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  1. Is golf a GAME to be enjoyed or a slog to get through worrying about whether the bad bounces even out with the good ones. I guarantee you that that balance is never achieved. They can talk all they want about how equipment has made the game easier when we all know golf just has to many BAD, BAD things that can happen. If you are going to play for money, respect the rules and demand it of everyone else. I have never been around a group of 3 or more golfers where someone didn't fudge their handicap. It's human nature. I laugh at all the articles extolling the virtues of a game where players call penalties on themselves. It has not been my experience in large groups that everyone abides by that BS. I took up golf on a Marine base. The men's club was largely retired dudes who had handicaps that didn't ring true during tournament play. By a lot. I stopped playing with that group right away and only came back when the Commanding General of the base played one tournament and then designated himself the handicap chairmen. Played for a year. The club lost half it's members as the old guys were held to a standard that was fair and equitable. Of course, the General moved on and the club went back to mediocre handicap checks, and balance went out of the system. But if you are playing for fun, do whatever it takes to make the game enjoyable. The group I play with don't keep handicaps, don't play for money, and don't worry about sand in divots or mud on the ball. You can play those shots or just fix the problem. Whatever floats your boat that day and no judgement. We don't sit around after play and brag about our 73. Or whatever. I understand at the elite amateur level and certainly the pros someone has to codify a set of rules. Even if they don't make sense and then celebrate the worn-out excuse that it is "rub of the green". Whoever came up with that saying should be celebrated as the best wordsmith in golf history. Look, I am all for people in this group. It's fun watching people who know what they are doing playing to a higher standard. Just don't expect everyone to do that. The rule makers understood that what happened to Fowler when he took his drop and then the ball rolled back into the same hazard that extra penalty strokes are ludicrous for that situation. Just changed the rule. I don't understand why they did it unless the rule as previously written was unfair, which should be the excuse for a few more logical changes. Unless of course, your desire is to keep the game artificially hard. So sand divots. This isn't rub of the green because the first player out was not faced with this situation. Not faced with a 150 player competition where everyone hits into the same area. The threat goes up the later you play. See Payne Stewart at the US Open. Why does a ball that rolls in a hazard only suffer a stroke penalty when out of bounds require stroke and distance? It's artificial. It doesn't make sense unless you really believe that the history of the game requires we follow archaic rules made up by fallible humans and used by course architects to artificially add problems instead of actually designing the course to play hard and fair. I once wrote a letter to the USGA asking why an out of bounds behind the green has a greater penalty than a lake behind the green when both situations are hidden behind the green. The response, and I kid you not, was this "you cannot establish where the ball went out of bounds." Well since you can't see behind the green, technically, you can't precisely pinpoint where the ball went in the water either. Yet in one situation you are allowed to make a reasonable decision and in the other it is stroke and distance. I received no response to the logic of this reply. Because I mean DUH! There is absolutely no logic to out of bounds. C'mon man! Before you say anything, I am not adverse if it went the other way, stroke and distance for everything. Fair is fair. Let's make 6 hour rounds fun again! In the early days when there were few rules, there was no rub of the green, because the whole playing field was a sheep pasture, and a bad lie was expected. The people playing 300 years ago did not envision the groomed playing surfaces expected of today's golf courses. Rules made then and others added since pertain to the time the rules were made, but not now. Everyone talks about growing the game, and then make it too hard for people to enjoy themselves. In today's age, there are lots of fun things to do without wasting 3.5 to 6 hours on a golf course playing a game that is hard enough without adding in illogical rules. Not to mention the expense.
  2. There are a lot more choices for golf play at Sun City, so always a good choice. We just happened to live across the street from PC with friends and relatives there and they finally built a model we liked. Our three courses are pretty expensive in the winter. We play Luke exclusively in the winter and walk. If you play Luke and like it, couple of things to think about. If you are going to play often they have a 25 round and 50 round coupon buy, electronically stored on their system, that makes it cheaper. The coupon plays are for family so if your significant other plays you can share it. Golf rates are based on rank. They also have a summer pass that can make golf cheap in the summer. They will charge for a cart, but at this point, my total payment per round will be around $19 for this summer. Carts do have a really good GPS system, which is nice. First couple of times you go they will want to see an ID card or DD214 till they get to know you. Probably should call and make sure that is enough. Also, they have a reservation system on line. If you want to use it ask for the sign up info at the desk. Let me know when you get down here. I have a regular Sun, Tue, Thur group but we can probably work something out. As for carts, I like the ezgo my cart is based on. My cart is speed limited to 22 mph, although it can be set higher, you might also inquire at the speed of the carts you are looking at because the courses may be farther away for you. Looking at cart models when they demo here at PC, I also like the Yamaha. If I bought the Yamaha I would look at an AC conversion motor as they come with a DC motor. There are a couple of dealers up in your area that you can demo drive carts. My perception of club cars is clouded because I see problems with the leased club cars at Luke. Mainly the parking brake and acceleration. Important to me are the lithium battery for weight savings and life (I hope) and an AC motor. If you are thinking a gas cart, Yamaha has a pretty good and quiet gas engine cart. Any other questions, please let me know.
