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  1. I don't keep score any more either. If you play all the time, year round, over thinking golf would be a buzz kill. I don't have to worry about a bad round today because tomorrow or the next day will be different. I think if you play only on the weekend, like I did when I started, the round meant way more to me because I would have to live with it for a week. So in that case, I made sure to really be committed to every shot, living and dying based on the result. We all know where that leads. Golf is a game, we aren't making money at it, it needs to be fun. And fast, please play fast. So ya, not overthinking the game.
  2. You could probably determine your length and speed of the putter by either closing your eyes or looking at the hole while practicing. Let your body decide. Which is an oblique way of saying you are overthinking it. A lot. It is the difference between mechanical and feel. Both work, but I would rather putt like Crenshaw than like Bryson. However you get it done though, good luck.
  3. I agree with Double Mocha Man. I also payed an exorbitant amount to play, $175, Pebble Beach 30 years ago. I still remember every shot like it was yesterday. I was a dirt poor Marine at the time but one can't let opportunity go by. I don't regret it one bit. I still watch tournaments there and tell the everyone, yup, I hit it right there. Times change, though, at that time I was paying $30 to play Spyglass Hill and $10 to play Fort Ord Bayonet Course. Can't do that anymore. Just saying though that once was enough for Pebble Beach unless Double Mocha Man has another jet waiting...
  4. Live in Phoenix area. Walk exclusively in the winter. Have started already and usually quit in May depending on temp. Electric trolleys for myself and my wife.
  5. My wedges are Vokey, everything else is Callaway. However, my Callaway woods, hybrids, and irons are all different generations. Loyalty I guess and availability of good nearly new clubs on the Callaway pre-owned site. I so wish Titleist had a similar site. When next I shop, definitely looking at Titleist and Mizuno.
  6. Good luck. I would get a set of 6 lessons first, better to start with good habits rather than to unlearn everything developed over the next few months. Just saying.
  7. I don't wear a glove so grip is kind of critical. Luckily, my hands don't sweat much here in AZ. I use the standard Callaway grip. Mostly because I just like the feel but also, they are very cheap on the Callaway Preowned site. Only downside is auto 9.95 for shipping, basically no matter how many you buy. I buy in lots of 40. My wife uses them as well. It's not like they wear out just sitting around for a year. My pro puts on grips for $2 so while I can change them, why would I?
  8. Sounds like the perfect combo. I am definitely going to hit Titleist irons the next time I shop.
  9. After my truck and golf cart, this definitely has my vote. How much fun is this!
  10. I agree with this. Most of my buddies ended up buying Epic woods and Steelhead irons to replace their then current clubs. They tried mine and buying from Callaway preowned was so simple. We have one buddy who is left handed and has to have the newest clubs. He restrains himself from buying until they are are on the preowned site, but rapid trade ins and purchases seem to happen every month. He can't wait to tell everyone of his newest deal. Long term, he has probably spent 3 or 4 times what the rest of us have invested. Another had to have PXG. Even with the military discount, he spent more than I will in 5 years. But, everyone is happy. I'm happy because the clubs perform when I do. They are happy because they perceive a difference every time they invest in new equipment.
  11. I agree. What this means down the road is that in 2-3 years, when other forms of entertainment have returned and golf will be to hard, to time consuming, to everything, those pandemic clubs will hit the used club market. What will then be the effect on club makers with respect to new clubs at that point is anyone's guess.
  12. So what is the yardage gap between your 6 iron and 27 degree hybrid, as they are about the same loft? Does sound like fun. B
  13. I have 2- I echo everyone who responded with some kind of truck. My truck bed easily swallows my wife and my bags and electronic trolleys. With room to go on golf trips with multiple bags, coolers, whatever. Haven't seen anyone mention a golf cart, but I haven't read all the responses.
  14. Skechers, but not the golf shoe. Something like this: Skechers® Selmen Enago Men's Waterproof Hiking Shoes. Super comfortable and way cheaper than golf shoes. Look at Kohl's for the best deal right now. Walked the course in various Skechers for the past 10 years.
  15. I'm just going to say this without further comment. Why the hell are we playing the Ryder Cup on a "links" style course?
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