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  1. I was referring to the PGA of America, not the Tour.
  2. Actually, I think the PGA is the only group that cares about the average golfer.
  3. Have you tried Kentwool? I wear them year round. Ankle length in warm weather, and crew length in winter. On and off the course. Never had any itching problems.
  4. I think, at the recreational level, they made mistakes with the groove rule and the anchoring rules. I really don’t see bifurcation as a bad thing, and while I see an occasional golfer that can overpower a course, I see many more that don’t hit it far enough. Hopefully they develop some magic formula where the average player isn’t penalized too much. They are worried about some courses becoming obsolete, but the Opens at The Country Club and Merion were pretty darn good.
  5. How are these for walking? I know they are a bit heavy.
  6. Aren’t the uppers some kind of synthetic material rather than leather? If so, do they get hot, and are they breathable?
  7. I would wear them if they were regular sneakers , but not as golf shoes.
  8. I buy the gloves, but my Costco doesn’t stock anything else that interests me.
  9. Not only kids. I play with a group of retired guys, and a few of them are totally oblivious and unaware of anyone. I played with a guy last week that gave detailed explanations of every bad shot he hit. Not really sure how many shots I had to step away from during his play by play.
  10. I will only play music if playing a solo 9. Other than that, no music.
  11. Just got a set of Hot Metals with the Hi Fli hybrids to replace the 4&5 irons. The irons are good, but I don’t like the hybrids. The ball flight is much lower than my old 4&5 irons. I will be trading them soon.
  12. I prefer walking, but am getting older, 68, and the heat really bothers me. Combined with the smoke from the Canadian fires, and it becomes a dangerous situation. I’m going to be riding until conditions improve.
  13. Love to see a fellow Red Sox fan win in New England!i
  14. I have had both Bag Boy Quad, and Sun Mountain Speed Cart. Because of the additional point of contact, I thought the four wheeler was a bit harder to push, but not a lot. Both were very good carts.
  15. I have a different cart, and it tips up on uphills, too. I just put my hand on it going up steep hills.
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