  3. Live near SCG. One thing you might try is to inquire as to whether there is an email group for SGC. I live in Pebble Creek just south of SGC and there are carts on sale nearly everyday. I personally have a 2012 EZGO RXV with a jeep body which is pretty sporty. I will echo the comments on batteries. In AZ, lead acid needs really attentive care. I just went to Lithium, Roypow, and feel that is the way to go. However, in the six months I have had mine the price increase is around $800 to around $3500. Replacement for lead acid has also gone up. Tender loving care will get you about 5 years for lead acid in AZ. The lithium is guaranteed for 5 years but indicate something like 3500 cycles which is a lot more than 5 years of use. BTW, if you spent time in the service or are federally retired, check out Falcon Dunes attached to Luke AFB. It is a really great course to walk in the winter. Not all flat and very challenging.
  4. or you could move up a tee or 2. It is just a game after all and meant to be fun. 5 wood, 7 iron, birdie sounds like more fun than 5 wood, 5 wood, chipping. My group is just getting to 70 and we play from several tees. When the driver returns to form, either that one or a fitted new one, you can always move back. I agree with others that adding a little loft and a really good shaft for your swing would help with wayward balls. The whole equipment scene right now is not geared for seniors. When we started with wooden drivers the general rule was around 12 degrees of loft for the driver. Maybe start there.
  5. What's wrong with knowing your swing is not going to work in the middle of it? I would just go with it... you know, until it works!
  6. Explain why you chose the model you did and what you'd hope to get out of them performance wise: The lofts on this model aren't jacked as much, and with the elevate shaft, closer to what I currently play. List your first name/city state (US Only entries): Donald/ Goodyear AZ What current irons you're playing: Callaway Steelheads Handicap: 8 Will you agree to participate in discussions on the forum about your experience with the irons after receiving them: absolutely. Retired, my time would be your time.
  7. PW to GW is 6 deg. For full swings I just choke down on the PW for yardages between the GW and the PW. 4 deg difference between the GW and SW and from the SW to LW so no problems there.
  8. I know they don't allow metal spikes here, wasn't sure about other parts of the country. I guess you would have to know the shoes that were named specifically in the original post are not metal spikes, which I didn't know. Around here we don't count replaceable soft spikes as spiked shoes, as hardly anyone plays in regular golf shoes anyway. Nice to learn what others are thinking in the nomenclature area. Have a great day.
  9. You need to fool the brain by doing something totally opposite than what you have been doing during the swing. Warm up with 20 or so left handed swings, finishing around your body. Then when you play, start your right handed swing from the finish position instead of the normal static position of the club behind the ball. The momentum coming back from the finish position through the normal address position should help you go back further in your back swing. This feeling will be helped because you got there with the left handed practice swings. You can also try addressing the ball, standing up, swinging to a full back swing, then bending forward, then finish the swing. This more awkward and less free flowing than the first suggestion, but it gets the job done. Really anything different, but those 2 suggestions have generally worked. Please let me know if this helps.
  10. Skechers cross trainers. I don't play where there is a lot of rain. I didn't realize that so many players still wore spikes. This is an interesting topic, thanks for starting it.
  11. I also live in AZ. Love buckets during the summer. Mine has cooling mesh above the brim built in which I have found to be a necessity to get the heat dissipated from the top of the head. Can throw in to a cooler of ice water and really keeps the head cool. I don't give much thought to fashion.
  12. Definitely Srixon. Srixons we find on the course are keepers, Oncore are catch and release. Just saying.
  13. Rovic- steerable front wheel and made by Clicgear. tough cart and slightly cheaper than clicgear branded carts. I have an Alphard motor on mine now which works great.
  14. Oakley- the only change I will make is getting them darker when I get my next pair. I used to buy cheap sunglasses that would last 6 months or so. Have had these Oakley's for 3 years now and they are going strong. Couple of comments about not being able to see the ball all the way until it stops which is true, but I like the surprise.
  15. I love my 7 wood. I also have a 4 hybrid and a 7 wood that are 10 yards apart. I use the 4 hybrid to keep it low when needed and the 7 wood to go high when needed. I can choke up and take 10 yards off of either club and open the 7 for an even higher shot that also goes 10 yards shorter. Wood is a Callaway Epic and the hybrid is a 2019 Big Bertha. Both are adjustable.
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