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  1. As someone who lived in Arizona for the better part of 3 years. Hydration hydration hydration. Especially if the water is cold, it can be a life saver. My record was 5 water bottles on the course and a 6th in the car. Played twice after my 35. Had to find out if it was the barefeet that made the difference from that under par round. I played another 9 barefoot at our sister course Thursday and started bogey bogey. After that, I was even coming in. Other than a ball in the water on an island green and a follow up birdie after driving the green on a par 4, they were almost all tap in p
  2. After the tournament took an entire week off after feeling burnt out on golf. Somehow it's made my game even better despite.. well ...find out below. Monday showed up to league night against the nemesis team. They've beaten us twice and it's been death-match when it comes to gimmies. My partner had a rough round but I pulled together my best 9 ever. Shot 35, although probably would have shot 38 or so with the amount of putts given. I hit a 15 foot birdie putt and then next hole went driver 5 iron chip for an eagle 3. Shot of the day was probably the last hole, 192 yards with water
  3. It's been about a month but the trend line for this year continues. This week it was 46 in league after dumping 2 into the water on the 3rd hole. I ended up taking a 9 which effectively took me out of the match as my opponent decided it was his day to shoot 5 under his handicap Sunday wrapped up the club championship tournament. Day one was a disaster with a 9 on the same hole, a 50 total on the front followed by a 49 on the back. . Day two I was striking the ball a lot more consistent, but my putting decided not to show up. Ended up with a 91 including a rash of 3 putts and even a
  4. I think I've finally turned the corner and playing to my full ability. Played league last night and shot 40 on the back which up until last week 45 was my best score. I missed 2 putts of 8-12 feet but made a bomb of one from 35 feet that broke 6 foot right. My irons are crisp, the drives are straight enough that I have confidence and my wedges are finally coming together. The last two rounds before that were all in the low 40s on the front which is normal. Now I'm even playing better on the back 9 which is the big challenge. Last year around this time I started to play better and better b
  5. Well interesting set of 9 hole rounds the past few days. Played the back and the front 9s over the past week. The back 9 was in league night and went to the range. Fired off a couple of shots and found a swing that worked tentatively. I ended up being able to fire irons but drives were all over which was great for about half of the holes. I carded a 45 but should have been better had I not taken a triple on the last hole. I also double the second to last hole after nearly dumping a tee shot in the water. Got a quick lesson based off the video from a guy at work who used to be an assi
  6. Tonight is league play so hoping for different results on the back 9 then the last few times I've played this side. But last round I played was interesting: opened with double, bogey, triple, double. Then went bogey par bogey par par finish on the front. Good enough for a 46 and a heck of a rally. The back 9 was cartoonish levels of bad. Ended up with a 53 for a 99. My drives went all over the place including one in a bunker and two in the water. Hit an iron OOB and one into a creek. Just a complete disaster. My guess is my energy levels lagged and I ran out of steam. Not sure, but
  7. Well this June/July has been interesting. Going back 2 weeks I've had a 39 on the front. Since then it's been 54 on the back, 50 on the back, 99 total including a 48 on the front. Needless to say going into league play last night I was not exactly optimistic. Got some time on the range and after duff after duff videod myself and saw the problem. I had been so worried about pulling to the inside that I was basically killing lunch coming over the top. Didn't get enough time/balls to iron out everything but I was at least not snap hooking. As for the round. +4 40 with one 3 putt and a d
  8. I think I've shot 1-2 over on 9 before. That's about the best I can do. I've had 2-3 rounds where I've had 3 birdies and 3-4 others. Those rounds are frustrating where you play really well on some holes and play like a turd on others.
  9. I've had the most erratic week of golf I think ever. Last Monday went out and shot 39 and played lights out. Played Thursday and shot over 50 on the back. Figured it was hot and I was physically shot from working out. Then yesterday went out and shot 49 with probably 25 feet of putts given to me. I'm not sure how you go from hitting 280 yard drives to not being able to do anything but hit low hooks everywhere but I've done it. I can't figure out why I'm pulling across my body on the follow through but it's messing with my game.
  10. Playing into a club and a half wind slightly up hill on a very wide but little depth par 3. Hit a pitching wedge just about dead on the line to the pin, but had a ton of side spin. Ended up 12-15 feet away and drained the putt for a birdie. It was a perfect shot especially since everyone else missed the green or in my partners case was a mile away and barely on.
  11. I made a Piwo Grodziskie (Gro-Jee Ski Uh for those wondering how to say it.) It's like a blue moon or wheat beer with a slight smoky flavor at the end. It's going to become a favorite over the summer months.
  12. Worked on shifting my weight onto the balls of my feet as I get into the longer clubs. I realized that I was so far on my heels that I was pulling around and hooking everything. After 30-40 mins on the range I started to slam my driver maybe not laser straight, but enough that it's playable and close enough to the fairway.
  13. Played a few rounds the last week. Compeltely opposite rounds. Shot 49 Sunday morning and had to walk off the course. Every drive was being hookedleft and I could barely hit the ball 225 yards. Even my irons were going hard left but more of a pull rather than hook. I went to the range before men's league to try to figure out why. Took me about 45 minutes but realized I had all the weight on my heels. Great for my wedges (which had been a problem early in the year), but awful for anything bigger than a half wedge. The next round I shot 38 including two birdies and 4 pars. Only real b
  14. Manage to play twice over last week. Played early Sunday morning and shot 45-50. Started double triple double followed by 4 holes of even par followed by a double bogey. Back 9 was rough with a few really bad holes including dunking the ball on the par 5. Played the back 9 in mens league and shot 3 strokes better although I could have easily been 4-5. Blew up on the par 5 again this time near the green. I had 5 shots within 30 yards of the green including blading a pitch, hitting the resulting chip way short and getting stuck on the fringe, hitting the lag 6 foot long and then burning an
  15. Cristobal will hopefully bring us some rain. course is playing very dry right now which means tacking on another 10-20 yards every hole. After that should be relatively dry but also cooler with highs in the 70 through the weekend.
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