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  1. Walked yesterday, and the heat really affected me on the back 9. I might be walking 9, and riding 9 for a while.
  2. I haven't had the nerve to try.
  3. I need a 3 wood that is good off the tee. I have an Epic Flash 3 wood, and I hit it pretty well off the ground, but I have trouble hitting it off the tee. I know that's the opposite problem that most have, but that is the issue I have with my 3 wood.
  4. Sign me up, please.
  5. We had a Ping fitting event at the course last Saturday. I compared my G400 Max vs the G425 Max. Both were very straight, and the 425 was slightly longer, and I mean 3-5 yards longer. Not enough of a difference to spend $500.
  6. Damage to carpets and furniture in clubhouse greatly reduced, as well.
  7. count me in. I walk over 90% of my rounds, and currently use a Kangaroo Z Series cart.
  8. I have a Kangaroo with remote, and it is very heavy. Our course has been very wet, so I have used my push cart to keep from tracking up the course. It is a huge difference using the remote vs. the push cart. It will be a ton easier on your body to use an electric cart.
  9. I currently have a Sun Mountain Speed Cart, and a Titleist Hybrid 5 bag. The bag does not fit well on the cart. Does anyone use this bag on a push cart, and if so what cart?
  10. It has some very strange greens. Depending where your ball is, and the hole is, you have to chip rather than putt. I played Caledonia on Easter Saturday many years ago. All the azaleas were blooming, and , besides Augusta, it was the most beautiful course I have ever seen. I was able to get his phone number, called him, and told him just that. He couldn't have been nicer. It's a real shame he died so young. I would have loved to see the other courses he would have built.
  11. Kind of a sleeper, but the course on the Marine base at Parris Island is a good course, and cheap, too. It's very close to Beaufort, and that's a nice town to walk around in.
  12. I've played it several times, and really liked it. On the other hand, I played Tot Hill once, another Strantz course, and I did not like it.
  13. It sure is nice to see that bright sunshine and all that green grass.
  14. I have Mizuno 919 Hot Metals with Recoil 95 stiff shafts.These were a stock offering from Mizuno, so no upcharge. I have a bit of arthritis in my hands, and they have helped a lot.
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