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  1. During a round in the winter it is usually 1 or 2 but when playing in the hot months It can and has been 5 bottles. 5 of those 16 ounce bottles is the recommended 80 ozs. for the day but after a hot round I drink more when I get home.
  2. Here are some of the things that are important to me. First the cooler is great, I am a non drinker so I drink plenty of water when I play, especially here in Georgia in the late spring, summer and early fall. Today it topped 90 so the cooler is needed. My routine is to freeze one bottle of water or a Propel and put it in the bag first, then 3 bottles of water and I begin drinking a bottle of water or a Propel on the way to the course, that will usually last through the first few holes. So having 4 more drinks for the rest of the round is enough to get me through even on the hottest of days. The last drink with the frozen ice will melt enough to give me more drink buy after drinking 4 waters already I am hydrated and really am just trying to stay cool at that point. All of the waters are cold the entire round with this method. Secondly I like a bag with an individual divider system and that system to be full length, this bag has it. As I stated earlier I am coming from a BB Chiller Bag that I bought in 2016. Only here within the past 2 months have I had a club handle grab a club, and that's only been a couple of times. My clubs have midsize grips and my putter has a Super Stroke 2.0 grip so I have gone 4 years on my old bag with essentially no problems, I am hoping this bag is as durable. So far it seems that it is going to be. Thirdly I like to have lots and lots of space in my bag for essentials and goodies, I have everything I need for a round and then more room should I decide to carry something else. I have large items and small, some of them are umbrella, ball retriever, sunscreen, insect repellant, Short Sleeved rain jacket, bucket hat, rain gloves, Tylenol, tape, nail clippers, balls, tees, ball markers, extra pencils, chiller towel, extra towels & lots of snacks. Forth I like lots of rings to hang my towels, ditty bags, brush, my rangefinder and my GPS. This bag has that on the right hand side as you look at the bag and has nothing on the left side of the bag at all. I solved that problem when I found this https://snaphookzgolf.com/ I have had it on my old bag for most of the 4 years I have had it and I have never had a problem with it. It solves my needing more rings to hang things and blends well with the Chiller Bag. I have ordered a new one for my test bag as I am currently using the old one and it has faded and looks bad on this beautiful bag. I'll post a few pics of the bag and you can see the snap hookz and how much I load on it. I'm playing again Monday so I'll update with a few more thoughts then. As always any and all questions are welcome. Have a great weekend!
  3. I just posted my introduction on the first page. I'll be playing again on Friday and posting my first review thoughts. For now let's say that coming from a 2016 BB Chiller to a 2020 BB Chiller there are definite differences so stay tuned for some thoughts.
  4. Yes sir, I love my driver so I decided to give the 3 wood a try.
  5. A like new Callaway Epic Flash 3 wood from Callaway Golf Preowned.
  6. Well I am officially in the mix, Fedex arrived late this afternoon with a box from Bag Boy. I am playing tomorrow morning so I will be posting some thoughts and pics, for now here is a teaser pic of my 4 year old bag beside the new one.
  7. Happy birthday guys, I hope it is an awesome day for each of you .
  8. I just checked with Fedex and see no incoming shipment, I assume that color choice has something to do with when the bags would ship. This is about to get real and I'm excited. Being as I am using a Bag Boy Chiller Bag that I purchased in 2016 I am anxious to see what/if any changes have been made. We may have covered all of the color choices with our picks, that would be great if we actually did.
  9. Word of caution, I did this little project a few years ago. I ordered the heat shrink online and when it arrived it had wording on it. It's cheap so I did not bother to return it but I made the trip to Lowes and picked it out myself so I could be sure there was no wording. It is a super easy project that does exactly what you want.
  10. Dang, that looks good, Happy Birthday Shankster!!!
  11. Hang in there big man, I know you will be knocking those blades out there long and strong soon. The next time I see you we can compare "back surgery" stories. lol
  12. Sale from Global Golf https://www.globalgolf.com/promo
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