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  1. My course is public but I have a membership which gives me access to the league and other fun stuff. I personally love it because you can get out go play and not worry about finishing a round if your'e busy or something comes up during the week. The weekly tournaments are nice and the members are great. The the two things I'd look for is how the members are (whether or not you can meet people and feel welcomed) and then two whether they have any rules or restrictions for non voting members. (my course limits morning rounds on weekends, so I have to go full membership)
  2. Last week it was 89 on monday and Tuesday after record breaking heat. We had 71 yesterday which was pretty nice. 50s are expected this weekend. Starting to get to that point where morning rounds will be in a winter jacket and evening rounds in a sweater.
  3. You and every other winter visitor will start to get on the courses in Yuma all at once. I hated that time of year only because there would be 5 hour rounds when there were only 4 hours of daylight left. You tag the wrong person Rev? ------ My usual weekly post: 3 rounds in a row breaking 90 with two coming at my home course which is encouraging. Better yet, I did this one without a good putting game which usually masks poor ball striking or short game. This is the first time my driver and irons both carried the day and kept me in play in probably two I would have loved to see my strokes gained- I hit three 8-15 footers but missed five or six 5 footers which are usually money for me. I could not get a read from in close which is odd. Sadly I just missed a personal best of 87 by a 12 footer that hit the edge. Either way I'm happy there's been progress this year after the last two years where I struggled to break 90 routinely.
  4. Finally had two back to back rounds in the 80s for the first time in at least a year if not two. Started out with a 87 at the secondary course I get with my membership. Started on the back which I only played once and it was a roller coaster. Had a bunch of pars a few bogeys and a few others. Went back to my home course which I've found very difficult due to the combination of distance and angles. Every par 3 has trouble left including 3 holes with water and there's several holes where a lay up is where you hit 3 wood instead of driver. The low light was 17 where I hit a knock down 8 iron into a river trying to stay short of the green. (Mission accomplished). Highlight was getting up and down from 40 yards and sinking a 12 footer for par. With the weather changing, the course will likely play a lot tougher due to soft turf and less distance. I'm already looking forward to summer golf next year.
  5. We cranked 89 yesterday. It was summer like. On Friday we may not see 60. I think this is it for summer golf and it'll be back to fall golf in the not to distant future. Can't wait to have to club up every hole and then two clubs when it gets wet.
  6. Well the last three rounds were something else. Had an 18 hole round where I was shooting 36 through 8 and was on track for breaking 90. On the back I blew up shooting a 50 and ended up shooting 93. Then last week I played and shot a very fortuante 40. The type of round where every shot was hit very thing but runs dead straight at pins. My putting and chipping was on point and ended up shooting well below my handicap. Then came the mens league and playoffs. I started out hot with two pars. The guy I played against also had two pars. I got a hole ahead of him with a par on 4, Otherwise it was two players playing lights out. We both shot 4 over 40's but I won after taking a bogey on the hole I got a stroke on. My partner had a rough go of it early but rallied valiantly but it wasn't enough as we ended up losing by one hole. A few missed birdie putts would have changed the match drastically but it was a tough ask. Then again so were two 18 handicappers shooting 40. (for the record, I used to play to a 12 but have struggled over the last two years so this is more of a return to form then anything else)
  7. Played Saturday and played horrendously. Before that had two rounds where I would have broken 90 or given it a good run. This time around wasn't even close. I've realized that par 3's are killing me. I went triple (water), double, bogey, double. It's like I can't hit a green to save my life on par 3's and then can't get up and down. The rest of the nine wasn't banner, but at least I had some glimpses. Ended with a 47-49 for 96 easily over my handicap.
  8. Played Saturdya morning. Mid 50's to around 70 and dry. Had a windbreaker to start but dumped it around hole 7.
  9. I'm exactly this person. What it boils down to in my book was A) practicing on a different surface or a slow green then moving to a faster green or B) mechanical flaw that is throwing distance. The two are distinct problems with the difference being the average miss. Are you consistently short or long? Do you find the green super fast or slow while everyone else thinks they are ok? That's problem A. I haven't found a solution that truly works for A other than playing the course over and over. Earlier this year I was blowing everything by the hole and now it's slightly the opposite. Might have to do with the greens early on or just being a new course. Now most days I have a feel, but there's the occasional day where it's obvious they are slower/faster than I think. Sometimes I can't adjust other times I can. Problem B is where a good teacher comes in. That or just working on a swing thought until you find one that works. For me, it was becoming more closed to the ball which helped me hit the ball straighter rather than pull/push it. That caused about a 2 week swoon in putting during the middle of the season. The only other thing I'd look at is how tough a putt is. 6 footers from odd angles are much tougher. If you play back your putts you may find a few that are within range but are trickier than your average putt from the same distance.
  10. No. Should be a below average year when it comes to number of storms. However, all it takes is one big one and everyone remembers the year. source: I work as a meteorologist.
  11. Played a few times. Played like garbage last week in our match, but wouldn't have mattered. Played a 25 handicap from the FORWARD tees who had an easy 45. Not be outdown, this week played another guy from the forward tees who shot 48 but had an 8 and a 6. Basically, they are shooting what 5-6 below handicap. At best I was 2-3 strokes under handicap due to getting par on par 3''s, one was matched by my player. I'm playing today and seems like I was really on one last time out. WE'll see if that carries over.
  12. Had our club championship this weekend and my have things changed since the last one I played in over 5 years ago. One I'm no longer a 12 handicap, I'm pretty much a 18. Number two the struggle was real on Sunday. Saturday I had a great round going up until 15 a long par 5 along water. After dunking one in the lake, I pulled the next one into a ditch, lost my footing, hit a poor chip tapping in for a 9. On 18 I 4 putted from an inch off the rough from 15. Sunday conditions were not good. The course was wet, but it was breezy. The scores in my flight were all 5-6 strokes higher than yesterday. My score was 101, but also had a 10 and 7 on the same nine. This year is so frustrating because I'm about 5-10 strokes worse than last year. I haven't had any consistency from round to round and it's one thing after the other. When I drive it, my irons are awful, when I can chip and putt, I can't stay on the course. Next year will be interesting now that I have a full year on this course.
  13. Broke my shaft on the driver and got it replaced. Played Sunday and drove the ball well until I got somewhat tired. Was first off the tees Sunday but my partner was slow. 3:10 minutes for 2 golfers. I could have finished in 2:15 but it is what it is. Ended up shooting a 91 blowing several 5-10 footers and in general having a really tough putting day where I couldn't get anything to go where I wanted. Other than a few lost drives, I was pretty happy with the way I was hitting the ball. Our league is interesting, my partner quit and another replaced him. Since then, we are 3 and 0 and running away with the 2nd half season. It's always nice to play well, but honestly it feels like teams are blowing up and I'm just able to get bogey/par and walk away. Less I'm earning it and more they're handing it to me.
  14. sp0rtsfan86


  15. Played a bunch of rounds. Really up and down last 3-4 weeks but have at least established a baseline that's better than mid 90s. I've shot 2 rounds in the upper 80s and 2 in the lower 90s with a few 9s in the upper 40s. Right now it comes down to driver. When it's somewhat straight I am close to 90. The last round was 93 but I had three or four 3putts because my irons and wedges were off and I couldn't get the green speeds right.
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