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  1. Never, ever, come home pissed about your game that day. Don't worry about score, treasure the good shots. As a teacher you already understand this. Feed them and read to them. I am in agreement that taking the kid(s) with you can be everything. Give the wife her time. Pick some home chores and just do them . Often. Show up for as much of whatever sport or interest they develop as that is way more important then your golf. Get 30 minutes of exercise everyday even if it means no golf. They want to feel like you will be around forever.
  2. Played with the ball today. I went through their online fitting and it suggested Tour B RX. I didn't have any problems with the thought process as that is what I do anyway. I did end up liking the spot on the back part of the ball, both off the tee and when putting. I don't usually use a line for either but it did show me on one tricky tee that I wasn't lining up correctly. I think the process that the graphics represent is good for anyone. The ball itself I found to be eminently playable. I had a little less spin on approach shots and chips/pitches as they ran out a little more, but easy adjustment. Usual ball is a Pro V1.
  3. Received my balls today. Will play tomorrow. I realize the spot to look at when hitting is supposed to be on the top of the ball, so will start that way. I usually look at the back of the ball, so may put the spot off center toward the back of the ball, just where I can see it and see how that works.
  4. 1st Tie Breaker What is the Cut Number: +4 for the cut line 2nd Tie Breaker -Who will be the low amateur: Christo Lamprecht
  5. To each their own. This is an existential debate. Is it the archer or the bow? I figure they got lost because the wrong person was abusing them. They found me so I feel really lucky. I mean, lost balls have feelings to. They want to complete their mission. Just need the right owner. Someone who will treasure them, mark them with a USMC insignia so they feel special, wanted even. I just used a found green Titleist for 11 rounds. Unfortunately I forgot to load the bow properly and set it off into some green shrubs that effectively hid it from me! Additionally, I may have unfairly spoken to it quite sternly about the missed birdie putt on the last hole. So ya, hurt feelings are never good in a true and loyal partner. It's probably still sulking. I know I am. No problem, reached in the bag for another ball I found as it's replacement. When one goes down another steps up. It's a team thing, a family thing. I have played the same courses for 20 years+. Even if a ball is scuffed, if it goes where I am aiming it and close to the historical distance, than I keep playing it. Golf is very expensive without buying new balls and switching them out every nine holes! I will say I play for fun and no competitive rounds. If I was playing for money... I would hope to find some of those balls from the people who use a new ball every 3 holes. Sounds "brand new" to me.
  6. Somewhat tongue in cheek. We moved down here from Sun Valley Idaho so I feel your pain...
  7. Following this test. Have fun. Unboxing, the clubs look super.
  8. Congrats. Looking forward to see if this has features that makes it as good or better than whats already out there. Battery life, ease of use, and of course the bag and how it fits the cart should be really good info. Rock on!
  9. I had a Callaway Org 14 bag. The zipper to get at the bottom of the bag to clean out crud or dropped stuff was in one of the clothing pockets. So no need for an additional cover over the zipper. I am told this feature is in other bags as well. Just not in the Sun Mountain. Among other things, I used this opening to rehook up one of the stays that had slipped out of place.
  10. Cart bag all the way. Sun Mountain C-130. The only thing I don't like about it is there is no zipper in the clothes pocket to allow access to the bottom of the bag. Fits both cart and motorized Alphard unit on the Rovic. It is just a bit awkward on the Rovic as the clubs are all wrong with the woods on the bottom. You can rearrange, but still awkward as I have animal headcovers that "cover" the rest of my clubs. I am waiting for a motorized walking cart that has a vertical holder for the club bag!
  11. Oakley Flak 2.0 with the darkest lens I can find for golf and everyday. Look, I have accidentally run these over with my Alphard electric cart. Picked the pieces up and put them back together and moved on. Must have been 2 years or so ago. These things just flat last. Also have a pair of Maui Jims "Aviator" glasses for going out. You know, because I was a Marine aviator. At my age it's the only thing that I can look cool wearing as every other clothing item makes me look like an overfed old guy.
  12. I wouldn't pay more than $175. It may be half the strokes, so maybe practice more if it's that important. Besides, I just bought within the last 6 months my forever putter. An Odyssey 11. Along with the clam shell grip, cured my yips. This would be slightly off topic, but I might pay more for a lesson on a good way to read greens than an actual putter. I would go to an Aimpoint lesson if it didn't look so, uh, weird? I see the pros doing it and they still miss! I can see the advantage for short putts. However, I watch in amazement as they walk a long putt stopping every few feet. Makes me fast forward the golf telecast. Seems to me on long putts a general read and speed is way more important than analyzing every inch of the putt. I don't know where 70% make is, maybe 10 ft for the tour average? I wish someone with the stats would have a comparison on putting distance longer than where the stats point to worse than 70% make would have a comparison between aimpoint and just looking at it. And how long it takes. I have played the same greens for 23 years and still can't read them. With the change in grass type twice a year they putt totally different. Just when I think I have it down, the new grass comes in. Then for 6 weeks they putt about 6 on the stimp and then when finally cut to greens height, anywhere on any given day, 8-12. Plus the other courses in my old age community have a 2 totally different surface grasses than the military course I play the most. Speeds are totally different for all 4 courses. Honestly, if I had to say one thing pros do better, it would be going to totally different putting surfaces as often as they do and still putting well.
  13. Just checked Callaway pre-owned and they have last years Paradym left handed Heavenwoods and 7 woods for less than $200. The bigger problem may be if you need a stiff shaft as the shafts are regular or light. You could buy one of these clubs and a shaft on the pre-owned, but as you indicated that would get the price above $200. I have used pre-owned for a long time and they sell the clubs as is, so they haven't been willing to swap the shaft out for you. I actually bought my Epic Heavenwood as a ladies club as it's the same head and bought a separate shaft. At the time the ladies clubs were way cheaper and I saved overall vs buying a mens club straight up. They have since closed that loophole! BTW, the shaft problem is the same for right and left handers. Tough to find a 7 wood with stiff shaft unless ordered new. Hope you find what you are looking for.
  14. Epic heaven wood with a 5 wood shaft. I don't believe among the well known brands that there is a bad 7 wood. It just seems to be one of those clubs that is easy to hit. Maybe it's the standard-ish shaft length and loft with enough clubhead room for MOA magic, but they all seem to work. Kind of like 6 irons.
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