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  1. I have been fit for lie, and shaft flex, but I have always bought clubs with stock shafts. I'm a 4 handicap, but I've never paid extra for exotic shafts. I may be an exception, but I just don't see how doubling the price of my clubs is going to make me that much better. I'm sure some players have benefited from such a detailed fitting, but that is just not the way I approach the game.
  2. Bosox04

    Matte or glossy

    I recently got a G400 Max, and I really like the look. First time with a matte finish wood.
  3. Bosox04

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    Thinking of getting a battery powered walking cart.
  4. Bosox04

    Baseball Snobbery

    Wish we had links golf over here.
  5. Bosox04

    How much does your club cost per month?

    Semi-private-$200/mo, and I walk almost all the time. We have a new management company, so I expect an increase at the first of the year.
  6. Bosox04

    Baseball Snobbery

    Sitting in mine now. I have a Red Sox hat sitting on the back. I was touching the hat last night when JD hit the homer. I know it was all my doing! Hoping for a W tonight.
  7. Bosox04

    Titleist AVX - Thoughts?

    I thought the ball felt like a dense rubber ball. prefer the feel of the V1, and the Vix better.
  8. Rich, North Carolina, Ping G30 red dot, Ping i 500
  9. Rich North Carolina 4.4 Ping G30 i500
  10. Bosox04

    Mabye switching to graphite

    Tried a demo of Titleist AP1 with a stiff Kuro Kage shaft today, and decided I'm not ready for graphite, yet. Prefer the feel of steel.
  11. Bosox04

    Mabye switching to graphite

    I'm probably going stock, or shafts with no upcharge. I've heard good things about the steel fibers, but I'd have to put them in my old clubs rather than buying new clubs.
  12. Bosox04

    Mabye switching to graphite

    I'm leaning towards the Pings. I like the Titleist AP1s, but I don't like the two gap wedge set up.
  13. A Titleist fitter recommended AP1 irons with a Kuro Kage 85 stiff shaft simply as a way to reduce wear and tear on my body. I am also considering Ping G400s with their stock graphite shaft. I've been a Ping guy since the mid 80s, so I'm kind of leaning that way. I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with recommendations? Thanks
  14. Bosox04

    Firm Feeling Putter?

    Used an old bronze Anser with a Pingman grip. Problem solved. Thanks for all the advice.