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    Padreruf reacted to Stephen Lee in Handicap Appropriate Equipment-Ego vs Reality   
    I went from Taylormade M4's to Honma TW747v's (not blades but close) when I was about a 10 handicap and now i'm down to a 1-2. I was having issues with the glue on the clubs and had club heads flying off and Taylormade was being a pain about it so I figured it was time to upgrade anyway. I found them much harder to hit at first but once i got used to them, I was able to work the ball either direction. With the M4's, my problem was that there was so much offset. When i tried to hit a draw and caught the middle of the face it would turn into a hook 20 yards longer than my normal shot. With much less offset and a face that isn't as hot, I don't have that fear. The other would be the distance. I don't need a 4 iron that goes 235 yards that I can't stop on a green. The Honma's closed the distance gaps a bit and took away the fear of hitting it "too well" and having it explode off of the face with a ton of side spin
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    Padreruf reacted to GolfSub70 in Sub70 golf   
    Yeah we are running 7-9 days for assembly.  Then add on shipping times which are inconsistent at best right now.  Most customers should still be getting their clubs 10-14 days from the time they order.  Just a crazy busy time of year for golf, there's been a massive resurgence of golf participation, and COVID is still throwing a wrench into things.  We'll definitely get everything built and shipped out asap.  Our assembly team is working like crazy to keep up.
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    Padreruf reacted to Jonny_Crash in Sub70 golf   
    I'll add my own Sub70 fanboy post.  I bought a set of 699 Pros after demoing them this winter.  Loved the clubs, I got the Dynamic Gold S shafts and just love the ball flight. I'm still learning to work the ball, but they have proved to be great so far. 
    I also got a 3U with a Project X shaft.  It's an amazing club and I can rip it 230 under the wind.  However, hitting off mats this winter, I snapped the shaft right at the hosel (I did get to fulfill a lifelong dream of driving the ball collector when I went to retrieve my club head).  I emailed customer device and sent a picture.  They apologized for the defect (not sure it was) and sent me a return label.  Within two weeks I had a my club back in hand.  
    After about another month, I cracked the shaft at the hosel again (I'm sure I was coming in steep on mats).  I emailed again, same process, but we discussed shifting to a steel shaft.  They found and held a Project X U shaft for me.  They installed the shaft and re-gripped the club.  The only cost to me was a $30 for the non-standard shaft upgrade.  Back in hand after two weeks.  
    I love the clubs so much,  I bought a 3W Pro with a HZRDS Black shaft.  It's a beauty and when I catch it it just screams off the club with a nice piercing ball flight.  
      The customer service is amazing and cannot be beat.  I'm on beyond happy with all of the clubs and will be upgrading the driver this summer with 849 Pro.  
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    Padreruf reacted to fixyurdivot in The Memorial 2021   
    My image of Jack revamping the course...

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    Padreruf reacted to chisag in Handicap Appropriate Equipment-Ego vs Reality   
    ... Anecdotal no doubt but I played with two Pro's from Desert Mountain in Phoenix back in the winter of 2019. If I remember correctly one played Pings and shot a 63 while the other played Titleist 690MB's and shot an 82. I asked why doesn't he play Pings and his older friend responded "because he is an idiot" and surprisingly the guy agreed LOL. 
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    Padreruf reacted to chisag in Handicap Appropriate Equipment-Ego vs Reality   
    ... Looks like it is time for my mantra: Play the most forgiving irons you can effectively play. For some on tour that hit hundreds of balls every single day, often under the watchful eye of their instructor, MB's might be the most forgiving they can effectively play. Distance and most importantly trajectory and the ability to work the ball means MB's for some, but even then more Pro's play some form of CB's. 

    ... Let me put it this way, how good are your misses? For most of us we miss more often than hit the dead center. Hogan said he hits 1 shot per round exactly like he wanted to. As a + index, I have a set of Srixon Z Forged MB's I play for 2 reasons. The first is they are fun to play. The feel is exquisite and trajectory control is a little easier than my CB's. But the second and most import is to remind me why I use Players CB's. There are always a few shots that suffer more than my CB's and I feel like they cost me potentially 1-3 shots a round. 1 is too many and 3 is certainly enough to increase my handicap by a few strokes. I had a Taylor Made fitting last month and was interested in the P770's or maybe a combo of P7MC/P770 but there was no doubt I performed best with the P790's. Not a night and day difference but a slightly tighter dispersion, a more consistent trajectory and about a 5 yd distance gain. At age 68, 5 more yards is not a bad thing moving forward. To be brutally honest, my ego made a quick and weak defense for P770's but it was obvious the P790's were a better fit for me, even though I just sold a set last fall. 🤪  The saving grace for me was I did not hit the P790's any better than my Cobra Forged MIM irons, just 3-5 yds longer but also with less spin. So until I find a need for more distance, I am content with my Cobra's and my once a month Z Forged reminder round. 

