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  1. I learned to play golf a long time ago and the theory then was to sweep the ball off the tee. Hitting a drive high on the face with an average wooden driver was not the way to go. Golf now is overly complicated when a specific driver swing needs to be learned, i.e., hit up on the ball which is so different from what is needed for every other club. Pro's and elite amateur's have the time and desire. The problem with golf club design right now is the clubs we used are designed for pro's who can swing up on the ball. The sweet spot is high on the club. Most golfers can't learn one swing, much le
  2. Yup, I had grave misgivings when I saw the commercial as a big play to upend mygolfspy findings. I don't buy Callaway balls. That being said, I haven't bought balls in years. Find to many on my course. Other than driver distance, see no real difference in my game with picked up Pro V1 or V1(x), Callaway Soft and Soft(x), and TP5 and 5x. Sure, slight differences in height and distance with all clubs and characteristics around the green, but, the only ball wobble I have ever seen in my hits or hits from the people I play with are, well, shanks. I appreciate the testing, but I still think until m
  3. Donald/Goodyear, AZ Can You Play Golf in Dec and January-Yes (walk at least three rounds a week) Fitbit
  4. Donald/Phoenix AZ Have You Ever Used a Hitting Net- No Do you use any sort of LM with one- No Thank you for the opportunity
  5. Donald Phoenix AZ Callaway Epic 8 90 TSi 2
  6. Donald/Phoenix AZ 8 SM6 50,54,58 each in a different finish. Black, chrome, satin so it easy to pick the correct one. I would like to see if the hype for the current crop of raw wedges is correct. A long time ago I "coked" my Wilson R90 even though it was stainless steel. While it is still possible to rust stainless steel, it isn't all that easy so not sure I had the full effect. BTW, how are the winners going to determine wedge numbers without a shot monitor? What are the testers going to be looking for?
  7. Donald/Goodyear AZ/USA Odyssey 2 ball Fang Tyne 3, This and the Tomcat 14 seems to be the shape that the pros are going to, I guess the Tyne 3 looks like I can pick the ball up with it's club shape, not seeing that with the Tomcat, and I'm an old (older?) guy so...
  8. Probably the shaft. Or just maybe, you could smoothly swing a choked up 410 6 iron. Choking up will result in similar shaft length. No expectations with the copper, lots of expectation with your current gamer. I know the lofts are different and the lofts for the 6 copper and 7 410 are probably similar, but still think you should redo and hit the 6 for both.
  9. So here I am 26 years after I was gifted an 11 degree Big Bertha Warbird. It replaced my wooden driver and it felt a lot different. While many clubs since then have come and gone, that one has made every move in the intervening years. Yesterday, decided to take it out after 20 years and hit it. It was replaced so many years ago because I hooked it. Not anymore. I didn't try it on every hole, but all but one was dead straight and that one was a little baby draw. So here's the scoop. I used TP5 and Chrome Softs. My gamer right now is an 9 degree Epic. Given that it has a longer shaft and better
  10. 8, Phoenix AZ Callaway Steelheads, 140 Just what I have read here. I play 4-6 times per week, trust me, they will get a workout.
  11. Donald/ Phoenix AZ Sky caddie Touch and Bushnell Laser (15 year old hunting laser not specific to golf) Sky caddie Touch and Bushnell Laser (15 year old hunting laser not specific to golf) Also the course I play most regularly has new golf carts with GPS technology. Not sure the brand.
  12. Donald/Phoenix AZ Have an indoor putting mat with ball return. Putt off and on during commercials. Mat extends to 18 ft. 0-2. Played the same greens for 15+ years so... I lag pretty well. Stats about ones stroke. I have a mallet putter and think I am straight back and through. Good to see if that is correct. I also change grips to left hand low in close so would be interested to see if the stroke stays the same as far as timing and path.
  13. Having had both, my preference is an albatross. I have seen plenty of lucky holes in one, and there probably are lucky albatrosses, but at least one shot of an albatross has to be pretty good.
  14. I carried until I was 50. Then for ten years I pushed. Now for the last seven I use a remote control motorized cart. I have converted a lot of the older guys I play with, all except the cheap ones that is. My wife uses a motorized cart that follows her. Not ready to go there yet. Have fun pushing.
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