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  1. Welcome about to both hohjoe and Cactus, I have played both of your home courses, Highland Walk & Summer Grove. Been a few years for both but they are both fun tracks. Glad y'all decided to join in.
  2. It just arrived, 2 day Prime shipping is the way to go. First impression is it is impressive for the $$. If it last 3 years like the 2 Bushnell rangefinders I am over 50% ahead on money plus I get a 30% discount for trade in with Precision Pro for whatever I purchase then. I think I am going to be happy with this purchase.
  3. The Bushnell has died. I decided to try something cheaper this go round as $500+ dollars has gotten old every 3 years. That is how long my last 2 Bushnell's lasted. Precision Pro NX9 Slope Golf Rangefinder with Slope from Amazon for $242 total cost including tax. They are on sale at the website for $249 but I checked Amazon and they were $239 and then I noticed an 11% off coupon bringing the cost down to $227. Here's the link if you are interested https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PP9Y76B/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1
  4. My apologies to the 6 fine golfers I have thrown a huge jinx upon by picking them to my team. I guess I should have picked people that I really would not care to see win.
  5. This song gives me great comfort. I listen to it often.
  6. Ordered 2 more dozen of the Taylormade Tour Response Stripe balls. Taylormade.com was out but Sports Academy accepted my order, hopefully they have some in stock because they gave me a 2 week delivery date. We'll see. I haven't found them anywhere else, started looking for them about a week ago.
  7. Well even after mistakenly ordering a LH instead of RH Epic Speed driver from Callaway I now have the correct driver on the way. The bonus is that even though I had to pay $9.99 for the return shipping the one coming my way was a little over $30 cheaper due to this weeks 30% discount. That makes my 3 week delay in getting the driver I want a little easier to swallow.
  8. I-95 will try your patience! Enjoy your trip.
  9. I feel like Roberto De Vicenzo after the 68 Masters. I bought a Callaway Epic Speed after doing a web search for a RH 10.5° Senior Flex driver. When I clicked on the link it went to the Callaway PreOwned page for the Left Hand Epic Speed drivers and I did not notice it. When you add the item to your cart the picture of the club is a right handed driver so I now have to get in touch with CPO and arrange to return the driver and purchase one that I can actually play with. Never had anything like this happen before, so be careful when you order folks. The famous quote by Roberto after that Master's error applies to me today. "What a stupid I am!"
  10. I've got a dozen of these bad boys arriving from TaylorMade Golf today. Free shipping so I thought I'd see how they look (and play) on the course.
  11. These shirts for the coming season. Should be here this week.
  12. Ordered a couple dozen Snell MTB-X in yellow, haven't played them since the shortage began. Excited to play my ball of choice again.
  13. Same here. It is very accurate as I have a Bushnell Pro XE to check it against. The yardage it provides is good enough 95% of the time.
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