    ... I also fall squarely in the S-flex category by swing speed but the last 2 fittings I went through proved I have a tighter dispersion and a little more distance with R-flex shaft. I hit my 8 iron 155. I highly recommend a fitting for every golfer but especially those that have never been fit. HOW you swing the club is always more important than how FAST you swing the club. While a R-Flex works for me with a smooth transition, someone with a slower swing speed but a quick load hitter may perform better with an X-Flex. 
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    Padreruf reacted to Tom the Golf Nut in Handicap Appropriate Equipment-Ego vs Reality   
    Here is my actual case. For all but the last season I played game improvement cavity back irons and was at a 3.5 handicap. I used regular shafts standard off the rack equipment with the exception of a mid size grip. I am 61 years old.  I had no issues with my equipment or the desire to change. I figured game improvement irons would always help my game as I got older. Then I was selected to test a set of players distance irons (Thanks MGS). I thought this would be a perfect test since I was content with my game and my equipment. I went through the fitting process and they put me in stiff flex shafts. I thought this might be a mistake, but I went with all the recommendations. Well my irons arrived and off to the races I went. This was a very positive change for me. My iron play got better and my handicap dropped to less than 2 within two months. Right now sitting at 1.7.   
    So there is no magic other than a proper fitting to see what works for you. It's not age related it's your swing type and speed. Is more or less club head offset better or worse for your game. Grip size has a factor as well. Everyone is different. You just have to get the right fit to get it to all work together.       
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    Padreruf reacted to ChuckZ in Handicap Appropriate Equipment-Ego vs Reality   
    I think a lot of people are influence by their buddies and cost of clubs when making a purchase.  I have a friend who has a closet full of clubs and when they do not perform like he want he looks for something else on sale.  Cannot count the number of putters he has.  My question to him was, when were you fitted for a set?  His response was, waste of money. 
    Like asking which came first the chicken or the egg.  My recommendation for any level of player, who is struggling is to see a teaching pro and get the tweaks worked out and stop listening to friends.  There are a lot of arm chair golf instructors in this world and that is not a solution only a good way to loose a friend. 
    Get your game to where you are enjoying it and then go see a fitter, not just a big box store fitter, a certified fitter who is trained thru a number of manufacturers.  I have two whom I trust and go to no one else in my area.  They will put you on Trackman and test numerous heads and shafts and compare the numbers. 
    A good fitter will ask you to bring in your clubs to review what you are playing and to establish a base.  By continuing to listen to non qualified golfers for help and buying on sale off the rack or on eBay clubs you are spending more that a custom fitted set would cost.  I will be 75 in September, always go for fittings and still get advice and instruction from my instruction (PGA pro) at our course. 
    I am recovering from back surgery in 2020, have arthritis in my lower back and hip issues and it is not as easy as it was.  I am working in getting my handicap back down to a ten which I can live with at my age.  My mid irons are not my friend right now and with the change over to Seth Raynor greens and bunkers on our course, I am adjusting with my putting and sand game. 
     I do my best not to offer advise and not to seek it unless it is from my teacher.  Why?  Because he/they can pot the issues very quickly and give you methods for correcting them.  All of our games are different.  With respect.   
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    Padreruf reacted to cnosil in Handicap Appropriate Equipment-Ego vs Reality   
    The subject made me think:
    Is the handicap determined/influenced more by the skill of the player or the equipment the player plays.    Would you consider a scratch player that plays muscle backs a better player than a scratch player that play GI clubs?   Is a 20 handicapper that plays muscle backs a better player than a 20 handicapper that plays SGI?   Would their handicaps change much if they were to change equipment?  Would the 20 handicap muscle back player become a 10 if he switched to GI/SGI clubs?  Would the scratch player playing GI become a 10 if he switched to muscle backs?
    I don't think a player can learn to play better by playing muscle backs without a significant amount of practice and frustration and I don't think a low handicapper would be significantly be impacted by moving to a more forging iron.    Looking at my swing over the past year and going through most wanted testing means I have hit everything from players irons to SGI over the past year....none of them helped my toe strike.  I needed a swing fix and now I feel like I could hit any category of clubs.  However,  less forgiving irons present a problem on some swings because I don't always hit the middle of the face.   I have also learned that within the same category there is a significant difference between clubs.  Some are low spin distance clubs and others are higher spinning and shorter.   
