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  1. Looking forward to the testers analysis on this. I used GameGolf before but switched to a Garmin S62 and CT10 environment and I'm not changing now.
  2. How do you get your clubs fit? Do you go to a BBS or a standalone fitter. Or do you do it yourself? And are you happy with the results?
  3. No one will pay attention to this one. LOL
  4. When I get home I run hot water in the sink then rinse the hat and hang it in the tub to drip dry.
  5. I was hoping the GG would sell to Garmin and then use the GG apps interface for their Garmin Golf. The GG hole display was especially nice using the satellite view for each hole. And the apps ability to publicly share the rounds was nice also. I was on the beta for the GG Pro and that was a hot mess. Got three sets of sensors but only got four of them to ever pair. I tried taking those four on course and none of recorded the club and stroke.
  6. I have one! I hated it initially so I went back to my ER2 cs and the TourStroke Trainer and yes I used the TST on course. Then one Saturday I decided it's stupid to have that much money just laying around so I watched some YT vids on armlock and then went to the Par 3 course behind my house and work the heck out of that putter. It's in my bag now and not coming out. I putt now by just rocking my shoulders and I set my grip with my right hand low and my index finger going down the shaft. I also take a MUCH shorter back stroke. One more thing. I look at the hole on every putt. I line the ball up and check it with my shaft as to where it's pointed. I align the putter to the line on the ball and then build my stance. I lift the putter 1/2" off the green, look at the hole and let it fly. I won low putts in my league two weeks ago with a 12 (9 holes).
  7. I started out with Game Golf Live and I loved it's software for sharing your round live and using satellite graphics for the holes. Then the Beta for Game Golf Pro came and I was invited to beta test that. I liked the idea of not having to "tag" a sensor to the sending unit but the hardware was awful. So I sold all of it and bought a Garmin S62 and 14 (now 20) of the C-10 sensors. While this is pricy it works great. Now to track shots I only have to remember to start the round on my watch and the rest takes care of it's self. Golf is hard enough and not having to mess with your tracking equipment is worth a lot. Also and being able to see the yardage as I walk to my ball. Why is that important? If you have your clubs gapped and you hit a shot and don't know where it's gone you look at your watch and when you get to that yardage you go left and right until you find your ball. But as always YMMV.
  8. I'm 65 and three years ago I spent 5k for a fitting and clubs at TSG. I wanted to make sure as best I could that it was the Indian and not the arrows that were at fault. I had one prior fitting at a Golf Galaxy where a guy had me hit balls off a lie board and then sold me a set of Callaway XR's with graphite senior shafts. I never played well with them. I was a 30 plus handicap at the time. For reference I'm now a 14. So I went to TSG and got fit for Apex 2019's and Tailormade M6 driver and Fairway woods. ALL in STIFF FLEX. The Apex are NIPPON NS950's, the driver is a FUJIKURA TSG PRO XLR8 and the fairway is a OBAN ISAWA RED 75 04. So I asked why the GG fitter put me in senior shafts and he said it was my age. Then why are you putting me in stiff shafts? He said ball speed and swing speed. I like to tinker so this year I bought a G410 and G425 LST heads and a FUJIKURA TSG PRO XLR8 that was used in fittings so not "made for" or "made with" and tried it with the 410 and the 425 LST. It's great on the 410 and not so much on the 425 LST. I might try the 425 MAX after I sell the LST. So make sure it's not the Arrow and go get a "good" fitting. Just pay for the fitting and take the "Prescription" and buy a shaft and a head and try it. PGA Superstore is a good place to do that if you don't want to do all this tinkering yourself. And as always YMMV.
  9. And if you want to give it a Doug score with clubs in the vehicle....
  10. McLaren GT. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cars/article-7469301/McLarens-GT-203mph-supercar-golf-club.html
  11. First name = Charles City & State = Skokie & Illinois Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds = Yes Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one = I use a Clicgear 3.5 with an Alphard E Wheels V2. I really just what to see what the testers say about the MotoCaddy. I love my E Wheels V2 and would be hard pressed to change but if you want to try and convince me I'm open to that also. Good luck all.
  12. Charles/Skokie IL iPhone 8+ Outdoors Net = Yes
  13. Charles/Skokie IL Yes, I have to Rukket collapsible nets. Yes, I use a SkyTrak LM When I saw this I thought I'm not going to enter because nothing could be better than my Rukket net. Then I saw it and honestly, it looks good. I beat up my practice nets. I'm hitting into them at least three times a week. Sometimes more.
  14. First Name/City State Charles/Skokie IL Shoe Size 11.5 Current Shoe Worn Any ECCO with their Tri-Fi-Grip What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection Ease of cleaning the sole on a muddy, goose turd laden GC. Which is most Chicago area courses between November and June.
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