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  1. Congrats Chunky, that is a great pace you have going there. Mine not so much. Keep on keeping on buddy.
  2. Welcome aboard tsjonasson, my wife and I are thinking about heading down to Daytona Beach next month. You should be a solid 8 by then.
  3. Bought a pair of these for $75 shipped, they retail for $209.99, too good of a deal to pass. I haven't had any ECCOs for about 5 years now, they are good shoes and I look forward to wearing them.
  4. So good that the Stones were afraid to take him on when Brian Jones was fired.
  5. Happy Birthday Stroker, I hope this is your best one ever!!!
  6. Lots of new spies coming on board, we are glad each of you decided to join. Looking forward to getting to know each of you here at golf's best forum in the entire world.
  7. I hope you had a great birthday folks! That golf tournament should have made all of you happy!
  8. He actually surprised me with how well he did, I was impressed.
  9. They won't finish until sometime around 10 rev, you should see the leaders on the back 9 at least. That should get you plenty of shots of the leaders and several updates on how Tiger played on Sunday, lol.
  10. Rob, you are truly a class person (notice I did not say act as you are genuine, no BS at all) and I am proud to count you among my friends. More importantly I am proud that you number me among your friends. Thank you and also thanks to each of you who make this place truly unique. There's no place like home!!!
  11. 2 Under Armour Polos for $30, use code PZY30 at checkout https://www.proozy.com/products/under-armour-mens-short-sleeve-performance-polo?variant=31751826833477
  12. https://www.budgetgolf.com/Deals-Of-The-Week.html Some very cool deals at Budget Golf this week.
  13. The Goodwill store 35 miles from me over by Reynolds Plantation has some absolute treasures at times. https://www.reynoldslakeoconee.com/ Of course as far as my bag goes I am rocking the BB Chiller that I just finished testing. My previous bag to this bag? Bag Boy Chiller. Click on my review below for pics.
  14. Congrats PM, as my granddaughter says about my age....that's a big number!
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