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  1. 7 iron TS3. Toe closed a bit while taking the pic. Always liked pics of clubs addressing the ball. Gives a better feel for size and looks. This head is a beauty!
  2. Golf ? Lol. This came to visit yesterday.
  3. I walk nine hole league every week, unless storms or excessive humidity that day.
  4. Small update: I was able to sneak outside to hit a few balls with the STi2 and TS3 on Sunday: Air Temp: 43 degrees ( feels like 37 ) Yeah, cold! balls were sitting in the shed so they were about 35 degrees. (Felt like rocks! lol ) First few warmup swings felt like I was hitting stones. After about 10 swings, I hit two shots with each. STi2, (low stinger that went about 100 yards, 2nd shot much more flush and traveled about 138 ) TS2, (low edge and went about 110 yards, 2nd shot struck perfectly and felt that way. traveled about 148 ) On both shots the TS3 felt significantly better. ( Both clubs have the same shaft, Rogue R65 ) Hopefully I can get in a sim later this week and give all three a whirl.
  5. I have added some pics. Maltby Sti2, Maltby TS3, Tour Edge C721 These are just some quick visuals of the relative size of the TS3. If anyone has a specific picture angle they would like to see, let me know. I'll take some measurements with a digital caliper and post them.
  6. I have a TS-3 7 iron on its way. Will visually compare to the STi2 7 iron I have and the 7 iron from my TE C721 set. When I get a chance, I'll take the three to a local sim and compare some numbers.
  7. This looks like fun. Count me in.
  8. Hey everyone, posting from the golf capital of Wisconsin. ( Kohler Country ) Haha, not really, but there are some great courses around here. Didn't even realize this sub-forum existed.
  9. Check out the Maltby KE4 Max irons.
  10. Excellent condition. I used it for a few months. GPS works great. I just can't get into a tagging routine. I'm going back to getting distances from a GPS watch. SOLD
  11. I preordered the H4 GPS Handheld. Should have it by the 31st.
  12. And down the rabbit hole we go!
  13. FYI, these are basically in my way in my work room so make me an offer. All shafts are in-round with no dents. Love how far I hit with them but absolutely hate how they feel.
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