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  1. Yup. Working in news will do that.
  2. PGA West is my favorite out there. That's the Dye course, which is super cheap in the shoulder season but goes up quickly in winter. I forget the other course I played out there, but PGA west always my pick.
  3. In August/September I played a quirky tournament for a day but since that point only played a 9 holer. This weekend went out to Pinehurst and played 8 (greens were rock hard but fun) and 2. I found every bunker on two I could possibly try to. At a point, even the caddy was roasting me all in good fun. First few rounds of 23 are in the book and can't wait to actually get going here in Ohio.
  4. Played two rounds at the usual course... both from the blue tees. Both rounds ended up with 9 hole scores of 46. Both ended up doubling the last hole. I'm playing ok right now but struggling to hit irons on target-- getting the distance right for the most part but still tugging/pushing a bit. I've also struggled with the wedges again so need to iron that out to get my scores down this season.
  5. Finally got around to playing this year. First in Florida where played a couple of courses in the Daytona area. Was nice just to get back out but scores were not promising. After a week back in Indiana, played my home course and broke 90 twice from the whites. Last year was a struggle and was surprised to break 90 this early in the year--- but it was also from a shorter tee. On the other hand, I'm out of golf walking shape-- both rounds I tired drastically on the back with upper 40s after low 40s on the front.
  6. Sorry to be late for the thread. Had to pull a double at work due to a major snow on my birthday after sleeping the night before work. It's been a heck of a month so far. Thanks for all the wishes.
  7. Played my 9 hole Saturday morning around without anyone. First off the tee in the morning -- but got maybe 5 hours of sleep when I needed 10 because of the weekday. Ended up carding a 45 despite feeling completely undepowered. Managed to get the second birdie of the year on 8 but took an awful bogey on 9. My game has completely turned around now that I have confidence in my putter. Even my chipping and pitching is serviceable after a year in the wilderness. If it gets any better, I may be back to 4-5 years ago when I was playing about as well as I ever have.
  8. Played two nines and neither were good or bad. Played the front both times shot 47 from the blues but had a lot of errors and couldn't hit an iron. Tuesday was league night and position night. My partner started the round off by hitting his first 10 yards... directly into the lake. I fought the driver and irons for the first few holes but my putting saved the day. Three weeks ago I had zero confidence in the putter but now I feel like everything is going to go in from inside of 6-7 feet. Other than a pulled putt on 9 with the match won, I didn't miss a single one inside of 5 foot and was hitting lags very close. Ended up with a 44 after taking a 7 on the 6th. Really starting to gain confidence now that putting is on the way back. Once my short game comes around I think I'll be back down to around a 12 handicap.
  9. The first week or two of April was really warm and dry. Since that point, it's been wet and cold outside of a few days. Last week our 2nd week of league was played in drizzle/light rain and temps around 50. Winds were gusting to 25 which didn't help either although my game was way, way off. I shot a horrendous 52 including hitting the ball off the edge of the club twice, dunking two in the water on a hole and lipping some edges. Tuesday I had a plan at the range -- try to take the club back inside to feel a hook swing. Ended up not using that swing thought for long instead letting the club rotate more on the way back. On the course, I fought my swing much of the day but my misses were playable but a full club short. Ended up also hitting a bunch of 4-5 footers that I had no confidence in two weeks ago. I parred out the last 3 holes including hitting a 5 foot downhiller that either goes in or off the green. That gave me average and a point. Luckily the weather is going to be warmer and hopefully I'll be able to play more than just once a week on league night.
  10. Played Tuesday. Weather was solid with highs in the 70s and maybe low 80s. Course was slammed as you can imagine which meant a lot of hit and wait. Had a few pars and a couple of doubles. Ended with a 46 which seems to be my going average. If I'm going to improve this year my short game and putting has to be much better.
  11. After a two week hiatus due to rain and cold I got back out yesterday. Didn't sleep well Saturday and woke up with a knot in the hamstring and some low back tightness. Ended up carding a 50 where nothing went right. Missed putts (lots of 30 footers left to 6-7 feet), multiple blown chips, a few really nice irons followed by duds of chips/pitches. Basically everything was out of whack. Think I'm going to go on a stretching/rolling program to try to get my lower area back to order.
  12. Played 3rd 9 of 2021 and mirrored a lot of my rounds so far. Couldn't hit the driver on a few holes and had to scramble. Had a 3 putt while mulling over a swing change and not devoting attention to the 4 foot comeback. Parred the next hole. Then took an ugly ugly ESC 8 by nearly hitting an iron lay up in the water, chipping it out, thinning a short iron into a bunker and taking 2 to get out of the sand. Of course that was the 9th hole and was on pace to end with a 45 with a par... instead ended with a 48. Bah.
  13. Walked into work and checked the forecast. Welp. Looks like a wet week and with temps in the 50s during the day, it will be so sopping wet I don't know how playable things will be after Thursday. May take until next week until it's fully dry again.
  14. Weekend looks to be dry and warmer with highs in the 60s into next week. Problem is just got a half inch to inch of rain today so it's going to take 2-3 days to dry everything out and make it playable again.
  15. Had a nice day yesterday before we got socked with rain today. Carded a 46 from the blues which is within a few strokes of being average but still subpar Problem was I lost track of the wind on #9 and hit an iron directly into it with a draw... that took it straight into water left. On par 3 I blew two chips and made a 7 footer to save triple. Also missed a 5 footer for the first birdie of the year. On the other hand, those rounds last year would have been a disaster without any hope. Seems I at least kept myself in the game up until 9.
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