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  1. https://www.golfetail.com/callaway-la-jolla-sl-golf-shoe-spikeless/
  2. After that uninspired play I don't think we should be in the top 10. Unless our OC decides that 2 runs between the guards and a desperation 3rd down pass is good offense against an 8 or 9 man in the box defense, we aren't going to even end up as a ranked team.
  3. To say I am shocked is an understatement but all I've got is - congratulations to South Carolina!
  4. He lost to them in his last college game in the Citrus Bowl, it's like Mark May always hates on UGA because he lost to UGA in the Sugar Bowl. Those guys are supposed to be reporters but they seem to carry some hard grudges. As far as the above linked article I always wondered if he was using some form of reverse psychology given his long bias against the Dawgs.
  5. The Bulldogs will definitely set an all-time record for attendance at Sanford Stadium, thanks to temporary seating installed for the game. The official capacity – normally 92,746 – will increase to 93,246.
  6. Welcome aboard, glad you decided to join in. A word of warning, watch out for that ole gray fellow. lol
  7. Welcome to MGS, glad you decided to join in!
  8. Florida vs Miami tonight.
  9. Yes sir, they are still in the bag. I have been hitting everything up to the 6 iron very well. Even with the stronger lofts I am getting very good height on my shots and as expected at least 5 more yards now than when I was testing them. I was actually surprised they did not do better in the Most Wanted testing. My back flared up over the last month but until then I was getting out at least 3 times a week, this week will be my first time playing 3 times since mid July.
  10. DawgDaddy


  11. Fo sho! Having some back issues right now buddy, last week was Myrtle Beach week and I am feeling it. I plan to come up when it feels better. Maybe in the next week or so.
  12. https://www.globalgolf.com/golf-clubs/?disc=1
  13. 20-40% Off Rogue Family! https://www.callawaygolfpreowned.com/more/rogue-family/
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