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  1. made around a 20 foot putt to save bogey on the last hole at French Lick. Broke about 6 inches and dropped dead center. Great way to end a round.
  2. Played a disastrous 52 from the blues at my home course. Probably had the roadtrip on my mind, but struggled with everything. Road tripped from IN to MS and stopped at French Lick on the way. Played 18 in 3.5ish hours. Course was empty other than 4 somes but kept running into them on the back. Shot an impressive 92 considering how hilly the course is, the fact I had no idea about correct lines and the wind. Winds started to howl on the back and 2-3 holes played directly into it including the 600 yard par 5. Tried playing in MS but the weather wouldn't cooperate. Ended up playing 4 holes and was not exactly lighting the world up. My putting is still letting me down but the weather was also atrocious.
  3. Just got back from Mississippi where my one round was rained out. Round at French Lick was breezy but warm. Rest of the week is hit and miss. Should be 70s today through Thursday but won't be able to play Thursday due to rain. Depending on how heavy it is, may not get more than one or two rounds in this week.
  4. Worth pointing out you should probably measure your first putt distance and give yourself an idea of a typical leave and judge off that. The idea is we should all 1 putt from 1-2 foot. Let's say you have four in a round, does that mean that 32 putts is an indication of a good round vs one where you didn't have any first putt within 15 feet and putted 36 times? Or is that just short game being good and the rest of the putts were disasters? On the opposite end (and probably closer to where I lie on the spectrum of good vs bad putts) I had 3-4 3- putts the last few rounds, but I've also had 70 footers on multiple holes. Point is Putts per hole and GIR are great but don't think they give you an idea of where you need to work on until you dive into typical leave distance. If yours is 10% or less and you aren't hitting a lot of GIR's may just be the greens being small.
  5. Played another 27 bringing by yearly total up to nearly ten in three weeks. Played 36 since the last update and was hoping for better and nearly got there before melting down. First round: 46/50 for a 96. Could not stop the bleeding on the back with pars and a lot of doubles and extras. Driver was fine by irons were hit well just pushed and pulled and still couldn't chip. On Friday I get out and had the course to myself for the most part. Ended up shooting 91 but had a 5! putt 17th and and 3 putt 18th. The 17 was frustrating because I hit a decent iron that went up the green and ended up on the back fringe. The first putt I tapped to get rolling and stopped halfway. I did the same with the second putt but it died halfway again despite putting the same speed. The third putt which was 7-8 foot ran 15 foot by the hole. Two putted from there to bring it to a 7. I managed 7 fairways and 8 greens but could only put down a 90. (part of the reason is the green are aerated and still very bumpy from the winter. Next day had a ton of work but managed to sneak in 9 before my parents rolled into town. Ended up with a 48 from the blues vs the whites. Didn't strike the ball nearly as well but scrambled a lot better but still couldn't putt including a 4 and 3 putt in 9 holes. Ill start worrying about the putter soon because so far it's been trash.
  6. Weekend turned out fantastic few days of 60s and 70s. This week is up and down. Will try to play Thursday but have a trip planned. Rest of the week here is truly spring 2 chances of rain, one day in the 40s, two in the 50s, two in the sixties and two in the 70s.
  7. Got two rounds in before today's rain. Played 9 Monday and shot 49. I'm still adjusting to the new year but I started striping my irons and driver. I felt somewhat confident going into the round yesterday that I'd be lower 90s on my 3rd 18 hole round of the year. I started somewhat well with a 46 including a disasterous 3 putt double bogey on 9. But then the wheels came off next three holes with double triple and then a 3 putt bogey. Ended up with two more nice pars on the back but still shot 96. Slowly my game is coming into form as my irons are crisp but currently not in the right direction. Still can't chip or pitch to save my life which is why my scores are so high.
  8. Furyk miss the cut. Wonderful. I'll go Shane Lowry. Score Still stands.
  9. Nothing like nailing the prediction. Officially got 1.88 inches of rain Thursday-Saturday plus a half inch of heavy wet snow. Worst part is yesterday was only 34 for a few hours if that, so not sure how much has evaporated/soaked in. Rest of the week is hit and miss, Thursday's got washout written all over it but Wednesday doesn't look bad at all. Neither does Friday if it's not underwater again.
  10. The guy is in the wrong. There's nothing wrong with playing quick and still letting someone play through. I've done it before where someone keeps on your tail and you realize they are just better and faster than you are.
  11. Music on the course should be banned or played that only your cart can hear it. I don't want to hear someone's country or rap soundtrack 3 holes over. I came to get away from everything not have someone blasting music.
  12. I know you can't make them if you leave them short as opposed to hitting it long and the hole ending up in the path, but I also wonder about 3 putt avoidance. I missed about 3-4 putts within 2 feet (well within gimme range) the last round, but all were 20-25 footers. I'm not sure if I have the touch to add 2 feet vs blowing it by 6 feet and having to make 4 and 5 foot comeback putts.
  13. I downed two samplers of irish whiskey yesterday. One was a peated irish whiskey which honestly wasn't too bad. The irishman 12 year may end up being a bottle I pick up and keep in stock as a backup to scotch.
  14. First three rounds are in the books. I only planned on playing twice but went to the gym and found out I left my clothes at home. By then I said eh let me just go play golf. First round of the year was with sopping wet fairways and 20 mile per hour winds. 2nd round was much nicer weather but still really cool. Both rounds I was hitting 2-3 clubs shorter than usual. The latest round I was back to normal. Id have to add up the first 2 rounds but shot 98, 97, and 49. The 49 was after starting with two sevens and 3 jacking the par 5 9th. I seemed to have gotten my chipping game together so I should be able to start putting non catastrophic rounds together. My second round I managed two birdies but had two others right after.
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