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    Padreruf reacted to Alf. S in Handicap Appropriate Equipment-Ego vs Reality   
    Going back about 15 years for the first time I got down to single figures, the irons I was using were Mizuno MX-15 cavity back cast irons with DG r300 shafts. I started to think I was a player and got myself a set of Taylormade LT2 irons with stiff rifle shafts. After about 6 months and going up a couple of strokes in my handicap I found a way to play with them by changing my swing but hurting my body, ended up with tendonitis. Went back to the MX-15 and then got fitted for a nice set of Mizuno MX-25 forged irons with DG R300 which I used for about 10 years. I learnt my lesson the hard way and 3 sets later still using cavity back forged irons. 
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    Padreruf reacted to JohnnyCallaway in Bonded Hosel VS Adjustable, Whats the Difference?   
    I get this question a lot. It seems like 100 years ago when EVERYTHING was bonded. As the game has changed and with the introduction of the Opti-fit adjustable fitting system, our TOUR reps can dial in a player faster and with more precision than ever before.
    However, bonded hosels are still something used by Callaway at Retail and with our players on TOUR. Actually, MOST of the heads we get on TOUR are bonded. The Callaway Tour Truck has a proprietary air compression bending machine that utilizes unique molds for fairways and hybrids to adjust loft and lie. It’s actually pretty old school VS what the norm might look like. I’d compare the practice to spinning the dial on a house phone rather than telling Suri to call Dominos. Make sense? 
    As a TOUR-only component, we still offer adjustable fairway woods for our staff when needed. Why? For a few of our staffers (and non) it’s typically to combat a left miss. 
    Adjustable hosels by nature have more weight out towards the shaft which could encourage a hair more right to left bias. “I just don’t want it to go left” is a common quote on TOUR but it’s not the battle cry of all the players. Some TOUR players like to see a bit of the face at address and with a 3-wood they want something they can easily turn over…especially for #10 and #13 at Augusta:) Take Sam Burns, for example, he primarily fades everything with the driver but in the 4-wood he not only has a bit more loft but also has more weight VIA the adjustable hosel to have one club in his bag he can draw on command. Do you see how every club has a job?
    Bonded Hosel: 
    Epic Speed 💎💎💎 3+ Benefits: Fade biased with less weight towards the heel, ability to bend VERY flat or upright (past what the adjustable will offer), more head stability (traditionally), cleaner look at address, weight distribution flexibility with the bonded hosel saving 5+ grams of discretionary weight.
    Mavrik SZ w/ Tour Only adjustable hosel Benefits: Easier to turn over, quick to adjust on the fly, younger players who grew up playing with an adjustable hosel are used to the CG placement and look.
    Xander Schauffele (Bonded) Sam Burns (ADJ) So why does Callaway offer only bonded at retail? Easy. Performance. The bonded hosel allows us to use the weight in other places in the head to increase MOI, Speed, Spin up or down, etc. We combat the lack of adjustability by offering more loft options (3+/14, 3/15, 4/16.5, 5/18, 7/21, 9/23, 11/25) than any other OEM. It’s a buffet of options to satisfy anyone from our Tour players to you and me. 
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    Padreruf got a reaction from revkev in Senior shaft suggestions   
    I am 70 and similar speed...back issues...went to a Sr. shaft but SHORTENED the shaft to 44 ½  -- started hitting it past all my younger buds and in the fairway.  Now, since back surgery I will not play until September...get properly fitted.
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    Padreruf got a reaction from BH43 in Senior shaft suggestions   
    I am 70 and similar speed...back issues...went to a Sr. shaft but SHORTENED the shaft to 44 ½  -- started hitting it past all my younger buds and in the fairway.  Now, since back surgery I will not play until September...get properly fitted.
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    Padreruf reacted to Fighting Leprechaun in Pace of Play Survey   
    As a Player Assistant/Starter at a walking-only links style course, I often see a number of issues creating slower* than normal play: 
    *"Slower than Normal" on our course is defined as 5.5-6 hours to complete 18 holes.
    1. Playing from the wrong tees. If your average drive is 200 yds, and you're not consistently striking the ball from the fairway, you shouldn't be playing from the tips. 
    2. Not playing with intention: You've seen those foursomes who cluster around each other instead of heading for their own ball, and hit 10+ "mulligans" per round. This slows the pace substantially for every group behind them. (And if you launch your ball onto hillsides, or waste areas, consider taking a drop with a penalty stroke, instead of taking four attempts and five extra minutes to get out of the rough stuff.)
    3. Sticking with "honors" on the tee, and "who's away" through the green. Play "Ready Golf", with courtesy, awareness, and communication. 
    4. Stay in contact (1 or 2 shots behind) the group ahead of yours, rather than keeping just ahead of the group behind. And if a marshal/ranger/player assistant/starter requests that you pick up your pace, please don't respond with, "We paid our green fees, and we're going to take as much time as we want!" 
