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  1. I'm good as I have 2 old sets of irons. I'm leaning to park my Titleist AP1's and look at Taylormade or Callaway for next season.
  2. I'm in. Maybe it will replace the 917 in the bag.
  3. My driving range is currently in use with a corn crop. This net would really be handy when the farm crop devours the driving range.
  4. I have 2 pairs of Footjoy, 2 pairs of Addidas, 3 pairs of Nikes, and 1 pair of Ashworth. I'm looking at some Reebock but haven't pulled the trigger.
  5. I would love to test any of their putters. 10 feet seems to be a dead zone for me and any opportunity to improve would be great.
  6. Bought a 2020 Hyundai sorento and I can get 4 cart bags along with shoes in rear. It also has a pull out cargo cover so you can't see what's in the cargo area. It also get 28 mpg in the city.
  7. Bob Indiana 18 handicap I would love to test out these new Hogan irons. Longest iron in my bag is a 4 iron.
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