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  1. maxkhill

    $1 driver

    Has anyone played this before? Or seen this before?
  2. I just bought this putter and was wondering does anyone have any info about this? I can’t find anything??
  3. I discovered the Maltby slippery frog and absolutely love it!!! I use it around the greens out of bunkers actually I use it a lot!! I highly recommend watching the slippery frog video on YouTube.
  4. Mine is my 25 degree moonwood 8!!! That club is actually very good.
  5. I play a Robert Mark golf Theory putter and absolutely love it!!
  6. $160 is what I paid for them.
  7. I got them at the grand opening of the Surprise AZ Costco! They were an exclusive for the grand opening! They have Kirkland grips and true temper shafts IMG_1388.HEICIMG_1389.HEICIMG_1391.HEICIMG_1392.HEICIMG_1393.HEICIMG_1394.HEIC Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Andrew Hill unless the golf cart has GPS I havent used anything before. I use sprinkler heads
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