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  1. I've actually worn my watch on and off through this past year whenever I went out. It's stylish enough and I did have a couple people come up to me and ask me about it so of course I told him about my golf spy and about the watch itself. MDGolfHacker
  2. 2-4 inches of snow sleet mix with ice thrown in the last few days at home...BUT I'm not home. Been in Aruba for the last week and have a few more weeks left here..breezy and low 80*s. .. MDGolfHacker
  3. Love that course! I still wear the LX-5 when I go out which is rare these days with Covid. MDGolfHacker
  4. Wishing everyone a safe and joyous Christmas, from my family to yours! MDGolfHacker
  5. Thank you to all that have served and will be serving! MDGolfHacker
  6. Congratulations on your new boy! MDGolfHackr Happy Birthday!! MDGolfHacker
  7. I'll take one for the team to try one and lose it for you! MDGolfHacker
  8. Thanks! They are really fun to hit, as smooth as the MP-32's I played many, many years ago. Do I have the game to play them? On the boarder of probably not, but I'm having fun trying MDGolfHacker
  9. Man, forgot to post pics of my new clubs from earlier in the summer... Sweet as honey and as as soft as butter! MDGolfHacker
  10. I'll keep on using the watch until snow is on the ground MDGolfHacker
  11. The juicy peach - New Amsterdam Peach Vodka, Freshly Squeezed Fruit juice, topped with Sierra Mist... MDGolfHacker
  12. Played Wednesday...all I can say is the driver is in the dog house. Hot putter last week went cold turkey this week, beyond cold like Arctic cold. I just shook my head after the round and had some alcoholic beverages to drown my sorrows MDGolfHacker
  13. Wait for the Pixel 6XL MDGolfHacker
  14. Standing that close to the ball, I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a swing and a miss MDGolfHacker
  15. Just saw this on a FB ad..glad to see they are making this for lefties . Too bad the mat is "right handed".... MDGolfHacker
  16. Wow, nice to see Titleist supporting the lefties out there! MDGolfHacker
  17. Congratulations to those selected! MDGolfHacker
  18. Alright..it's on like donkey Kong ... although I feel like cr#p after hitting the all you can eat sushi place...I still go back though MDGolfHacker
  19. Yep..love those too! Was introduced to it while on vacation in aruba...a place called Amazonia. They have since closed (no wonder, they let someone who somehow cloned my CC while on vacation down there charge up 7k in charges!). So we switched the very to Texas de Brazil...which also have locations in the US. Near us,Fogo de Chao is awesome...this thread is making me hungry MDGolfHacker
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