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  1. A woman, cranky because her husband was late coming home again, decided to leave a note, saying, “I’ve had enough and have left you. Don’t bother coming after me.” Then she hid under the bed to see his reaction. After a short while, the husband comes home and she could hear him in the kitchen before he comes into the bedroom.She could see him walk towards the dresser and pick up the note. After a few minutes, he wrote something on it before picking up the phone and calling someone. “She’s finally gone…yeah I know, about bloody time, I’m coming to see you, put on that sexy French nightie. I love you…can’t wait to see you…we’ll do all the naughty things you like.” He hung up, grabbed his keys and left. She heard the car drive off as she came out from under the bed.Seething with rage and with tears in her eyes she grabbed the note to see what he wrote… “I can see your feet. We’re outta bread: be back in five minutes.
  2. Ole Gray went to the doctor with a hearing problem. After examining the ear, the doc said, “No wonder you can’t hear—there is a suppository in here.” “Thanks, Doc,” Ole Gray replied. Now I know where I put my hearing aid.”
  3. I've been wanting a new pair of gray and red spikeless shoes so I picked up these today.
  4. Regarding the magnet problem, I've had mine for a couple of years and I found that I can rest mine on the steering wheel column with the bottom resting aginst the pocket directly in front of me. It holds really well when it is resting in that position. I will take a picture of how I do it and post here the next time I get out to play. Hopefully tomorrow but we are having rain tonight and tomorrow morning. Mine has developed a problem with me hitting the flag from 150+ when there are trees within 75 yards behind the green. Bushnell has been no help as it is out of warranty. I'm still trying to get some help and will report back if they offer any satisfaction on this problem. They say it is out of warranty which I understand as it was out of warranty by 2 months, but I haven't been able to send it back in for repair at my expense, that is what I want to do, not buy a new rangefinder.
  5. Happy birthday Strawberry! Wishing you many more.
  6. I have an 8 a.m. tee time so I will be missing it
  7. This has been a lot of fun, you can see them fighting for it.
  8. I bought 2 dozen of these... Then I bought one of these...
  9. DO NOT make brownies in a corn bread cast iron pan. No one will eat them!
  10. After playing my Mavrik 3 wood for most of this year I decided to break down and get the driver too. It will be delivered today.
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