on most holes.
  3. If you want the best JDM equipment, TourSpec and Fairways are the only ways to go and be sure of no counterfeits. But be prepared to sell your soul.
  4. Fair enough....but then ya gotta call Mr. Woods "Eldrick" from now on as well. And Lord knows what you'd say if you were in the gallery following the two of them paired with Lew Alcindor and Cassius Clay at the Crosby Clambake.
  5. What are you guys oohing and aahing over? All I see is a flying right elbow, poor hip rotation, a too steep backswing, and a too-weak, separated baseball grip. (To self) Must...stop...obsessing....over...golf...so.... much. To be serious for a moment, I don't think this rumor is true because Amanda isn't Tiger's type. She's too ethnic.
  6. Turns out, I've actually played this course and it's no patty cake track. 71.7/139 from the whites! I remember it ate me alive and none of the holes he scored aces on are just roll 'em up, nurse 'em onto the greens sorts of holes. Take a look at them from the tees. Does looking at them make you more or less skeptical?
  7. There have been a few cases of double aces in the same round. I say "a few", probably worldwide in history you could count them with all your fingers and toes. That's how rare they are. A guy was recognized by the PGA for doing it in 2014. His odds? 67 million to 1. What are the odds of Mr. Wills doing 3 and two of them on par 4's? Probably in the hundreds of billions to 1 -- in other words, not possible. So what are the odds of any other witnesses beside the Wills kids and their buddy to these aces? Probably even lower, is my guess. A guy makes a hole in one on a pa
  8. oh, okay, I missed the Plus four. If he's a plus four the scores are very doable, especially when he's seal clubbing from the whites. And he probably won low gross 20 times. That's also doable. And the 22 aces over a lifetime, also within the bounds of statistical probability. I know a senior lady with about an 8 handicap who's had 17. It's the 3 in one round, two on par fours that still bug me.
  9. We're in for a fun year and half of loopiness to see which party can back into the White House. The one that makes the fewest face-plants. Maybe Trump's in the field to make the others look like the sane, reasonable choices.
  10. Yeah.... and two of them on par fours. In a tournament playing from the whites? He's a "4" handicap, shoots 57, 68, and 66 in a tournament which he has won 20 times. Witnesses are two of his sons and a military buddy. Has had 22 aces, supposedly all in tournaments. Nah, I don't smell anything fishy at all in this story. He's probably also won four lotteries in a row and regularly gets bj's from Megan Fox.
  11. I buy and sell and restore a lot of these. Their serial numbers indicate that they were among the last sets made before the switch to +'s, but even pristine, they are not worth 5 grand. These are wall hangers, not clubs to play with and even then retail I'd say would be $2K to 2.5 tops. You can get really good condition, very lightly used i2 copper sets for $300 or so. That said the L wedge might fetch $300 alone, the S wedge $150. The grips do look really good, but rubber deteriorates on its own with exposure to air, regardless of play, so you can't play 25 year old grips comfortably n
  12. Just thought I'd chime in. Like Rookie, I've been amazed at how far off stated spec new sets have been, but then I have my own clubs checked and bent about twice a year cause they move so much. Out of 9 clubs, 2 or 3 are always tweaked. Usually the wedges. They simply move and change. Sometimes I can see and feel it. I've taken clubs in and said to the guy "This is 1 degree flat, but it should be 1 degree up" and been right. Nothing moved easier than my old Ping ISI nickels. You breathed on them they bent. My wife could bend them in her hands. That said, on the spot BEN
  13. I'm not a tester, but I'm one of the very few who will play the Wilson balls by choice -- WHEN I can get them cheap. The Duo has been my absolute go to ball in cold weather for two years. I won't hit anything else. When the temp dips below 40, the Duo's softness becomes "normal" and it goes much further than just about anything else. In warm weather, it runs out of gas for me off a driver and doesn't seem quite as long. I've never been bothered by its sponginess while putting, but I've had several other single digit friends who couldn't bear it and tossed it aside after a couple of put
  14. I've just started home brewing, on my 3rd batch, so I can give you some of the pro's and cons. Pro's - It's fun and the beer produced is very good (at least mine have been). Con's - It's not cheaper than just buying beer, even after you amortize the equipment costs over many batches and it takes a LOT of time. It is one month from cooking the mash to drinking the bottles and 2 to 3 hours of uninterrupted cooking time on the first day. One gallon yields only 10 bottles of beer! So it's nowhere near worth it time or money wise unless you do 5 gallons at a time, which will keep yo
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