    Believe me, you can still have a relaxing, fun round of golf even with following these guidelines, and so will the players lucky enough to be behind you!
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    Padreruf got a reaction from Angry Yeti in Does anyone walk anymore?   
    After 4 months I can say that walking with a push cart is the way to go...even @ 67.  Much more relaxing and enjoyable -- even had a 3 some in carts ahead of us tell us that we kept up with them the whole day...which we did.  
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    Padreruf got a reaction from silver & black in Club weighting -- shaft weights or lead tape?   
    After a few months the verdict is clear -- the Kuro Kage shafts are too light and weak for me.  I am hitting the Titleist 775 CB with Nippon Pro Regular shafts very solid...can move the ball left and right much easier.
    I am tempted to put these shafts into the AP1 712's -- but not really sure that would make a big difference in scoring.  I just know that hitting a 7 iron 145 at sea level is far enough...
    My bigger problem is that my putting has gone to hell -- have the beginnings of cataracts but cannot have surgery now.  
    Father time is undefeated...but I'm still playing 3x most weeks....
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    Padreruf reacted to Alf. S in Does anyone walk anymore?   
    I've played quite a bit in the States and I don't understand why electric trolleys aren't used more widely. 
    In Scotland it is unusual for people to use carts. At my home club we have a total of 6 and these are mainly used by visitors and surprisingly the younger members (under 30s). Even the seniors you see out playing i.e. post 70 year olds walk. There is a group of 20 of them that play every day at 10am.
    I very rarely use a cart and have an electric trolley for competition days and use a carry bag when I go out after work. 
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    Padreruf got a reaction from cksurfdude in Does anyone walk anymore?   
    After 4 months I can say that walking with a push cart is the way to go...even @ 67.  Much more relaxing and enjoyable -- even had a 3 some in carts ahead of us tell us that we kept up with them the whole day...which we did.  
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    Padreruf reacted to pulledabill in Does anyone walk anymore?   
    Ive rode all year until last Saturday when I broke out my new Clicgear cart. Play better I think until last few holes but that will get better as I build stamina. I was getting lazy in a cart with my beverages and munchies. Have a couple hunting trips coming up I beed to ge in bettet shape for.
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    Padreruf reacted to fixyurdivot in Does anyone walk anymore?   
    Yes.  I walk at least 70% of my rounds.  I prefer walking when the course and those I'm playing with allows. For whatever reason, I tend to play better when I walk. 
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    Padreruf reacted to chisag in Does anyone walk anymore?   
    ... I have a remote controlled MGi Navigator Gyro cart and although expensive, it pays for itself over and over again if you play 3+ times a week. And walking the course without carrying or pushing is a real treat. I have had a remote controlled cart since my first back surgery in '95 and could not imagine playing without one. 
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    Padreruf reacted to chisag in Club weighting -- shaft weights or lead tape?   
    ... Do not under estimate the shock steel shafts have on your joints. Especially of you have had problems in the past. Of course this depends on how much you play and practice. Playing 33 out of 36 days in Phoenix, my graphite iron shafts make a very big difference on the wear and tear my joints experience. Playing once a week it probably isn't even a consideration, especially if you are not practicing and taking divots.  

    ... I have always felt wedges should come standard with graphite shafts, even 130gm very heavy graphite because they take such big and deep divots really pounding your joints. But the human body is an amazing mechanism and some are very prone to joint problems in golf while others never experience a problem. Like everything else in this game there is no one size fits all. Good luck with your swing change. 
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    Padreruf reacted to chisag in Club weighting -- shaft weights or lead tape?   
    ... If you have been playing awhile and used to a certain weight an balance in your irons, it is very difficult for most to go to very light shafts as it throws of the static weight and balance so tempo can suffer. As I grew older I went from 130gm graphite irons shafts to 105, then 100 and finally 95. I tried VS Proto 85gm shafts and they are just too light and adding enough weight to the head changed the overall balance and feel, so my tempo really suffered. If you are still inclined, I would suggest you try a 95gm graphite iron shaft and you may find some additional distance and a much better feel as well as protecting your shoulder. 
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    Padreruf reacted to Ol'Pal Gary in Club weighting -- shaft weights or lead tape?   
    Have you checked to see what the  Swing-Weight of your re-shafted irons are ????
    I would think if they are C8 to D4 , you're just fine !!
    Swing-Weight is grossly mis-understood, the idea is to make all your irons feel & thus swing to feel.
    I think it was Sam Snead, he could tell when 1 of his clubs was just 1 swing weight out of sync with the rest of his set..  There were & are many golfers who can tell [feel] the difference !!
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    Padreruf reacted to excourse in Club weighting -- shaft weights or lead tape?   
    I have a sandwedge that looks like something out of a junk yard, I've added so much lead tape to it.
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