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  1. Thanks to my daughter joining the high school golf team, I've been spending a lot of time at the courses she's been playing at practicing. Lots of putting, chipping and range time. Spent 2 1/2 hours yesterday putting and another hour or so hitting the range. My range game is probably at a + level right now
  2. Had this happen to me two weeks ago. As a fellow lefty I felt your pain! Part of the issue for what was causing snap hooks for me was that my arms and hands started the swing instead of rotating my body around my spine. This caused the club to become stuck behind me. On the downswing, my hand were forced to compensate causing some major duckhooks off the tee. I also had the ball a bit further up in my stance but moving it back only helped a little. Another thing to watch out for is if you sway off the ball. Check your grip too - too strong a grip can shut the driver face down.
  3. Congratulations @Golfspy_Lukes and @Golfspy_TCB!
  4. We've been talking to my daughter about becoming a nurse anesthetist as we had a good friend's niece just finish the program, another one in the middle of the program and our neighbor also being one in the military. We'll see if she budges from still wanting to be a bar tender or personal shopper I told her if she has caviar tastes you need to back it up with a job that will support it. At least she understood that part of the conversation...lol MDGolfHacker
  5. my journey on this path is coming shortly. My daughter will be driving in a year or so. I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet, LOL....I'm not sure Maryland is ready for that yet She's been talking about colleges and for years when she was fairly young always wanted to go to JMU in virginia. Now she wants to go to the University of Florida or FSU...but it gets better. Again when she was young she wanted to go into pediatric neurology...then this past year she decided she wanted to be a personal shopper or bartender . Let's just say I had a few drinks after that conversation... MDGolfHacker
  6. I was so traumatized by my league round, it's taken me 4 days to write about it. Had the case of the hooks..not just any hooks, they were power hooks so bad it was almost boomerang like. Not the greatest feeling struggling through 9 holes which was supposed to be a warm up for my top 32 bracket play this week coming up. Luckily I was high enough in the bracket to still survive through this week. Now I've got to figure out what the hee-haw went wrong as I was on cruise control with the swing and feeling I could easily reach the finals. The only excuse I had was that I really hadn't played much in two weeks. MDGolfHacker
  7. Or you can be like me - I have the skycaddie LX-5 watch but still find comfort using a laser to give me a better picture of pin location, and arccos for stat tracking... it's a wonder I even play well for being so wired in, lol.
  8. I would agree that hitting more greens forces putts you normally wouldn't hit. Best way to fix this is to go practice long and medium distance lag putting. When I putt, I vary where I put from and what direction to get a feel for distance and line. Once you get that ingrained, you'll find your putting stats will improve! MdGolfHacker
  9. I have a bagboy pull cart. Nothing fancy with just two wheels. I don't walk that often so I didn't need anything fancier than a base model pull cart. Currently have an sun mountain 5 bag. Gave the bagboy to my daughter who uses it in conjunction with a Cobra bag for her high school golf tournaments. Still need to figure out how to prevent the bag from twisting while in the pull cart. If I tighten the straps anymore, I'm going to ginsu the bag in half MdGolfHacker
  10. Agree with a lot of the comments previously made. Distance might be ok, but I wouldn't trust the rollout on those pinnacle range balls compared to your gamers (unless your gamers are pinnacles ). I always work on the swing mechanics with range balls but verify with the balls I actually golf with at a local course that allows pitching and putting. Let us know what you end up doing and how it goes! MdGolfHacker
  11. Let's put it this way, when I see Rob, I don't greet him with "Hi", I greet him with "so what have you purchased/traded for now?" MdGolfHacker
  12. I don't know about naming irons...here's a conversation I imagine would get me in trouble: Me (to a buddy on the phone): man, I put Jessica in my hands on the course yesterday and she hit my ball great! Wife: who did what?! Me: Jessica, she hit my ball great, although she could of gone a little longer but she helped me get it closer to the hole! Me (wakes up two days later in the hospital)
  13. You sir are dead to me. Seriously, congrats on the new irons whatever they may be! I'm thinking the Cobras...
  14. I don't know how the Titleist rep survived that day. It was a sweltering 95*+ at the time of the fitting and he was wearing a vest!
