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  1. Nice setup and pictures. Enjoy the 2020 golf year.
  2. Alignment Pro (only practice/training aid) Snell MTB-X (great performance and feel tee-to-green) & Snell Gloves (wanted to try) SkyCaddie SX 500 (unknown course or blind shot course); Leupold GX5i3 (go to for distances for play and practice sessions) HeadGear leather headcovers (couldn't resist), and Pingman putter headcover.
  3. Fun question Scoring gains are relative to the individual golfer’s ability. Strokes gained (SG) Exposes quality of shot based on lie and proximity to the hole. Thus, course setup is important too. It is interesting that an approach 160 fairway is equivalent to 90 deep rough or 50 sand to leave a 30’ putt. The following links to SG charts are helpful in seeing the significance of shots (Tee to green & putting). https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxFSlVhPo9ObWmZKd3B4eV84Q1U/ https://eyelinegolf.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/strokes-gained-putting_-baseline-probabilities-chart-pgatour-com-1.jpg The current state of my game reveals my approach shots (120 to 180) are more important to lowering my scores. This glaringly obvious when I play forward tees or have a great driving day.
  4. I look forward to hearing your fitting experience.
  5. Welcome, from Colorado. I like the setup and your summary of how the clubs benefit your game.
  6. https://www.sittlergolf.com/ This could be worth the drive: indoor and outdoor fitting, golf industry recognition, and all golf services offered (swing, club-fitting, practice, repair, and trade-in).
  7. I would say you made if four times (impressive); not "Only made it".
  8. I like the setup and thanks for sharing. What is the significance of the #79 on the ProV1 X?
  9. I thought going to CB wedges was odd too, but this video with Louis Oosthuizen: at 17:40 he talks about the wedge comparisons and his wedge setup. Not that my best day would be close to his worst day on the links with the flu, but the noted differences in performance confirmed my thoughts. This video filled my golf fix when there was snow on the courses in Colorado this fall.
  10. Thanks for the reply and question. I pulled the trigger on the Blueprints after following your review and my testing results. Since the stealth finish makes the wedges seem smaller it does not appear odd at address. In my previous experience outside (sellers remorse) with the 2.0, I enjoyed the turf and sand interaction of the bounce & grinds. I could hit bump n runs that released, and solid distance control when clipping the ball from fairway lies (no spinning off the green). I seemed to control spin and trajectory better than with the forged glide during indoor testing. I wish testing wedges outside was available.
  11. Thanks for the well wishes and I know the feeling all too well. I hope to replace the urge to play new equipment with the urge to play courses I have never played and want to play. Thus, I will spend more time on researching golf courses.
  12. Yes, the set is basically new. However, the putter pictures are from when I purchased the putter a year ago, and the VKTR has been used for a full season. I had sellers remorse on the Glide 2.0 wedges so I bought them again. They got dirty on the first day of winter (Saturday). As desired and expected, The set proved pleasant for well struck shots and punishing for poorly struck shots.
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