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  1. Hey everyone, posting from the golf capital of Wisconsin. ( Kohler Country ) Haha, not really, but there are some great courses around here. Didn't even realize this sub-forum existed.
  2. Check out the Maltby KE4 Max irons.
  3. Excellent condition. I used it for a few months. GPS works great. I just can't get into a tagging routine. I'm going back to getting distances from a GPS watch. SOLD
  4. I preordered the H4 GPS Handheld. Should have it by the 31st.
  5. And down the rabbit hole we go!
  6. FYI, these are basically in my way in my work room so make me an offer. All shafts are in-round with no dents. Love how far I hit with them but absolutely hate how they feel.
  7. For sale is a used set of Project X flighted 5.5 ( 5-SW ). 8 clubs total. If someone is looking to try these out. Here is a cheap way to do it Taper tip, no grips. 60.00 shipped in USA
  8. I used to play one length cobra f8's that were all 37.5" graphite. When I went back to regular clubs I built them at standard length for steel ( 37" ) for the 7 iron and it sometimes feels like I have to reach to strike the ball properly or bend at the waist more than feels comfortable.
  9. Earlier this year I built a set of Maltby TS-1 irons, 4 thru gap wedge using FST Pro 115 irons. I tip trimmed them starting at stiff + .25" up to X flex in the wedges. I really like the setup as I'm back to hitting my 7 iron 160 yards. My problem is I tend to hit them thin on occasion. I originally trimmed them to 37" 7 iron length with a 5/8" difference going up and 3/8" on down to my wedges. So here is the dilemma: Do I buy 8 new FST PRO 115 shafts or add extensions to the existing set ? Is one way better than the other ? Would extensions screw up my swing weights?
  10. Price drop to $110.00 shipped for the set of 8. Sent from my moto g(7) power using Tapatalk
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