  15. I will also say, once they become mobile, all bets are off. I didn't think something so small could move so fast!
  16. This! it seems like it was only yesterday that I brought my daughter home from the hospital. Now she's a young lady entering her sophomore year in high school! Enjoy every moment with them as they grow. I don't know if it's just girls, but man, I've gotten more gray hair from dealing with my daughter and other girls than I have from my son. Still, I cherish and enjoy my time with them....
  17. I've got to see these in person. Sometimes pictures don't do a car justice I'm in the opposite camp on this one. I hate haggling for car prices. Dealers are laughing all the way to the bank on these days. My neighbor was on the hunt for the Ionic 5 after looking at the Volkswagon ID4 Pro. Had a spreadsheet and all that he shared with me. A most dealerships were including dealer mark ups but two didn't. Of course it was all mute as nobody had inventory. Yep, sure it. Good luck. My other neighbor put in an order for a work truck from Ford a year ago. I think he said they only jacked the price up once, and only a couple thousand. He had no choice as he needs a new work truck to replace one that has the body rusting through. Yep. I had a neighbor who had put down 10K on a Kia PHEV then called me and said an Ionic 5 was being sold up the street from a dropped sale. I told him to go for it but he had to figure out if he can back out of the KIA he put a down payment on. 10 minutes later he go a call and said the car was sold. The prices are so ridiculous that I'm now considering just buying an ICE vehicle (which are also jacked up but not as much) until the price gouging dies down I had mixed feelings about the new EV credit. On the one hand, I liked the tax credit for used vehicles (or was it an instant credit? I'm still unclear on that aspect). On the other hand, they killed any type of rebates for cars not manufactured in the US so pretty much all vehicles from Kia, Hyundai, and almost all of Toyota will no longer qualify. That IMHO will slow down the quicker acceptance of EVs.
  18. Yeah, get clarification on the cost. But, even if you are paying for it and get fitted to a putter that works for you - think of all the fun you'll have when you're not 3 putting, or 2 putting but holing out putts from all over the green! Small price to pay for a lot of satisfaction and lower overall scores. But totally understand about being wise about spending your hard earned money! MDGolfHacker
  19. Something about Mizunos are right! Fell in lust over the MP-32's when they first came out! Had to wait a year for the Lefty version to hit the market and I was the first in line to get them. I am very happy with the T-200's though...in fact I'm even slowly switching over all my Mizuno swag like my Mizuno hats, towels to Titleist stuff. Still, there's still a glimmer in my eye every time I see a new Mizuno iron come out...Time is taking a toll on me, I no longer play S300 or even PX5.5. I was fitted to AMT Reds in regular flex in the T200s. Still, I'm thinking I need to reshaft the MP-20s in the same flex to see if I can get her more playable...lol MDGolfHacker
  20. Buddy of mine hits a PXG driver (I can't remember which one) but man is it sweet watching the ball flight and the roll out. PXG is definitely on my radar just because of that...oh and the price, can't beat that! MDGolfHacker
  21. As golfers, we are always looking for that next big putter than can drop your handicap by a few strokes...it's always a quest for the holy grail While I don't have nearly as many putters as @Shapotomous or a separate room to house all his putters like @Jmikecpa, I do have a few different styles just to try. Two of my putters are standard blade style putters. Why? Because if it's good enough for Tiger, it's good enough for me. I also have a mallet style putter and a center shafted mallet putter just to get a different perspective on putting types. But just like any equipment for me, I have to feel comfortable over the putter and like the swing so I tend to gravitate to blade style puters. In fact, the putter I currently have in the bag is circa somewhere between 1997-2000. It works great for me!
  22. @Christof - Sometimes a putter, no matter how much you want to like it, just doesn't work for you. As someone already suggested, maybe find a local free ping demo day and have them take a look at your stroke and then try the different type of putters they have. If they don't have something you like in terms of feel and weight, then there are tons of other manufacturers out there that have a putter suitable for your swing... MDGolfHacker
  23. You sound like me! I have the T-200s in the bag that replace a set of MP-20s which replaced a set of MP-57's. Still have those two sets as I don't want to part with them for some strange reason, LOL. Took out the MP20s to the range the other day and while I hit some pretty decent shots, a few off center reminded me why I need a bit more forgiveness as I saw a drop of 10 yards or more from those off center hits (who am I kidding they were toe hits). Might give the new irons a try and see how I like them but for now the T-200's are firmly in my bag. MDGolfHacker
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