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  1. The guy told me that the same shaft was a $30 upgrade from the club company. I've read conflicting things about puring, and I really thought it applied more to graphite shafts than steel. I'm just a bit skeptical of some of these high dollar fitting places. They are in business to make money, and I just feel like they are going to push the most expensive options, I might be dead wrong, but that's my opinion. I did a fitting with a top 100 Mizuno fitter, and it cost $75, and that was applied to the purchase price of my irons.
  2. I just talked with a guy at my club that did a fitting a CC. They were running a promo that gave a free whole bag fitting if the player bought something. He bought Irons and wedges. They fit him into a steel shaft that added $67 per club. No credit for the shafts that came in the clubs, and he was not given the shafts that came in the clubs. He felt fairly satisfied, but he felt he should, at least, been given the original shafts that he paid for.
  3. This is probably a bit old fashioned, but I really prefer to get fit outside. All the numbers are great, but I tend to be be a visual learner, and I really like to see the actual ball flight.
  4. Not trying to be snarky, but I'm surprised a 22 handicap was fit in Titleist's least forgiving T series iron.
  5. I'm just kidding. I think this is great, and I'm looking forward to going through the museum when the facility is open.
  6. Just what we need. More folks from NJ moving to NC!
  7. Any word as to when these will be available to the public?
  8. Sorry, but I'll have to disagree about Tanglewood. I played it the day after the Vantage in 1990, and except for the rough being longer, it wasn't any different than it was any day of the year. In fact, I played it two week ago, and the only differences were Bermuda greens, and fewer bunkers and trees. They also played the Vantage Championship there until the mid 90s, and the reason they stopped was they lost their sponsor ( RJ Reynolds Tobacco) when sports could no longer sponsor sporting events.
  9. Tried a sleeve the other day. Snell MBTx much better, and much cheaper. Srixon XV the same price, and a better ball. I think it way over priced.
  10. I'm pretty sure I know what course, and what designer you are talking about. He did a course here, and they went through a couple superintendents in the process. I believe he did one in Greensboro, and that super didn't survive the redesign. Our ex super was big on natural areas. He had some between tees and fairways. I told the GM that that slows play because walkers have to stay on cartpaths, and if someone duffs a tee shot, they either have a lost ball, or spend time searching. He also grew tall grass around the edges of the course, so folks had nice yards bordered by jungle. I liked Pinehurst before Coore and Crenshaw planted all the weeds. I worked for the super that was there for the first two US Opens, and he was let go because he didn't like the redesign. As tough as those greens are, they really don't even need rough for the resort guests, let alone sandy areas full of junk.
  11. Bosox04

    Hooked on Srixon!

    I'm a long time Titleist guy, and recently took advantage of the Srixon Father's Day promo. I have since shot my career low round, and have had two rounds with five birdies each. I think it is longer than the ProV1x that I was using, and very good around the green, too. I also don't mind that it is about $10 less than the Titleist. I also like the Snell MTBx, but the Fathers Day promo makes the Srixon a more economical ball.
  12. 5'9" Same thing, same reason. Also, Like to stand up a bit more.
  13. I have an older pair of Pro SLs, and I am thinking of getting a new pair. I was wondering if anyone has tried the PRO SL Carbons, and how do they compare to the regular ones?
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