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  1. Sounds like a great deal and looks like you've done your due diligence. I say go for it. Save a few bucks and making SWMBO happy, win win in my book MDGolfHacker
  2. Yep, I thought the same thing especially with the foam port out on the toe like ping irons. MDGolfHacker
  3. MDGolfHacker

    Your ball?

    I've played the Srixon Z*stars this year. I like the feel of the ball and when I went to a ball fitting with TM's ball earlier this summer, there wasn't much difference in distance and spin when I compared the two on a launch monitor side by side. I'm not a good enough golfer to detect the different nuisances between balls so I hit them and see what I like. Now if one ball gives me an extra 20 yards off the tee, well then that one I'll obviously go in the bag MDGolfHacker
  4. All, my stage two review is up! Feel free to ask me any questions! MDGolfHacker
  5. But..but..but...the golfer is a righty?!
  6. Ugh.. the last few trips to the DMV for me hasn't been too bad. Now they want me to come back in to update my verification paperwork for the real IDs before December...
  7. If you find an instructor, see if he/she has a bundle of lessons, like a 3 pack or 5 pack which is discounted overall per lesson vs buying a lesson one at a time. Greatest bang for the buck. MDGolfHacker
  8. Pants - izod or haggar (all moisture wicking) Shirts - Adidas Shoes - footjoys Belt - whatever keeps my pants up Hat - whatever iron manufacturer I'm playing at the moment MDGolfHacker
  9. Welcome back! MDGolfHacker
  10. So to all the testers...why specifically are you drawn to test the G410s ? Is there a particular feature that you think will help your game? Manufacturer reputation? MDGolfHacker
  11. As others have said, if I'm playing well I might lean towards the more aggressive route, but if my play has been weak, I'll tend to go more of the conservative route... I do need to practice more course management though instead of walk up to the ball, grabbing the longest club and hitting the ball down the fairway/green. MDGolfHacker .
  12. Tape player? I would take a go pro and record the sessions..that way you have a visual of what you were doing. Of course make sure that video recordings are ok just in case... MDGolfHacker
  13. that's a great opportunity! Wondering if I can take advantage of it! MDGolfHacker
  14. Condolences and sorry for both of your losses MDGolfHacker
  15. Man, I've got to get this! I often lose the feel of my swing through out the year and hope something like this would help me keep it working. MDGolfHacker
  16. When is this happening and where can I get one ?! MDGolfHacker
  17. Love this... simplification! MDGolfHacker
  18. Congrats man...golf course wedding? Might have some wedding (golfer) Crashers if that's the case MDGolfHacker
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