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  1. We spent the day, yesterday, walking around Savannah. After leaving the riverfront area, we thought it was a beautiful city. That riverfront was one of the most touristy areas I’ve ever seen. It was pretty hot, and it’s only early May. I can’t imagine what it’s like in July and August. I believe we have eliminated the Savannah area as a retirement destination.
  2. We toured Savannah Quarters in Pooler, Ga last Saturday. The course, clubhouse, and pool all looked good. The neighborhood was beautiful, and there were very nice houses at a lot of different price points. The town of Pooler was not very nice. It seemed to be all strip centers, franchise restaurants, and big box stores. The traffic at 1:30 Friday afternoon was terrible. It was suburban sprawl at it’s highest degree.
  3. We are thinking of moving to the Savannah area. We are considering Savannah Quarters. I know there is a private course there, but it goes through the real estate development, and I’m concerned that it might be too spread out to walk. Also, any info on other private clubs in the area would be a big help.
  4. If I couldn’t keep it at the course, I wouldn’t have the Kangaroo. It’s a lot noisier than other models, and less agile, but it is reliable and stable.
  5. My experience with Squairz has convinced me to never buy shoes that I can’t try on unless I go through Zappos. I wasn’t happy about the return postage, and the restocking fee. It cost me about $25 just to try on a pair of shoes.
  6. I wonder if was totally his decision, or did they think he might distract attention from the tournament.
  7. I have a Kangaroo Z Series, which is a remote. It’s very heavy and stable. I store it at my club, so it’s no hassle at all. There are a lot of others that are lighter, and less expensive, and are very good. I’m very happy with mine.
  8. I have FJ HyperFlex and Adidas CodeChaos, and I split usage fairly evenly.
  9. The USGA didn’t ban the putter, they banned anchoring the putter. You can still use a long putter..
  10. I just got Oakley Flak Jacket 2.0 XL with the light golf lens. It is making it much easier to follow the ball. Very happy with the glasses.
  11. I recently received a pair, and returned them. I bought them based on all the comments about their comfort, but they did not feel comfortable to me. Not everything works for everybody.
  12. Walked yesterday, and the heat really affected me on the back 9. I might be walking 9, and riding 9 for a while.
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