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  1. I have a Kangaroo. It's a good cart, but it's very heavy, and a bit of a pain to take apart, and load in the car. Once together, it's a tank. I really can't say anything too bad about it, but I'm not sure I'd get it again.
  2. I know one thing. I won't be buying any new clubs until the USGA makes it final decisions. I doubt I am the only one to feel this way, and I bet the club makers just love this report coming out a couple weeks after they just released their newest products at the PGA show.
  3. Driving accuracy might not be a big issue for Tour players, but it is for most of the guys I play with. We are much better off hitting an 8 iron out of the fairway than a wedge out of Bermuda rough.
  4. Too much distance isn't a factor for the recreational golfer that makes up about 99% of golfers. None of the guys that play in the gangsomes at my club say they hit it too far. It almost seems the USGA is trying to make golf more exclusive rather than inclusive. It's like they think that by making golf harder and less fun, that they will make it a better game. Kind of hard to understand that kind of thinking.
  5. We were down at Pinehurst a couple days ago just to eat lunch, and hang out. That whole area with the Cradle and the putting course looked pretty cool. I believe I could have a great time at Pinehurst, and never leave the clubhouse area.
  6. I play very early, and there is usually a heavy dew. I almost always walk, but when I do ride, I want the stability and safety of 4 wheels. These look like fun, but not practical for me. Besides, I prefer to walk.
  7. Bosox04


  8. I hit them, and liked them, but chose Mizuno Hot Metals because of more shaft options without upcharge.
  9. Arcadian Shores is real close, too. It's a bit of an older course, not too long, but looks fairly tight. We usually go to the Litchfield area, which is on the south end of the Grand Strand, so it's been quite awhile since I've been in the area you are staying.
  10. Good courses at Barefoot landing. That's pretty close to where you are staying. Barefootgolf.com Barefoot Landing is kind of a touristy area, but there are some decent places to eat.
  11. A lot of folks consider Myrtle Beach the area between the NC border and Georgetown, SC. You might want to narrow your search a bit.
  12. Spoke to a friend that is a Titleist fitter, and either June or July he will be going to golf courses to do fittings for Titleist staffers with new irons. Didn't tell me anything about them, just that they were coming.
  13. The course in High Point is part of High Point Country Club. It is an old Ross course, and is very short, and very hilly. HPCC has two courses, but not at the same site. The Ross course is in town at their Emerywood location. The other course is a bit out of town at Willow Creek. They used to host an LPGA tournament there, and it's a good course. The muny in Asheboro is a Ross course, but I think that is a 9 hole course. If you are in the Triangle, Raleigh Country Club is the last course Ross built. He died before it was done, and Ellis Maples finished it. It is now owned by McConnell Golf, and they did a great job of fixing it up. It is a very fun course, and if you can get on, you should.
  14. I used to drive past that course before they built the bypass around Danville. That is quite a route from Richmond-Thomasville. I usually try to avoid the interstate, too. If you ever come down 85, Hillandale in Durham is kind of a fun course, and it has a nice pro shop, and the course at Duke is only about 10 minutes off the highway. I almost forgot, but there is another Ross course on Rt58 between South Hill and Danville. I can't remember the name, and I believe it may be closer to South Hill than Danville. We saw it when we were coming back from the Tidewater area. I mentioned it to the Pro at my course, and he said it was a good course.
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