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  1. I have a Kangaroo with remote, and it is very heavy. Our course has been very wet, so I have used my push cart to keep from tracking up the course. It is a huge difference using the remote vs. the push cart. It will be a ton easier on your body to use an electric cart.
  2. I currently have a Sun Mountain Speed Cart, and a Titleist Hybrid 5 bag. The bag does not fit well on the cart. Does anyone use this bag on a push cart, and if so what cart?
  3. It has some very strange greens. Depending where your ball is, and the hole is, you have to chip rather than putt. I played Caledonia on Easter Saturday many years ago. All the azaleas were blooming, and , besides Augusta, it was the most beautiful course I have ever seen. I was able to get his phone number, called him, and told him just that. He couldn't have been nicer. It's a real shame he died so young. I would have loved to see the other courses he would have built.
  4. Kind of a sleeper, but the course on the Marine base at Parris Island is a good course, and cheap, too. It's very close to Beaufort, and that's a nice town to walk around in.
  5. I've played it several times, and really liked it. On the other hand, I played Tot Hill once, another Strantz course, and I did not like it.
  6. It sure is nice to see that bright sunshine and all that green grass.
  7. I have Mizuno 919 Hot Metals with Recoil 95 stiff shafts.These were a stock offering from Mizuno, so no upcharge. I have a bit of arthritis in my hands, and they have helped a lot.
  8. Take a break. Quit. Whatever, it's up to you. If you are not having fun, don't do it.
  9. Not sure how they compare with Nippons, but I switched from Ping G30s with the stock steel stiff shaft to Mizuno HMs with the Recoil 95 stiff, and have been happy with the results. I was also having some pain issues related with arthritis in my hands, and the graphite has helped a lot.
  10. I have never been a big stat guy. The only stat I keep is the score. I enjoy watching golf, and other sports, but I don't really care for too much info. I just like watching the athletes playing their sport. I know that is contrary to most, but I'm old, and I grew up when the only stat that was important was if someone could bring it when the pressure was on.
  11. Regardless of traditions, the game has always changed. They went to rubber balls from featheries. Steel shafts from hickory. Metal woods from persimmon. Solid core balls from wound. The invention of the sand wedge. The 60 degree wedge. Shoot, at one point, they didn't even allow center shafted putters. All these changes either added distance, or made the game easier. Sure, the long hitters have an advantage, but they have always had an advantage. One tradition that will never go away is, that regardless of the equipment, there still are a lot of players that still can't hit the middle of the c
  12. The guy told me that the same shaft was a $30 upgrade from the club company. I've read conflicting things about puring, and I really thought it applied more to graphite shafts than steel. I'm just a bit skeptical of some of these high dollar fitting places. They are in business to make money, and I just feel like they are going to push the most expensive options, I might be dead wrong, but that's my opinion. I did a fitting with a top 100 Mizuno fitter, and it cost $75, and that was applied to the purchase price of my irons.
  13. I just talked with a guy at my club that did a fitting a CC. They were running a promo that gave a free whole bag fitting if the player bought something. He bought Irons and wedges. They fit him into a steel shaft that added $67 per club. No credit for the shafts that came in the clubs, and he was not given the shafts that came in the clubs. He felt fairly satisfied, but he felt he should, at least, been given the original shafts that he paid for.
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