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  1. I have a Kangaroo, and two bags, a SM Sync, and a SM 4.5 that I use. I really prefer the 4 way top on the 4.5, but because of the thing that deploys the legs, it doesn't sit well in the bottom bracket. What kind of bags do you guys use, and do you have any recommendations for a 4 way bag that might work better than the 4.5? Thanks.
  2. The course where I belong gave a substantial discount to members, so I bought all my equipment there. They recently are being run by a management company, and the discount was discontinued for all but the highest membership category, and that has been greatly reduced. We used to get stuff at cost plus 10% plus shipping. I couldn't afford to buy elsewhere.
  3. PB crackers and water.
  4. I've had Sun Mountain 3.5 and 4.5, and never had any problems.
  5. Bosox04

    Happy thread

    A guy that has been playing with us for a couple years broke 80 for the first time today. He was happy, and we were happy for him.
  6. The Masters, followed by Hilton Head, are my two favorite consecutive weeks of the golf season.
  7. I would love to see Tiger beat Jack. Jack will still be held in high esteem. I would be similar to Hank Aaron beating Ruth. Ruth is still considered to be one of the best of all time eventhough others have beaten his record. Shoot, Arnold is still considered one of the all timers, and his major record isn't close to Tiger's or Jack's.
  8. I am a life long Red Sox fan, and coming back vs the Yankees and winning the World Series in 04 is probably the greatest thing I have ever seen, but this is right up there. What a great day!
  9. Judging by the way the club has handled this, you might just consider yourself lucky that you were not accepted as a member. Just move on.
  10. Sun Mountain makes a 5 way C-130.
  11. I thought it was great. I live about 10 minutes from Wake Forest, so I was glad to see Kupcho win. There will be more than a few guys that would love to have her back 9 next week.
  12. I got some, and they are a good glove. I wish they had cadet sizes. Think I already lost the chip.
  13. Playing so early, it was still dark and foggy.
  14. The prices at CC make me really miss the old days when you found a driver that looked good, and chose between a S300 or R300. I swear my score were not too much higher before all the fitting technology. We played shorter tees back then. Back in the day of wound balls, and wood woods. Not saying it was better then, just that it was a lot of fun before Trackman.
  15. I've been four times, and I told my wife, that no matter how I build it up, when you go, it will exceed your expectations. Really looking forward to this years Masters. What a great week. Starts out with NCAA championship game, and ends with a green jacket!
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