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  1. Is anyone using the new Srixon drivers, and what is your impression?
  2. How do steel shafts with Pro Soft inserts compare to graphite for shock absorption?
  3. A sad story, but one we all will be part of someday. I had a heart attack while on vacation in Charleston last October. I feel great, am able to walk 18 with ease, and I'm grateful for every day I wake up. Bumpy greens, slow play,missed putts, the odd hook, shank, or fat shot don't bother me. I'm just glad I'm there. Very sorry to hear about your pal.
  4. I play steel, but I am seriously considering switching to graphite. I play a lot, and have some arthritis in my hands. A friend of mine that is a Titleist fitter recommended graphite just to reduce the stress on my body. I tried graphite about four years ago, and wasn't crazy about it. I guess I'll just have to stick with it, and adjust.
  5. I have not played Wild Dunes Links since they were forced to convert the 18th from a par 5 to a par 3 due to erosion. Played it many times pre Hugo. Really love it. Looking forward to playing it in the future. They have done a big beach restoration, and I heard there was a possibility that they may restore 18 to a par 5.
  6. I would think that part of their job is to know the rules. These rules were in print for some time prior to going into effect. These guys had plenty of time to learn the new rules before Jan 1.
  7. This is a pretty lousy reaction. Other sports change, or modify rules, all the time, and players adjust. In my playing time, this is the third way to drop. No big deal, I'll just drop the way the rules say to drop. I really can't believe these world class players are having such an issue with bending a bit. I guess this might take their ability to place a ball after a drop rolls away. Time to act like a big boy, Rickie!
  8. I finally said the heck with it, and ordered a 4 wood,
  9. I'm not sure what kind of tires are offered now, but my replacement tires looked just like the inflatable tires, so I did not have any problems. Before I bought replacement tires, I used some of that canned stuff to fix flat tires, and that kind of turned the tires into solid tires, and it worked well.
  10. I would look at what the guys on Tour are wearing. Those guys make their living on their feet.
  11. I hated using that pump. I converted to solid tires,
  12. I saw them the other day, and I thought they looked cheaply made.
  13. I've played Pings since 1986, so kind of a dull finish.
  14. I've enjoyed using the remote control Kangaroo, so I guess my first decision will be if I want a remote or hands on model. As far as the CartTek remote, I have heard that the front end is so light, that some have added weight to their bags or the front end. Also, how is the overall stability? Thanks.
  15. Our course has a demo Kangaroo Z series, and I've taken it out several times. I like the stability. I don't like the weight, price, and the fact that, my almost 20 year old Powacaddy, is quieter. On guy in my group has a hands on Cart Tek, and it seems nice. Is your wife still enjoying her remote Cart Tek, and is there anything more you can tell me about it?
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